Rejected petition A Levels/GCSE/Btec courses to be re-evaluated for the exams in 2021.

Due to the Covid-19 situation in the UK, the Government were forced to shut schools down. This has negatively impacted students who are in Year 10&12 and are still expected to take the exams next year after missing out on so much education without a teacher being physically present.

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As a Year12 student myself,3 A Levels are very hard to teach by yourself without having a teacher to guide you efficiently. We have missed out on a lot of content, and despite trying to learn the content at home, it is very difficult to consolidate the information without being at highschool/college. We should not be expected to take the exams in 2021,it should either be extended or cancelled like the Year11/13s. We are also entitled to a 6week summer holiday. Lockdown isn’t a holiday,it’s hard.

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