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  1. Ensure that rules for Uni students COVID vaccinations can actually be met by all

  2. Change early setting isolation rules as soon as possible.

  3. Allow families that live abroad to reunite.

  4. Equally recognise the EU Digital COVID Certificate and the NHS COVID Pass

  5. Remove self isolation for who transit thru France within 24hrs

  6. Recognize vaccinations from outside of the UK Programme.

  7. Mandate all politicians are vaccinated with one of the available “vaccines”.

  8. The UK should accept the EU COVID certificate for fully vaccinated people.

  9. Make the £20 Universal Credit uplift permanent

  10. Do not rollout Covid-19 vaccine passports at all

  11. No quarantine for fully vaccinated, returning to the UK from France

  12. No roll out of vaccine passports

  13. Change rules stating that you must be fully vaccinated in order to have a life?!

  14. To put a stop to COVID passports being required for night clubs

  15. Make it a free choice to be vaccinated against Covid-19!

  16. Do not Restrict the Freedoms of Unvaccinated Individuals

  17. Stop mandatory vaccination status to enter venues - protect freedom of choice

  18. Abolish ALL laws of a compulsory vaccine to attend music festivals/events

  19. Stop using coercion to influence people to take the Covid 19 vaccine.

  20. Do not enforce a mandatory double vaccination condition for clubs and events

  21. Brits already in status altered green list countries to be exempt from isolating

  22. Kick start mental health support, programs and treatment straight away.

  23. Protect Parents

  24. Accept the EU Jabs and EU certificate.

  25. Keep face masks mandatory in England

  26. We would like the government to scrap the current traffic light system.

  27. Review universities who are not going back to face to face lectures or seminars.

  28. Open up second Covid vaccines from 4 weeks post first dose for young people.

  29. Challenge the child Mental Health Support and Services.

  30. Say No to making Covid Vaccines Mandatory.

  31. Free travel PCR tests

  32. Get EU approval for AZ vaccine made in India

  33. Give students a full or partial refund who studied during the covid 19 epidemic.

  34. Everyone whose theory test runs out 2020/21 should have 12 months extension

  35. A petition to remove the UAE off the red list

  36. Abolish the 10 day quarantine period for arrivals from amber list countries

  37. Our country MUST reopen on July 19th. No more lockdowns!

  38. End all current coverage, involvement and association with Euro 2020/21.

  39. Extend the deadline EU Settlement Scheme (settled and pre-settled status)

  40. Remove restrictions for weddings at both halls and places of worship.

  41. Allow high school transition days to go ahead 2021

  42. Allow at least one person at the bedside of a sick patient while in hospital

  43. Allow vaccinated passengers to travel to the U.K. without having to quarantine

  44. Extend Free Covid19 parking For NHS workers

  45. Remove Pakistan From The Red List [Travel]

  46. Ease restrictions for those who are eligible and have been vaccinated.

  47. Doctors should open Surgeries

  48. Setup a fully operating travel corridor by the end of June with the USA.

  49. The UK Government must urgently donate excess, unused Covid vaccines to COVAX .

  50. Reinstate direct flights and a travel corridor from UAE to UK Citizens.

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