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  1. Suspend VAT for 6-months

  2. Newly self employed filed in tax return for 2019/2020 before 23rd April 2020

  3. Extend SEISS to include additional 2 months covered by the Job Retention Scheme.

  4. Year 10 Students to sit GCSE's at a later date due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  5. cancel next years GCSE’s and a level examinations.


  7. Encourage the government to force travel companies to refund their customers

  8. Support for the newly self employed. For people who registered in 2019.

  9. Extend the Self Employment Grant scheme beyond June.

  10. Review the Self Employment Covid Grant to Include 2019-20 tax year.

  11. Change the curriculum for students taking GCSE and A LEVEL exams next year

  12. Approve claims for Job Retention Scheme, furloughed workers paid after 19/03/20

  13. Extend self employed covid grant support beyond 30th May.

  14. Allow employees who have been made redundant have access to the JRS

  15. Extend Self Employed Income Support Scheme in line with Furloughed Workers

  16. Cancel GCSEs and A Levels in 2021

  17. Extend post-study work visa for 2019/20 international Master’s students

  18. Shorten A-level specifications due to Coronavirus for the 2021 exams

  19. Extended the Self Employment Income Support Scheme

  20. Ensure all A Levels taken in 2021 are fair

  21. Extend the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme until the end of October 2020

  22. Extend the RTI submissions date to the end of the tax year for company directors

  23. Reduce University fee's for the First term

  24. Cancel Year 10 and 12 2021 exams

  25. Grant automatic ILR to overseas-born NHS workers and their dependents

  26. Sack Dominic Cummings, control the virus and save lives.

  27. Lower the grade boundaries for 2021 GCSEs and A levels

  28. Reduce fees for online lectures

  29. The UK Public has no confidence in Dominic Cummings. Its time he was sacked.

  30. The abolition of 14-day quarantine upon arrival to the UK

  31. Dismiss Dominic Cummings from his post in Downing Street.

  32. Remove Dominic Cummings from his role in government, actions are unacceptable

  33. Reduce Citizenship fees for non-British NHS/Healthcare Covid-19 workers

  34. Revoke the fortnight travel quarantine period for anyone arriving in the UK.

  35. Remove Dominic Cummings from his position in the UK government.

  36. Stop Mandatory UK Covid-19 vaccines and uphold freedom of choice

  37. Remove Dominic Cummings from his advisor role.

  38. No to Mandatory Vaccinations for the Coronavirus or any others in the U.K.

  39. Sack Dominic Cummings

  40. Stop Quarantine for travellers coming to the UK!

  41. Cancel GCSEs and A-Levels for year 10 and 12 students upon return to school

  42. Extend the self employed income support scheme to 6 months

  43. Say NO to a mandatory vaccination for the coronavirus in the UK

  44. Delay the reopening of schools until the threat to our children is lower.

  45. SCRAP 14-days quarantine for UK arrival and do instant tests on airport

  46. If university is online for the year 2020-2021, fees should reduced.

  47. Investigate Dominic Cummings adherence to HMG Rules, whilst suffering from C19,

  48. MP's to not recieve pay rise until key worker jobs have caught up with inflation

  49. Stop quarantine for non-UK visitors and UK residents.

  50. Award a collective George Cross to the NHS for its outstanding Covid 19 response

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