Rejected petition Economic Reform for Black British Subjects

Black British subjects should be:
Tax exempted
Reimbursed Tax

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Britain abolished the slave trade but only after 200 years of benefiting from it.

British slave owners were then compensated with 20 million pounds in 1833 (40% GDP), which in todays money equates to 17 Billion pounds.

As this was such a large sum of money and the government were unable to pay this, they raised bonds. British tax payers only finished paying off these bonds in 2015.

The compensation request is due to the government paying people who owned other people.

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Reimburse tax payers for monies used to compensate slave owners:

Refund taxes used to pay slavery abolition debt to British descendants of slaves:

Pay Slavery Reparations to all Caribbean & African Descendants:

Legislate for the provision of reparations to communities affected by slavery:

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