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  1. Add the Canary Islands to the green list for international travel

    2,797 signatures

  2. Supply Covid-19 vaccinations for British citizens living overseas

    2,517 signatures

  3. Pay Directors Covid financial aid calculated via individual sources of dividends

    2,328 signatures

  4. Set a date for when non-practical university students can return to campus

    2,168 signatures

  5. Allow AGCs to reopen alongside the rest of non-essential retail on April 12th

    2,156 signatures

  6. Investigate press coverage of Covid-19 outbreak as part of any public inquiry

    2,091 signatures

  7. Allow fully vaccinated people from France to travel to UK without quarantine.

    2,043 signatures

  8. Remove Bangladesh from red list

    1,976 signatures

  9. Scrap quarantine for vaccinated people arriving in the UK

    1,942 signatures

  10. Make Covid-19 tests freely available to all international travellers at airports

    1,898 signatures

  11. Extend shielding to June 21st or until all CEV have both vaccinations

    1,863 signatures

  12. Remove UK quarantine for all fully vaccinated people from Amber list countries

    1,758 signatures

  13. To Put Morocco on the Green list of countries and territories

    1,691 signatures

  14. End the academic year at Easter for this year’s Upper Sixth and Year 11

    1,658 signatures

  15. Require councils to suspend council tax increases for year 2021/2022

    1,587 signatures

  16. Provide an action plan & offer financial support exclusively for the motor trade

    1,563 signatures

  17. Keep mandatory face coverings in supermarkets and on public transport

    1,493 signatures

  18. Allow use of communal toilets and washrooms from 12 April 2021 on campsites

    1,446 signatures

  19. Open motorsport back up to spectators now, with social distancing rules.

    1,270 signatures

  20. Investigate performance of private covid-19 travel test providers

    1,250 signatures

  21. Do not cut school holidays or extend the school day

    1,238 signatures

  22. Do not exempt under 18s (including school children) from self-isolating

    1,225 signatures

  23. Fund and offer a COVID-19 tracking wristband as alternative to hotel quarantine

    1,125 signatures

  24. Remove Oman from red list

    1,111 signatures

  25. Repeal regulations on Covid-19 jabs for care workers pending impact statement

    1,107 signatures

  26. Do not mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for British soldiers under 25.

    1,097 signatures

  27. Prioritise people eligible for free flu vaccines for any Covid booster vaccine

    1,086 signatures

  28. Fund research into antibody response to Covid-19 vaccine for immune suppressed

    1,081 signatures

  29. To remove VAT on all COVID tests in the UK

    997 signatures

  30. Make March 23rd an annual National COVID Memorial day from 2022

    990 signatures

  31. Remove all covid-19 restrictions on July 19th 2021

    922 signatures

  32. Extend/refund driving instructor badges to allow for lost time due to Covid-19

    828 signatures

  33. Exempt vaccinated people from PCR test requirement when travelling to England

    816 signatures

  34. Add Overseas Professional Carers to Exemption List for Travel

    816 signatures

  35. Review the quality and cost of the Hotel Quarantine system

    736 signatures

  36. Increase support for India in the Covid Crisis

    625 signatures

  37. Make long covid an occupational illness

    622 signatures

  38. Add second home ownership to the acceptable reasons to leave the UK

    609 signatures

  39. Do not mandate a vaccine passport for international travel to or from the UK.

    569 signatures

  40. Allow companies to continue to conduct "right to work" checks on video calls

    568 signatures

  41. Allow snooker and pool halls to reopen on 12 April.

    552 signatures

  42. Lower tuition fees to a minimum £5,000 for University students during covid-19.

    481 signatures

  43. Classify Covid-19 as an Occupational Disease

    469 signatures

  44. Allow weddings without restrictions if guest are vaccinated or test negative

    459 signatures

  45. Extend local authorities' power to hold virtual meetings beyond 7 May

    428 signatures

  46. Allow university students graduating in summer to have an in-person graduation

    423 signatures

  47. Make Covid-19 tests for travel optional or free for EU citizens living in the UK

    409 signatures

  48. Do not lift Covid-19 restrictions on 19th July

    393 signatures

  49. Ensure the public inquiry into Covid-19 reports before the next General Election

    383 signatures

  50. Require schools to allow pupils to wear PE kit for the full day on PE day

    382 signatures

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