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  1. Allow British/Irish Nationals coming from red list countries to isolate at home.

  2. Hold a referendum to remove all Covid-19 restrictions on personal freedoms

  3. Do not make Covid -19 vaccination mandatory under any circumstances.

  4. Ensure that fines and prison sentences are not levied upon the unvaccinated.

  5. Treat residents and citizens vaccinated abroad equal to those in UK

  6. Stop vaccine / covid passports being introduced in NI

  7. Stop covid vaccine passport

  8. Freedom of choice for all unvaccinated healthcare workers

  9. Rejection of Mandatory Covid jab

  10. Referendum on a Vote of No Confidence in the Government with regards to COVID-19

  11. Reintroduce household isolation to help prevent spread of covid in schools

  12. Scrap show of proof that you have had the covid vaccination.

  13. Ban all Welsh politicians from attending November 11th Remembrance parades.

  14. Ensure NHS staff who suffer long Covid do not loose their jobs also get full pay

  15. Remove Ecuador from the red travel list immediately or change hotel quarantine

  16. Impose a windfall tax on recipients of government covid related PPE contracts.

  17. Exempt double vaccinated Indians from quarantine upon arrival in UK

  18. Publish the criteria for decisions on Covid travel lists

  19. Doctors to resume face to face appointments

  20. UK to recognize vaccines of double jabbed. regardless of country administered

  21. Make universities teach a minimum of 50% face to face.

  22. Introduce COVID passes into England

  23. Reinstate self-isolation for under 18s whose household contacts have Covid-19

  24. Face to face appointments to be reinstated at GP surgeries.

  25. Allow fully vaccinated travelers from Red List countries to quarantine at home

  26. Scrap “must show proof of double jabs to attend large crowd events etc” Sept 21

  27. Remove Turkey from the Red list as Istanbul Airport is a large hub for Flights

  28. Remove Pakistan from the red list

  29. Get Bangladesh off the red list.

  30. petition :Remove Bangladesh from Red list for travel

  31. Explain the grounds of taking india out of Red list countries but Not Pakistan

  32. Ensure that rules for Uni students COVID vaccinations can actually be met by all

  33. Change early setting isolation rules as soon as possible.

  34. Allow families that live abroad to reunite.

  35. Equally recognise the EU Digital COVID Certificate and the NHS COVID Pass

  36. Remove self isolation for who transit thru France within 24hrs

  37. Recognize vaccinations from outside of the UK Programme.

  38. Mandate all politicians are vaccinated with one of the available “vaccines”.

  39. The UK should accept the EU COVID certificate for fully vaccinated people.

  40. Make the £20 Universal Credit uplift permanent

  41. Keep Covid Lateral Flow / Self Test Kits free at pharmacies

  42. Do not rollout Covid-19 vaccine passports at all

  43. No quarantine for fully vaccinated, returning to the UK from France

  44. No roll out of vaccine passports

  45. Change rules stating that you must be fully vaccinated in order to have a life?!

  46. To put a stop to COVID passports being required for night clubs

  47. Make it a free choice to be vaccinated against Covid-19!

  48. Do not Restrict the Freedoms of Unvaccinated Individuals

  49. Stop mandatory vaccination status to enter venues - protect freedom of choice

  50. Abolish ALL laws of a compulsory vaccine to attend music festivals/events

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