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  1. A government cash bailout for the coach industry before it's too late.

    17,859 signatures

  2. Delay implementation of IR35 legislation reform until COVID-19 is resolved

    17,223 signatures

  3. Extend the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme to September

    14,461 signatures

  4. Allow the return of spectators to football at all levels below national league

    13,272 signatures

  5. Amend GCSE exam content for children that are now in year 9 and year 10

    13,156 signatures

  6. Recall Parliament now to scrutinise new Christmas coronavirus restrictions

    12,243 signatures

  7. Waive the January 2021 tax bill for those who have been excluded from the SEISS

    11,866 signatures

  8. Change COVID-19 critical workers list to include all veterinary staff

    11,834 signatures

  9. Exempt amateur boxing from Covid-19 restrictions

    11,288 signatures

  10. Allow learner drivers to go out and drive with people from their household.

    10,825 signatures

  11. Approve the return to training plan for contact sports

    10,669 signatures

  12. Grant wraparound and holiday care providers urgent financial support

    10,478 signatures

  13. Allow the armed forces to train in their own gym facilities during Covid-19.

    10,297 signatures

  14. Extend Maternity Exemption Certificates

    10,035 signatures

  15. Extend "rule of six" to ensure that hunting and shooting are banned

    9,602 signatures

  16. Make prison staff top priority as key workers to recieve the covid 19 vaccine

    9,325 signatures

  17. Start a 'Workout to Help Out' initiative

    8,212 signatures

  18. Add nursery stores to the list of essential shops

    8,084 signatures

  19. Allow families with a disabled child over age 5 to form a support bubble

    7,677 signatures

  20. Include public transport workers in priority groups for covid 19 vaccination

    7,431 signatures

  21. Extend business rates relief to include every English language teaching school

    7,412 signatures

  22. Do not require pubs and bars in Tier 2 to only serve alcohol with a meal

    7,024 signatures

  23. Allocate funds to boxing as part of the Sport Winter Survival Package

    6,897 signatures

  24. Exclude all motorcycle training and examinations from any Covid-19 restrictions

    6,853 signatures

  25. Allow swimming pools to remain open during Covid-19 in all alert levels

    6,821 signatures

  26. A national holiday and day of remembrance for those lost in the COVID pandemic

    6,814 signatures

  27. Extend income replacement schemes to those who don't currently qualify

    6,608 signatures

  28. Prioritise funeral workers for COVID vaccine.

    6,451 signatures

  29. Review travel advice and travel corridor list for African countries

    6,295 signatures

  30. Urge Sri Lanka to allow the burial of Covid victims to respect religious beliefs

    6,007 signatures

  31. Suspend fines for school non-attendance during Covid-19 & allow parental choice

    5,997 signatures

  32. Do not make masks mandatory for children in primary or secondary schools in UK.

    5,967 signatures

  33. Extend the Furlough Support Scheme to include new hires after 30th October.

    5,925 signatures

  34. Allow all dance studios to open with covid safety precautions in place

    5,787 signatures

  35. All key workers to be higher up the list for coronavirus vaccine

    5,591 signatures

  36. Create a UK Jobs Guarantee Scheme covering every young person in need of work

    5,451 signatures

  37. Allow driving tests and lessons to continue in Tier 4

    5,391 signatures

  38. Establish a cross-party, cross-discipline panel to scrutinise Covid-19 policies

    5,326 signatures

  39. 'Non Essential' shops should be allowed to stay open during the current lockdown

    4,908 signatures

  40. Require universities to refund for practical courses year 20/21 due to COVID-19

    4,683 signatures

  41. Remove Covid-19 restrictions on support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous

    4,383 signatures

  42. Keep estate agents closed in tier 4 and lockdowns

    4,200 signatures

  43. Ensure counsellors and psychotherapists are added to the list of critical worker

    4,175 signatures

  44. Extend the suspension of the Universal Credit Minimum Income Floor

    4,137 signatures

  45. Introduce a 24hr a day Covid-19 vaccination programme to speed up rollout

    4,024 signatures

  46. Adults with SEND to form support bubbles with parents when in supported living

    3,901 signatures

  47. Prioritise carers of vulnerable people to receive a Covid vaccine when available

    3,814 signatures

  48. Rescue Package for the United Kingdom Oil & Gas Industry

    3,704 signatures

  49. Allow spectators back into watch British horse racing at racecourses

    3,628 signatures

  50. Prioritise early years practitioners to urgently receive Covid 19 vaccine.

    3,592 signatures

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