Petition Investigate massive delays and inconsistencies within the Passport Office

The government should investigate the current state of the Passport Office and work towards improving the service overall by shortening wait times, fixing the dire standard of customer service and implement a more detailed tracking system for people's applications.

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Current inconsistent wait times and responses (or therefore lack of) from the passport office is currently causing immense amounts of stress for people applying/renewing their or their children's passports.

10 weeks processing time, passports and important documents going missing and total lack of communication or explanation of what is happening at each step in the process causes people to call in/complain online and receive useless responses after paying extortionate amounts of money.

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Passport Office backlogs debated by MPs

On Tuesday 14 June, MPs debated delays in the processing of new passport applications by HM Passport Office. This was an Opposition Day debate on a motion determined by the Labour Party.

During the debate, MPs highlighted how delays and backlogs in the processing of new passport were impacting people. They also discussed the steps the Government is taking to increase the Passport Office's capacity and output, including recruiting additional staff.

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