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  1. Extension on theory test, due to Covid-19

  2. Vaccinate teachers, get schools open NOW

  3. Raise other benefits (ESA etc) not just universal credit by £20 per week

  4. Provide covid-19 testing for the fire service and have access to the vaccine

  5. Extend passed theory test expiry date beyond 2 years due to COVID-19

  6. Same generosity in A-level and GCSE exam grade boundaries for 2022

  7. Legalise and regulate the usage of Cannabis for econimc recovery from COVID-19

  8. Help get unpaid carers more attention and be treated fairly

  9. Freeze Business Rates for Startups and Small Businesses until 2024

  10. UK government to provide economic assistance to the Asian wedding industry.

  11. Heavily reduce Tax and Duties on Alcohol after Covid Pandemic and lockdowns

  12. Open Early Years, only to Key workers, vunerable children, and single parents.

  13. Funding for all nurseries and childminders whilst open

  14. Make March 23rd Lockdown Day: A bank holiday to commemorate the COVID-19 crisis

  15. Make use of overseas trained nurses who are not working as a nurse in the UK

  16. Close the digital divide for all year groups, not just year 3 upwards.

  17. Support University Students with fees and rent during lockdowns and restrictions

  18. Close the UK borders to all non freight or essential travel immediately.

  19. Give GCSE and A-Level 2022 students reduced content exams.

  20. Address the Critical worker list to keep school staff safe during lockdown.

  21. Change examination structure now for students taking GCSEs and A-levels in 2022.

  22. Change the content of GCSE and A’Level examinations for 2022

  23. Cancel or make suitable adjustments to the 2022 GCSEs.

  24. Give Student Nurses and all keyworker students Lateral Flow tests & Vaccine

  25. Refund University fees for the academic year 2020/2021

  26. Sufficiently finance Universities so they can better support students

  27. Reduce NHS surcharge and the home office fees

  28. Investigate 0-5 years and covid-19 transmission

  29. Reintroduce a UK travel ban as part of the effort to combat COVID-19

  30. Reduce Content or Cancel GCSE and A Level Exams 2022

  31. Cancel 2022 GCSE, AS and A Levels

  32. Replace all Vocational exams in January 2021 with coursework

  33. Lower university grade boundaries due to online teaching and Covid-19

  34. Reduce Undergraduate and Postgraduate Fees

  35. Enable all students to have university fees partially refunded due to Covid-19.

  36. Prioritise Student Nurses/Doctors/Paramedics for the vaccine.

  37. Close pre-schools in line with school closures to protect staff and children

  38. Implement a no detriment policy for university students and provide further help

  39. Reduce tuition fees of International University students from £19,500 to £9,250

  40. Reduce the tuition fees for international students

  41. For university’s and paying college students to receive a refund due to COVID-19

  42. Cancel 2022 exams as online learning is a challenge for many

  43. Refund all University student their student fees and cancel all exams!

  44. Help students with rent payments, and have University Fees partially refunded

  45. Give university students a refund for the 2020/21 academic year

  46. Early Years to be open for key children & vulnerable ONLY during lockdown 2021

  47. Close early years settings but keep them open for key workers and the vulnerable

  48. Use predicted grades for final A level results

  49. Open early years settings to key worker and vunerable children only.

  50. Partially refund full-time students and/or provide additional financial support.

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