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Retailers in the United Kingdom unnecessarily waste huge amounts of energy on open fridges and freezers. Climate change threatens our planet. If all supermarkets had doors on their fridges and freezers it would save energy the equivalent of the entire residential population of Poland

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Bio Intelligence Service, 2007, Preparatory Studies for Eco-design Requirements of EuPs - Lot 12 : Commercial refrigerators and freezers

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Government responded

This response was given on 23 July 2019

Government is taking action to improve product energy efficiency. Our minimum performance standards remove inefficient products from the market, and labelling raises awareness of the best ones.

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Minimum energy performance standards, otherwise known as Ecodesign regulations, are technology neutral so do not prescribe that manufacturers should increase efficiency by putting doors on appliances.

Rather they set a minimum energy efficiency limit that all manufacturers placing products on the market must meet.

The legislation therefore leaves it up to the manufacturer as to how they meet the requirements, which could include but is not restricted to putting doors on fridges.

These regulations have recently been updated at a European level to take account of additional energy efficiency potential, following an extensive process of consultation, analysis, and stakeholder engagement.

The UK participated actively and fully in these negotiations.

The new energy efficiency standards alongside a new energy label for commercial refrigerated appliances are due to take effect from 2021 and allows businesses and consumers to choose the most efficient appliances.

In 2020, the ecodesign policy overall is estimated to save around 8 MtCO2 and £100 on bills for the average dual-fuel household whilst also yielding a Net Present Value (NPV) to the UK of £16bn (2015-30)

In addition, net energy savings of implementing the commercial refrigeration policy is estimated to be around 6 TWh between 2021 and 2040, equivalent to approximately 800 kt Carbon Dioxide equivalent (CO2e).

The new regulations consider how the market will mature over the coming years in terms of technological improvements and other major factors such as the environmental impact.

It also now sets requirements on material efficiency obligations on features such as repairability, dismantlability and recyclability to reduce their overall environmental impact.

The Government also supports the uptake of highly energy-efficient refrigerated display cabinets by the retail sector through the Energy Technology List Scheme. The Energy Technology List is the UK Government’s register of energy saving commercial products.

Retailers can identify some of the best performing refrigerated display units or the curtains, blinds, doors and covers for refrigerated display cases from products listed on the Energy Technology List.

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

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