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  1. Increase uniform tax reliefs, especially for healthcare staff

    8,014 signatures

  2. Permission to enter places of Worship in England U.K.

    7,860 signatures

  3. Start a 'Workout to Help Out' initiative

    7,703 signatures

  4. Keep schools closed until Covid 19 is no longer a threat

    7,454 signatures

  5. Extend business rates relief to include every English language teaching school

    7,352 signatures

  6. Extend the Covid-19 business rates relief to cover human and animal healthcare

    7,230 signatures

  7. To create a public inquiry into the media reporting and presenting of the virus

    7,143 signatures

  8. Require travel companies & airlines to pay compensation if no refund in 14 days

    6,937 signatures

  9. End COVID-19 social distancing

    6,490 signatures

  10. Work with regulators and exam providers to clarify exam arrangements for 2021

    5,863 signatures

  11. Review travel advice and travel corridor list for African countries

    5,557 signatures

  12. Halt Trident renewal and spend the funds on fighting the coronavirus.

    5,488 signatures

  13. Urgently extend the statutory age limit for SEN provision given Covid19

    5,252 signatures

  14. Establish a cross-party, cross-discipline panel to scrutinise Covid-19 policies

    5,190 signatures

  15. Do not require salons to close due to Covid-19

    5,124 signatures

  16. Reduce VAT to 5% for the Hair & Beauty Industry inline with Hospitality.

    4,896 signatures

  17. Keep schools closed in the UK until an effective Cov-19 vaccine is available.

    4,758 signatures

  18. Support provision of lipreading and hearing aid friendly face masks

    4,579 signatures

  19. Reverse measures allowing women to access at home abortion.

    4,287 signatures

  20. Extend Maternity Exemption Certificates

    4,270 signatures

  21. Extend Self-Employment income support in alignment with the Job Retention scheme

    4,235 signatures

  22. Remove Covid-19 restrictions on support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous

    4,214 signatures

  23. Prioritise Covid-19 testing for relatives of residents in Care Homes.

    4,104 signatures

  24. Call a Covid-19 General Election

    3,913 signatures

  25. Make the use of masks on public transport voluntary and not mandatory

    3,900 signatures

  26. Don't make the wearing of face masks compulsory in public places in England

    3,540 signatures

  27. NHS Dental nurses to be entitled to an NHS pension

    3,458 signatures

  28. Extend furlough scheme for the Cinema industry

    3,339 signatures

  29. Provide emergency funding to The Arts Council so that they can extend support

    3,335 signatures

  30. Allow spectators back into watch British horse racing at racecourses

    3,296 signatures

  31. Allow corporate worship and congregational singing at places of worship

    3,248 signatures

  32. Extend the 12-month period drivers can use non-GB driving licences

    3,245 signatures

  33. Allow free and accessible appeals of GCSE and A Level calculated grades

    3,185 signatures

  34. Home Office to offer one year visa extensions without applications being made.

    3,184 signatures

  35. Make flexischooling for 1 day a week a parental right for the next academic year

    3,182 signatures

  36. Extend/refund driving instructor badges to allow for lost time due to Covid-19

    3,091 signatures

  37. Do not make masks mandatory for children in primary or secondary schools in UK.

    3,021 signatures

  38. Extend shielding until further notice

    2,743 signatures

  39. Rescue Package for the United Kingdom Oil & Gas Industry

    2,731 signatures

  40. Update the RHLG guidance so that it includes event hire & exhibition companies

    2,507 signatures

  41. Extend the suspension of the Universal Credit Minimum Income Floor

    2,506 signatures

  42. Reclose schools and colleges due to increase in COVID-19 cases

    2,376 signatures

  43. Allow sports clubs to reopen with reduced capacities

    2,283 signatures

  44. Support Dance schools and venues that provide dance activities amidst COVID-19

    2,260 signatures

  45. No public sector pay freezes for the next 5 years

    2,211 signatures

  46. Nullify non-disclosure agreements/gagging orders for NHS staff for covid-19

    2,049 signatures

  47. Publish all scientific evidence and advice that informs policy decisions

    1,904 signatures

  48. Award 2021 grades based on 50:50 of teacher assessment and exams

    1,708 signatures

  49. Extend death in service benefits for COVID19 to NHS or care worker's household

    1,701 signatures

  50. Introduce Compensation for seasonal workers due to Covid-19

    1,695 signatures

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