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  1. Do not rollout Covid-19 vaccine passports

    350,184 signatures

  2. Open gyms first as we come out of lockdown & fund a Work Out to Help Out scheme

    229,884 signatures

  3. Close schools in Tier 4 areas

    194,831 signatures

  4. Keep gyms open during Tier 4 lockdown

    180,149 signatures

  5. Cancel GCSE and A-levels in 2021 replace with Course Work and Teacher Assessment

    157,731 signatures

  6. Keep schools closed until May

    149,405 signatures

  7. Allow international travel to visit partners and family

    103,526 signatures

  8. Shut all nurseries and early years settings during lockdown

    103,156 signatures

  9. Prioritise COVID-19 vaccines for first responders (police, fire, ambulance)

    68,832 signatures

  10. End all requirements to wear face coverings immediately

    66,980 signatures

  11. Repeal Coronavirus Act and end all Covid-19 restrictions

    52,611 signatures

  12. Require negative covid test to enter the UK

    50,318 signatures

  13. All nurseries and places of education to stay closed after Xmas to 15 January

    49,382 signatures

  14. Prioritise Key Retail Workers, being offered the Covid Vaccine!

    47,843 signatures

  15. Cancel A-level and GCSE exams 2022

    45,851 signatures

  16. Reimburse student rents for all accommodation not used during this academic year

    40,009 signatures

  17. Tuition Fee Compensation for International Students in UK Universities

    35,573 signatures

  18. Amend GCSE exam content for children that are now in year 9 and year 10

    34,240 signatures

  19. Prioritise special school staff in Covid 19 vaccinations.

    29,420 signatures

  20. Support Boarding Kennels and Catteries

    27,880 signatures

  21. To take Portugal off the travel Red List

    25,226 signatures

  22. Allow fitness classes to resume in areas with tier 3 restrictions

    23,764 signatures

  23. Outlaw discrimination against those who do not get a Covid-19 vaccination

    22,583 signatures

  24. Do not implement Covid-19 Freedom Passes

    21,215 signatures

  25. Do not start mass testing in schools or require asymptomatic students to isolate

    20,086 signatures

  26. Grant full exemptions from quarantine for seafarers and oil & gas workers

    18,925 signatures

  27. To remove the UAE off the ‘Red List’ by the Summer

    17,752 signatures

  28. Extend the VAT at 5% for hospitality until at least March 2022

    17,572 signatures

  29. No hotel quarantine for UK citizens, permanent residents and their families

    17,430 signatures

  30. To pay every NHS and Social Care Worker in England a £500 "Thank You" Bonus

    15,862 signatures

  31. Prohibit employers from requiring employees to have a Covid-19 vaccine

    15,735 signatures

  32. Suspend No Recourse to Public Funds visa conditions

    13,713 signatures

  33. Change COVID-19 critical workers list to include all veterinary staff

    13,476 signatures

  34. Make prison staff top priority as key workers to recieve the covid 19 vaccine

    13,064 signatures

  35. Include public transport workers in priority groups for covid 19 vaccination

    12,336 signatures

  36. Recall Parliament now to scrutinise new Christmas coronavirus restrictions

    12,271 signatures

  37. Waive the January 2021 tax bill for those who have been excluded from the SEISS

    11,982 signatures

  38. Keep the £20pw Universal Credit lifeline and extend to those on legacy benefits

    11,874 signatures

  39. Reduce content for 2022 A-level and GCSE exams

    11,401 signatures

  40. Grant wraparound and holiday care providers urgent financial support

    11,323 signatures

  41. Allow all students to return to university at the start of the Summer term

    11,122 signatures

  42. A national holiday and day of remembrance for those lost in the COVID pandemic

    10,561 signatures

  43. Allow the armed forces to train in their own gym facilities during Covid-19.

    10,387 signatures

  44. Consider urgent action to grant specialist vape retailers essential status

    8,868 signatures

  45. Add nursery stores to the list of essential shops

    8,661 signatures

  46. All key workers to be higher up the list for coronavirus vaccine

    7,924 signatures

  47. Allow families with a disabled child over age 5 to form a support bubble

    7,879 signatures

  48. Prioritise early years practitioners to urgently receive Covid 19 vaccine.

    7,840 signatures

  49. Launch a judge-led public inquiry into the Covid-19 pandemic

    7,490 signatures

  50. Grant food and drink wholesalers bespoke financial support

    7,478 signatures

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