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  1. Suspend sanctions against Iran for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic

    14,388 signatures

  2. Pay long-term supply teachers and support staff during mandatory closures.

    13,059 signatures

  3. Do not enforce a compulsory quarantine on people arriving in the UK

    12,765 signatures

  4. Extra Financial Support For Closed Soft Play Centres

    12,739 signatures

  5. Lockdown breaches by Government officials must be treated as Gross Misconduct

    12,729 signatures

  6. Issue urgent guidance and voucher scheme to save baby & toddler activity sector

    12,372 signatures

  7. Change the Furlough Support Scheme to include new hires after 28th February.

    12,148 signatures

  8. Remove the 50% earnings barrier so all self employed workers to receive support.

    11,946 signatures

  9. Abolish Stamp Duty on all transactions during Corona Virus pandemic

    10,843 signatures

  10. Business Rate Relief to be extended to all small businesses in healthcare.

    10,769 signatures

  11. Pay bonus to all key workers

    10,535 signatures

  12. Extension for Commonwealth Citizens on Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visas

    10,220 signatures

  13. Extend Tier-4 visas and waive third-term tuition fee for international students

    9,221 signatures

  14. Call for an immediate end to the Israeli blockade on the people of Gaza

    9,144 signatures

  15. Extend theory expiry dates due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

    8,747 signatures

  16. Make hazard pay mandatory for key workers in the midst of COVID 19.

    8,443 signatures

  17. End lockdown to prevent further economic damage to the UK’s economy.

    8,285 signatures

  18. Economic assistance for the hospitality industry during the COVID-19 pandemic

    8,216 signatures

  19. Provide COVID19 financial assistance only to companies paying UK corporation tax

    7,964 signatures

  20. Permission to enter places of Worship in England U.K.

    7,770 signatures

  21. Reimburse nurses for student loans and fund all fees for future student nurses

    7,745 signatures

  22. Extend the Covid-19 business rates relief to cover human and animal healthcare

    7,181 signatures

  23. To create a public inquiry into the media reporting and presenting of the virus

    6,982 signatures

  24. Provide adequate PPE equipment for medical professionals working with COVID-19

    6,554 signatures

  25. Indefinite Leave to Remain for NHS Staff

    6,397 signatures

  26. Require travel companies & airlines to pay compensation if no refund in 14 days

    6,285 signatures

  27. Reward our healthcare heroes now for risking their lives to fight Covid-19.

    6,143 signatures

  28. Allow schools to re-open in England!

    5,835 signatures

  29. End COVID-19 social distancing

    5,490 signatures

  30. Halt Trident renewal and spend the funds on fighting the coronavirus.

    5,368 signatures

  31. Work with breweries to provide financial help for Pub landlords during Covid-19

    5,148 signatures

  32. Increase uniform tax reliefs, especially for healthcare staff

    4,753 signatures

  33. Urgently extend the statutory age limit for SEN provision given Covid19

    4,706 signatures

  34. Award Covid-19 medals to all emergency services and involved armed forces

    4,669 signatures

  35. Support provision of lipreading and hearing aid friendly face masks

    4,222 signatures

  36. Incentivise NHS staff during the COVID19 outbreak by making wages untaxable

    4,076 signatures

  37. Repeal the Coronavirus Act 2020

    3,761 signatures

  38. Make the use of masks on public transport voluntary and not mandatory

    3,549 signatures

  39. Pay self-employed for self-isolating due to corona virus

    3,474 signatures

  40. Call a Covid-19 General Election

    3,315 signatures

  41. Provide emergency funding to The Arts Council so that they can extend support

    3,272 signatures

  42. Change approach to COV-19 - if schools have "confirmed" cases they should close.

    3,179 signatures

  43. Home Office to offer one year visa extensions without applications being made.

    3,145 signatures

  44. Use money from the foreign aid budget to Support UK in the Covid 19 crisis

    3,105 signatures

  45. Extend/refund driving instructor badges to allow for lost time due to Covid-19

    3,075 signatures

  46. Reverse measures allowing women to access at home abortion.

    3,028 signatures

  47. Bring forward COVID-19 Self-employment grants to April 2020

    2,968 signatures

  48. Remove the minimum earnings threshold for Statutory Sick Pay

    2,944 signatures

  49. Change DfE school guidance to allow overnight educational visits.

    2,932 signatures

  50. Make flexischooling for 1 day a week a parental right for the next academic year

    2,772 signatures

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