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  1. Introduce laws like the German Strafgesetzbuch section 86a to ban Nazi symbols

    3,423 signatures

  2. Create a UK Black Citizens Council

    586 signatures

  3. Update the Equality Act 2010 to include hair texture as a feature of race

    535 signatures

  4. Acknowledge systemic racism; implement the Lammy and Angiolini justice reviews

    530 signatures

  5. Ban the sale of racist Golliwog or Golly items

    520 signatures

  6. Make British Sign Language a compulsory subject in the national curriculum

    487 signatures

  7. Equality - Review all law, policy and strategy to meet the needs of men and boys

    338 signatures

  8. Undertake an equality impact assessment on the use of the label BAME

    273 signatures

  9. Make failure to reduce institutional racism as defined by Macpherson a crime

    251 signatures

  10. Include Asexuals in the Equality Act 2010

    224 signatures

  11. Review and reform stop and search policy

    98 signatures

  12. Establish a National Museum of Slavery & British Imperialism in London

    88 signatures

  13. Funded and sustainable mental health support networks for BAME communities.

    61 signatures

  14. Mandatory education and guidance on ethnic hair

    57 signatures

  15. Harsher penalties for hate crimes & participating in far-right hate groups

    53 signatures

  16. Extend pay gap reporting to smaller organisations and other characteristics

    43 signatures

  17. Introduce a 6 month deadline to settle Windrush Compensation Scheme claims

    43 signatures

  18. Have a person in all education institutions responsible for dealing with racism

    38 signatures

  19. Open a National Museum dedicated to British BAME history

    38 signatures

  20. Hold a public inquiry into antisemitism in UK politics

    37 signatures

  21. Implement unconscious bias training in the national school curriculum

    28 signatures

  22. Create a register of people guilty of race-related offences

    26 signatures

  23. No more charter flight deportations to Jamaica and other Commonwealth countries

    19 signatures

  24. Make the history curriculum for secondary schools more inclusive of BAME history

    14 signatures

  25. Reintroduce the Best Use of Stop and Search Scheme (BUSSS) for all Police Forces

    14 signatures

  26. Provide a "Refuse to Answer" option for race and ethnicity in the 2021 Census.

    12 signatures

  27. Compulsory psychological exams and racial bias training for the UK Police Force

    10 signatures

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