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  1. Recall Parliament to debate proposals for Domestic Vaccine Passports

    766 signatures

  2. Remove Argentina from the red list

    669 signatures

  3. Accept proof of vaccination against Covid from Mexico for international travel

    640 signatures

  4. All MP's & staff to have Covid19 Vaccine to attend & work at Parliament by law.

    614 signatures

  5. Enact ‘Plan B’ to help keep people and our NHS well this winter.

    583 signatures

  6. Review Covid-19 management of prisons to reduce prison violence

    554 signatures

  7. Self isolation rules to be the same for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people

    483 signatures

  8. Allow weddings without restrictions if guest are vaccinated or test negative

    463 signatures

  9. Make Covid-19 tests for travel optional or free for EU citizens living in the UK

    428 signatures

  10. Do not lift Covid-19 restrictions on 19th July

    399 signatures

  11. Issue emergency measures so all Driving Test Candidates must have ADI sign off.

    393 signatures

  12. Seek to agree upon equivalence of NHS Covid pass and European Covid Green Pass

    392 signatures

  13. Stop discriminating against the unvaccinated in Covid 19 policy

    391 signatures

  14. Allow family members from red list countries to visit after double vaccinations

    326 signatures

  15. Immediately publish guidance on care home worker vaccination exemption

    322 signatures

  16. Commission investigation into Covid-19 cases in Cornwall and the G7 conference

    306 signatures

  17. Implement a Covid Windfall tax on companies which profited from the Covid Crisis

    292 signatures

  18. Replace self-isolation requirements for school students with daily testing

    280 signatures

  19. COVID-19 Vaccine religious exemption for workplaces and accessing venues

    255 signatures

  20. Ease social distancing requirements to allow parents to attend school sports day

    222 signatures

  21. Increase ALL Unemployed Benefits, by the extra £20 weekly Covid-19 uplift relief

    162 signatures

  22. Remove Tunisia from the red list

    150 signatures

  23. Reduce examination content for all GCSEs and A Levels in 2022.

    149 signatures

  24. Open England to Europe COVID 19 vaccinated without quarantine

    145 signatures

  25. Stop Day 2 Tests for Green List and Fully Vaccinated Amber Arrivals

    140 signatures

  26. Provide compensation for all railcard holders

    140 signatures

  27. Keep face coverings compulsory in hospitals

    139 signatures

  28. Offer 2nd Covid-19 vaccination to all 12-17 year olds

    124 signatures

  29. Raise all GCSE, AS and A-Level Grades (where below predicted grades) by a grade

    120 signatures

  30. Accept vaccine certificates from multiple countries as proof of full vaccination

    112 signatures

  31. Allow UK residents & citizens to quarantine at home after arrival from Pakistan

    108 signatures

  32. Allow British Citizens and UK residents to quarantine in their own homes.

    99 signatures

  33. Scrap Covid-19 testing requirement for UK arrivals

    93 signatures

  34. Recognise immune response to Covid-19 in the Covid pass

    83 signatures

  35. Support development of a Covid vaccine not using animal products or testing

    83 signatures

  36. Abolish quarantine requirements when entering the UK from a non-red list country

    79 signatures

  37. Make COVID passport a legal requirement for indoor venues

    78 signatures

  38. Put Portugal back on the green list

    77 signatures

  39. Remove South Africa from the travel red list by Christmas

    75 signatures

  40. Remove quarantine cost for vaccinated key workers returning from visiting family

    74 signatures

  41. The UK Government should not join the EU vaccine passport scheme

    71 signatures

  42. Close schools and bring back online learning until the end of Jan 2022

    69 signatures

  43. Allow stand up receptions at weddings

    68 signatures

  44. Financially support healthcare workers who are sacked for refusing vaccination

    65 signatures

  45. Allow UK vaccinated residents to transit through France with no quarantine

    62 signatures

  46. Allow any Over 18yr old to have their 2nd Covid vaccine after 4 weeks.

    60 signatures

  47. Allow Home Quarantine for UK Citizens/Residents working abroad in Red Countries

    60 signatures

  48. Reinstate English student teacher bursaries and reimburse expenses

    58 signatures

  49. Make lateral flow test results a mandatory requirement for entry to venues

    50 signatures

  50. Urgently donate Covid-19 vaccines to Sri Lanka

    50 signatures

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