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  1. Support the British night life.

  2. Closing of schools in September

  3. Remove service charges for ending your tenancy early due to COVID-19.

  4. Banks to scrap credit checks on feeder accounts

  5. Repeal the laws making face coverings in shops / public transport compulsory.

  6. Financial support for care home workers during the Covid -19 isolation period

  7. Make the use of masks inside shops voluntary and not mandatory.

  8. Reopen universities fully in September, as opposed to partial or online learning

  9. Let people choose if they want to be vaccinated or not

  10. Rescind the new mandatory requirement for face masks in shops

  11. Stop the Mandatory use of Face Masks in Shops, Offices and Public Buildings.

  12. not make mask mandatory on the 24th July

  13. To Not charge under 18s on TFL on Busses

  14. Remove legislation which makes wearing face masks mandatory in any situation.

  15. Make the use of masks by the general public voluntary and not mandatory

  16. Tax break for 3 months for all COVID-19 key workers

  17. Remove the government mandating of wearing facemasks in Shops and public places.


  19. Voluntary face coverings in shops and on public transport rather than mandatory

  20. Reverse the decision to make masks compulsory for shopping.

  21. Look at solutions for weddings to proceed to help businesses affected.

  22. No to mandatory masks .

  23. Release clear guidance on wedding receptions in the coming months for the UK

  24. Give UK citizens the choice about receiving any Covid-19 vaccinations or cures.

  25. Make wearing so called “protective” masks non-compulsory

  26. Revoke the legislation which makes the wearing of face masks compulsory

  27. Keep Free Travel for Under 18s

  28. Bring back normal antenatal care, allowing partners to attend appointments/scans

  29. stop the mandatory wearing of face coverings in Englands shops and supermarkets

  30. Ban compulsory wearing face masks in the UK

  31. Encourage the NHS and general public to wear clear masks or visors

  32. Protect all pregnant women from covid by shielding all pregnant women

  33. Make face masks mandatory in pubs, bars, restaurants when not sat at a table.

  34. Circulate masks with clear mouth covers for deaf people who lipread

  35. Lift the restriction on hospitality industry during COVID 19

  36. Make Wearing of Face Coverings in Shops Voluntary, NOT Mandatory.

  37. Call a vote of no confidence in the government

  38. Make mask wearing in shops a personal choice instead of being mandated.

  39. Stop mandatory face masks in shops.

  40. People should have the choice whether or not to wear face masks.

  41. Reverse policy on making face masks mandatory for shoppers from July 24th in UK.


  43. Make face masks free if there to be compulsory to wear in shops.

  44. Stop the compulsory wear of a masks and face coverings in public

  45. Challenge the Government on the mandatory wearing of face masks in shops

  46. Make face masks optional, not mandatory!

  47. Stop making face masks mandatory in shops.

  48. Make the wearing of masks/face coverings in shops Advisory NOT Compulsory

  49. Make wearing face masks voluntary and not mandatory

  50. DO NOT to make face masks compulsory but allow FREEDOM OF CHOICE!

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