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  1. Black British History is British History

  2. Mandatory hiring targets of ethnic minorities and publication of compliance data

  3. Return taxes, used to pay compensation to British slavers, to black communities

  4. Create a British Slavery Museum in Bristol.

  5. Include discussions around the 'Impact of Racism' in the national curriculum.

  6. Culture & diversity lessons to be introduced to the UK schooling Curriculum

  7. Re-assess police restraining techniques and build a robust recruitment process.

  8. Apologise for the slave compensation scheme and donate to Black Lives Matter.

  9. Change the school curriculum to be less whitewashed

  10. Postpone BlackLivesMatter events in UK for Public Health & Prevent disorder

  11. Make the lethal neck restraint illegal during the arrest process.

  12. Reform the Ethnocentric National Curriculum

  13. Glasgow City Council to rename all streets in Glasgow that glorify slavery

  14. Introduce Black History into Primary and Secondary education

  15. Incorporate Black History Month in curriculums of primary and secondary schools

  16. Include the Transatlantic Slave Trade in the National Curriculum

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