Closed petition Reintroduce the Energy Bills Support Scheme for winter 2023/24

Although energy prices are decreasing, they still remain well above normal levels. I believe the best course of action the UK Government can take is to reintroduce the Energy Bills Support Scheme for winter 2023/24 which was a massive help for households earlier this year.

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Many households are feeling the pinch during the cost of living crisis and reintroducing this scheme will benefit every household.

It's important that no household should be unable to afford energy for heating or cooking but without this scheme being in place for winter 2023/24 I believe this will be the case.

I strongly believe the best way of funding this important scheme would be another windfall tax on the profits of energy companies.

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Government responds to public petition about the cost of living

The Government has responded to a public (paper) petition about the cost of living. The petition was presented to the House of Commons by Preet Kaur Gill MP on behalf of residents of Birmingham.

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The petition asks the Government to take action to help people who have been affected by the rise in energy, mortgage and rental costs by:

  • Extending the windfall tax for energy companies to cover the capping of prices
  • Insulating homes
  • Lowering interest rates for mortgages
  • Protect renters

In response to the petition's requests, the Government states that it understands that people across the UK are worried about the cost of living and recognise the challenges facing households, and that it has taken decisive action to support households across the UK.

In repose to the petitioners points about extending the windfall tax on energy companies and insulating homes, the Government states that it increased the amount of tax it collects from the profits of energy companies by from 25% to 35%, and that households in council tax bands A-D in poorly insulated homes in England are eligible to apply for support with insulation costs via the Great British insulation scheme.

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