Rejected petition Stop racial injustice committed by Police toward ethnic minorities in the UK.

Police should not perform "Stop and search" or arrests:
-due to suspicions based on racial/cultural stereotypes
-unless caught in the act of/confessing to a crime
-or issue a caution/fine due to suspicions of possession of Cannabis.

Consumption and possession of Cannabis to be decriminalised

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Black people/ethnic minorities in the UK are unfairly targeted.
Stop and search can happen if “suspecting an individual is carrying drugs or a weapon” (Home Office, 2019, pp.8).
( 2019) People arrested on average: 108/1000 Black, 9/1000 White

The decriminalisation of Cannabis will:
* Stop tax payers money being put into battling non-violent crimes, freeing Police time for violent crimes
* Stop Cannabis users becoming criminals, keeping their records clear, helping employment/the economy

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