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  1. people with disability to be able to train/ compete out of there lockdown area.

  2. Cancel GCSEs to give students results representative of their studies

  3. Cancel GCSE's and A Levels, not postpone them.

  4. Gov can only report a Covid death when Covid is the primary cause of death.

  5. Accommodation charges to University Sudents all over the UK should be reimbursed

  6. Reopen Gyms Under New Covid Guidelines

  7. Cancel GCSE and A-level exams 2021

  8. Use reduced content exams in May/June and teacher assessments for A level grades

  9. Freeze MP's salaries in 2021

  10. Drop MPs wages by one third.

  11. Freeze all MP pay increases and expenses until we have recovered from COVID19.

  12. Give all key workers (Not just NHS) a pay rise in 2021.

  13. Fund the Arts and Entertainment industry instead of giving MPs another pay rise.

  14. Make sports training a "reasonable excuse" for Adults to travel.

  15. Reveal an itemised budget of how £11.8Bn was spent on the Test and Trace app.

  16. UK entertainment is hemorrhaging. The Government's flippancy must change now.

  17. Replace Oliver Dowden as Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport

  18. SetUp an Emergency Committee to Address Support in the Live Entertainment Sector

  19. Stop trail hunters gathering over 6 people like everyone else has to do

  20. Bring back children centre's face to face stay and play sessions !

  21. Open our streets that were closed after lockdown

  22. Introduce ID’s to prove whether someone is exempt from wearing a face covering.

  23. Review the constraints on hospitality businesses

  24. Challenge MP’s to live on current average furlough pay

  25. Televised Lower league football via season tickets

  26. Allow UK weddings to have more guests

  27. Provide funding to businesses unable to open by law due to Covid-19.

  28. Increase the number of guests at a wedding back to 30

  29. Reverse the decision to reduce wedding attendance from 30 to 15

  30. Form a coalition government to fight Covid-19.

  31. Relax COVID rules on Father Christmas so presents can be delivered on Xmas day.

  32. Allow fans back in for National league football games

  33. Change the rules on the amount of guests at a wedding

  34. Give financial support to the Events Industry

  35. Partners should be aloud to ALL Scans. Also during the whole labour process.

  36. Continue the furlough sceme and save the hospitality industry

  37. Give control of track and trace to public health authorities

  38. Allow fans to attend football matches up to (and inc) National League level

  39. Increase number of wedding guests back to 30

  40. Make mask wearing mandatory in college & secondary school classrooms.

  41. Stop all COVID-19 restrictions. Return to life with no rules or restrictions.

  42. Allow football fans back to stadiums

  43. Raise the limit on attendees at weddings in England from 15 back to 30

  44. Increase the numbers of people for weddings same as funerals

  45. Covid Safe weddings of up to 30, already booked in the next 3 months happen.

  46. Allow Partners to be present with expectant mothers during the entire Pregnancy

  47. Stop the reporting of ‘coronavirus cases’ and use only ‘COVID 19 or SARS Cov 2’

  48. Put Blackpool into lockdown like rest of Lancashire

  49. Exemption of the Covid-19 Vaccine for people with deeply held Religous Faiths

  50. Allow parents to use informal childcare when tighter measures are introduced

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