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  1. Prevent Covid vaccine rollout to children

  2. Stop Full Exams with no Study Leave and Short Notice

  3. Have a National Covid-19 Day or even international Covid-19 Day Remembrance

  4. Make Medical Coercion a specific criminal offence.

  5. Student Nurses working throughout COVID-19 should receive the gov £500 bonus.

  6. Make it illegal to promote, advertise and pressure vaccines to the public

  7. To add adverts to social media to promote ways to help with mental health.

  8. Learning difficulties the same rights as others when hospitalised with covid-19.

  9. Allow all citizens the right to marry in line with national Covid restrictions

  10. Bring out a passport to prove that people have had the COVID-19 vaccination.

  11. Publish the detailed accounts of the UK Test And Trace programme

  12. add more funding for mental health services across England

  13. Decrease University Tution Fees.

  14. Urge Tanzanian government to begin COVID-19 testing and participate in COVAX.

  15. Do not rollout Covid-19 vaccine certificates.

  16. Bring the Health secretary to justice

  17. Pandemic Medal to recognise the extraordinary work and care by NHS & Care staff.

  18. Release the 4th SEISS grant now for payment immediately. April is too late.

  19. Bring forward the date for SEISS payments.

  20. Cancel A-level and GCSE exams meant to be sat in 2022

  21. Better support for Ltd companies #DISS from the pandemic that include dividends.

  22. Immediately help the self-employed. Bring forward the 4th SEISS grant.

  23. Bring forward the date of the fourth self employment support grant

  24. Review the date for the 4th self employed grant.

  25. Start a petition about 4th Grant for self employed

  26. Bring Forward The Fourth COVID-19 Self Employment Grant!

  27. Make the 4th SEISS grant available immediately

  28. Bring the 4th SEISS grant application date forward for self-employed.

  29. Provide SEISS to self employed community NOW!!

  30. Allow British born children status under EU Scheme with only a birth Certificate

  31. keep schools closed until may

  32. Provide remote teaching after Easter for international students due to Covid-19

  33. Include teachers in priority group for the vaccine before schools return

  34. Start an investigation into the astronomical cost of the UK Track and Trace.

  35. Year 11s should leave school in may

  36. Fund FREE Covid-19 travel testing package through the Test to Release Scheme

  37. Eliminate/Reduce rent fees for Students not being able to live at University

  38. Cancel mock examinations this year

  39. Allow students to not wear school uniform, when having to wear masks at school.

  40. Allow all exams to be conducted from home

  41. Create Annual Bank Holiday in Recognition of Covid-19 victims and Responders

  42. Allow gyms to open the gym at a reduced capacity, as most of Europe is doing.

  43. Cancel Year 11 “mini assessments”

  44. Open Golf Courses before 29th March

  45. to keep schools closed till the new school year or till next year

  46. Keep schools closed until after Easter holidays.

  47. Don’t make students sit mocks to predict grades for GCSE and A-Level

  48. Reconsider making the current year 11s have to sit mini exams/ mocks

  49. Do not make masks mandatory for children in primary or secondary schools in UK.

  50. Give students more time in written exams.

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