Petition Install microplastic filters on new washing machines as standard

Each machine wash can shed up to 700,000 microplastics into our ecosystem. Microplastics are now in our rivers and oceans, our fish, our salt, our food chain - and yes - our poos! 91% of marine particles and 92% of freshwater particles are microplastics. We need to stem the flow at the source.

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Popular fabrics including nylon, polyester, velour, acrylic are made of plastic. When we wash these items in washing machines tiny fibres are shed and enter our water system. Plastic waste like this is eaten by fish, humans eat the fish, and we end up with microplastics in our own bodies. There are dangerous side effects to this which have already been revealed. Washing manufacturers have the technology already to add appropriate filters but chose not too unless there is consumer pressure.

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