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  1. Prohibit employers from requiring staff to be vaccinated against Covid-19

    199,517 signatures

  2. Referendum in the United Kingdom to abolish the Coronavirus Act.

    107,003 signatures

  3. Open a Public Inquiry into Covid-19 Vaccine Safety

    64,338 signatures

  4. Repeal the Coronavirus Act

    32,913 signatures

  5. Recall Parliament to debate vaccination of children before this is rolled out

    28,023 signatures

  6. Do not make vaccination against Covid-19 mandatory

    25,309 signatures

  7. Close schools and bring back online learning until the end of Jan 2022

    14,836 signatures

  8. Call an immediate general election due to authoritarian Coronavirus measures

    13,286 signatures

  9. Do not make Covid-19 vaccination a requirement to physically attend university

    12,053 signatures

  10. Remove Colombia from the red travel list immediately

    10,734 signatures

  11. Do not require Covid vaccination passports for crowded events

    10,635 signatures

  12. Funding for ventilation in all school/college/uni classrooms

    10,340 signatures

  13. Do not make COVID vaccination a requirement for health and social care workers

    10,236 signatures

  14. Create a religious exemption to any vaccine passport requirements

    9,697 signatures

  15. Extend rules for UK travel for vaccinated travellers to unvaccinated travellers

    8,083 signatures

  16. Do not require a Covid passport for access to any services, jobs or events

    6,955 signatures

  17. Don't offer covid-19 vaccine to 5-11 year olds until phase 3 trials complete

    6,481 signatures

  18. Remove all COVID requirements for international travel to the UK

    5,758 signatures

  19. Recognise all vaccinations using WHO approved vaccines for international travel

    5,672 signatures

  20. Repeal all "Plan B" Covid measures

    5,160 signatures

  21. Make employers that require Covid-19 vaccination liable for vaccine damages

    4,890 signatures

  22. Revoke compulsory wearing of facemasks on public transport and in shops

    4,336 signatures

  23. Publish daily figures of all deaths within 28 days of receiving a Covid vaccine

    4,161 signatures

  24. Make the Covid Pass available to all fully vaccinated, including 12-15 year olds

    3,144 signatures

  25. Allow fully vaccinated people from France to travel to UK without quarantine.

    2,546 signatures

  26. Remove the Democratic Republic of the Congo from the red list for travel

    2,473 signatures

  27. Stop discriminating against the unvaccinated in Covid 19 policy

    2,325 signatures

  28. All dental nurses in England to receive Covid bonus

    1,889 signatures

  29. Outlaw discrimination on the basis of vaccination status

    1,833 signatures

  30. Improve Covid-19 Mitigation Measures in Schools

    1,759 signatures

  31. Increase donations of and funding for COVID 19 vaccines to developing countries

    1,645 signatures

  32. Accept proof of vaccination against Covid from Mexico for international travel

    1,610 signatures

  33. Self isolation rules to be the same for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people

    1,249 signatures

  34. Stop any plans for Covid certification plan B scenario

    1,209 signatures

  35. Close schools and colleges and replace exams with teacher assessed grades

    966 signatures

  36. Recall Parliament to debate proposals for Domestic Vaccine Passports

    792 signatures

  37. All MP's & staff to have Covid19 Vaccine to attend & work at Parliament by law.

    687 signatures

  38. Remove Argentina from the red list

    669 signatures

  39. Commission a comprehensive cost benefit analysis of the response to COVID

    650 signatures

  40. Enact ‘Plan B’ to help keep people and our NHS well this winter.

    596 signatures

  41. Support the TRIPS waiver at the WTO

    586 signatures

  42. Give women a legal right to have two birthing partners at births

    567 signatures

  43. Review Covid-19 management of prisons to reduce prison violence

    554 signatures

  44. Re-introduce shielding for the clinically extremely vulnerable

    526 signatures

  45. Seek to agree upon equivalence of NHS Covid pass and European Covid Green Pass

    394 signatures

  46. Implement a Covid Windfall tax on companies which profited from the Covid Crisis

    345 signatures

  47. Allow family members from red list countries to visit after double vaccinations

    329 signatures

  48. Immediately publish guidance on care home worker vaccination exemption

    325 signatures

  49. COVID-19 Vaccine religious exemption for workplaces and accessing venues

    317 signatures

  50. Recognise immune response to Covid-19 in the Covid pass

    282 signatures

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