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  1. Open a Public Inquiry into Covid-19 Vaccine Safety

    75,334 signatures

  2. Do not make vaccination against Covid-19 mandatory

    27,426 signatures

  3. Backpay the £20 covid uplift to people on Legacy Benefits

    24,779 signatures

  4. Remove all COVID requirements for international travel to the UK

    22,478 signatures

  5. Do not end legal obligations to self-isolate if people test positive for covid

    13,937 signatures

  6. Don't offer covid-19 vaccine to 5-11 year olds until phase 3 trials complete

    11,106 signatures

  7. Repeal all "Plan B" Covid measures

    5,193 signatures

  8. Revoke compulsory wearing of facemasks on public transport and in shops

    4,405 signatures

  9. Improve Covid-19 Mitigation Measures in Schools

    1,856 signatures

  10. Keep Covid Tests Free for Everyone

    1,633 signatures

  11. Close schools and colleges and replace exams with teacher assessed grades

    1,038 signatures

  12. Fund a £500 bonus for social care workers in England

    707 signatures

  13. Commission a comprehensive cost benefit analysis of the response to COVID

    706 signatures

  14. Support the TRIPS waiver at the WTO

    642 signatures

  15. Re-introduce shielding for the clinically extremely vulnerable

    590 signatures

  16. Increase funding to research treatment and medication for Long Covid sufferers

    567 signatures

  17. Increase efforts to reclaim covid-19 payments lost to fraud

    382 signatures

  18. Refund UK citizens and residents required to hotel quarantine from November 2021

    260 signatures

  19. Recognise people who recently recovered from COVID in the domestic COVID Pass

    249 signatures

  20. Publish data on covid-19 vaccination reactions for children

    245 signatures

  21. Provide financial support for the Hospitality industry for Winter 2021

    222 signatures

  22. Free access to LFT tests for families visiting loved ones in Care Homes

    204 signatures

  23. Confirm all subtopics that will be in 2022 GCSE exams

    159 signatures

  24. Publish a strategy setting out when COVID support will be provided to businesses

    149 signatures

  25. Do not impose covid-19 restrictions on higher education students

    144 signatures

  26. Give nearly expired Covid vaccines to countries with a shortage, don't bin them!

    141 signatures

  27. Review the quality and cost of Higher Education during the pandemic.

    138 signatures

  28. Require unvaccinated patients pay for any medical treatment for COVID

    136 signatures

  29. Provide N95/FFP2 or better face masks to the clinically extremely vulnerable

    134 signatures

  30. Allow British Citizens and UK residents to quarantine in their own homes.

    124 signatures

  31. Continue free Covid tests for families with extremely vulnerable members

    116 signatures

  32. Abolish quarantine requirements when entering the UK from a non-red list country

    114 signatures

  33. Do not implement another lockdown this Christmas

    112 signatures

  34. Keep schools open if there are further restrictions due to the Omicron variant

    104 signatures

  35. Allow vaccinated health and social care workers to isolate at home

    101 signatures

  36. Remove South Africa from the travel red list by Christmas

    89 signatures

  37. Provide new grants to personal care industry that are suffering loss of business

    85 signatures

  38. Independent public inquiry into Government Covid-19 contracts

    84 signatures

  39. Exempt contacts vaccinated abroad from self-isolation requirements

    82 signatures

  40. Ensure access to treatment and screening for all cancer patients during COVID-19

    70 signatures

  41. Impose a 4-week lockdown to combat Omicron

    64 signatures

  42. Fund research into making COVID home testing kits more environmentally friendly

    48 signatures

  43. Fund free same-day PCR testing for people with vulnerable relatives

    42 signatures

  44. Home quarantine for families with under 5s arriving from red list countries

    40 signatures

  45. Require GP surgeries to accept repeat prescription orders by phone

    40 signatures

  46. Hold an Inquiry into Quarantine Hotels

    39 signatures

  47. Reinstate contact tracing requirement for schools

    35 signatures

  48. Allow individual GP surgeries to procure and provide Covid vaccinations

    34 signatures

  49. Reduce maximum tuition fees by half for any closures due to COVID

    29 signatures

  50. Require a negative covid-19 tests before flights into or out of England

    27 signatures

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