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Petition Waive the January 2021 tax bill for those who have been excluded from the SEISS

The Government have seemed unwilling to revisit the criteria of the SEISS. According to their own statistics 1.6 million people have received nothing since March 2020. Those people have struggled, unaided, to survive and are now being faced with a bill from the Government. Waive this bill for them.

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The Government's own statistics also state that only 11% of the 1.6 million were excluded due to making over £50,000 so the vast majority of people excluded are in the basic tax rate. Waiving this tax bill will, for most, amount to less than 20% of their trading profits. Their colleagues have received 80% of trading profits. It is the least the Government can do to offer these people 1/4 of the help afforded to others.

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