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  1. Don't offer covid-19 vaccine to 5-11 year olds until phase 3 trials complete

    Government responded – 18 March 2022

    Based on regulatory approval by our independent regulator the MHRA, and subsequent prioritisation advice from JCVI, the Government directed the NHS to offer COVID-19 vaccines to children aged 5-11.

    11,116 signatures

  2. Do not end legal obligations to self-isolate if people test positive for covid

    Government responded – 9 March 2022

    People are no longer legally required to self-isolate if they test positive. Guidance provided to those who test positive or have Covid-19 symptoms is to stay at home and avoid contact with others.

    14,011 signatures

  3. Backpay the £20 covid uplift to people on Legacy Benefits

    Government responded – 8 March 2022

    The Government introduced a temporary £20 uplift to Universal Credit, to ensure that vital support was given to those facing the most financial disruption due to the pandemic.

    30,544 signatures

  4. Extend rules for UK travel for vaccinated travellers to unvaccinated travellers

    Government responded – 15 February 2022

    The Government has eased international travel rules, resulting in the UK now having one of the most open and streamlined COVID-19 border regimes in the world.

    10,547 signatures

  5. Do not make COVID vaccination a requirement for health and social care workers

    Government responded – 14 February 2022

    On 31 Jan 2022, Government announced it intends to revoke vaccination as a condition of deployment in health and social care settings regulations, subject to consultation and Parliamentary process.

    13,387 signatures

  6. Close schools and bring back online learning until the end of Jan 2022

    Government responded – 9 February 2022

    We are clear on the critical importance of face to face education for children and young people and we will do everything in our power to keep education and childcare settings open.

    15,119 signatures

  7. Remove all COVID requirements for international travel to the UK

    Government responded – 7 February 2022

    From 4am on 11 February, the Government’s easing of international travel rules will result in the UK having one of the most open and streamlined COVID border regimes in the world.

    22,553 signatures

  8. Funding for ventilation in all school/college/uni classrooms

    Government responded – 27 January 2022

    All state-funded education settings received CO2 monitors. Up to 9000 air cleaning units will cover poorly ventilated teaching spaces. Universities are responsible for their own ventilation.

    11,708 signatures

  9. Do not require Covid vaccination passports for crowded events

    Government responded – 14 January 2022

    COVID status can be shown on the basis of a recent negative test, full vaccination, or exemption to attend crowded settings and large events.

    10,641 signatures

  10. Open a Public Inquiry into Covid-19 Vaccine Safety

    Government responded – 5 January 2022

    The Government commissioned a public inquiry into the pandemic and has no plans for a vaccine safety inquiry. Our surveillance strategy for COVID-19 vaccines provides continuous safety monitoring.

    107,124 signatures

  11. Do not make vaccination against Covid-19 mandatory

    Government responded – 30 December 2021

    The United Kingdom operates a system of informed consent for vaccinations. We are encouraging people to get vaccinated to reduce serious illness, reduce pressure on hospitals and reduce deaths.

    27,499 signatures

  12. Suspend all Ofsted inspections from now until September 2022

    Government responded – 15 December 2021

    Ofsted provides vital independent assurance about the quality of education and safeguarding in schools, as they respond to the pandemic. There are no plans to suspend inspection until September 2022.

    13,275 signatures

  13. Call an immediate general election due to authoritarian Coronavirus measures

    Government responded – 15 December 2021

    The Government does not believe now is the right time for an election; our focus is delivering a national recovery that makes the United Kingdom stronger, healthier and more prosperous than before.

    13,402 signatures

  14. Urge China to allow direct flights between UK and China to resume

    Government responded – 6 December 2021

    The UK Government has been in continuous contact with the Chinese authorities to seek the relaxation of China’s unilateral decision to ban direct scheduled passenger flights between the UK and China.

    12,179 signatures

  15. Prohibit employers from requiring staff to be vaccinated against Covid-19

    Government responded – 25 November 2021

    Organisations’ practices must be lawful and not discriminate. Government has identified limited settings where there is a public health rationale for making vaccination a condition of deployment.

    232,534 signatures

  16. Remove Colombia from the red travel list immediately

    Government responded – 2 November 2021

    Colombia was removed from the red list on Monday 1 November 2021.

    10,750 signatures

  17. Referendum in the United Kingdom to abolish the Coronavirus Act.

    Government responded – 15 October 2021

    The Coronavirus Act has proved to be both necessary and highly successful in enabling governments across the UK to support people, and the public services they rely on, whilst combatting the pandemic.

    109,708 signatures

  18. Repeal the Coronavirus Act

    Government responded – 21 September 2021

    It is important that the right tools remain available to manage the ongoing risk from the pandemic whilst ensuring that any restrictions are in place no longer than is absolutely necessary.

    33,821 signatures

  19. Remove Bangladesh from red list

    Government responded – 13 September 2021

    Decisions on the Red List are made by Ministers, informed by the latest scientific data and public health advice, to protect public health and the vaccine rollout from variants of COVID-19.

    11,897 signatures

  20. Inquiry into the DVLA’s performance during the Covid-19 pandemic

    Government responded – 19 October 2021

    There are no plans to hold an inquiry into DVLA’s performance which has been fully scrutinised this year in two Transport Select Committee sessions. Ministers are also provided with regular updates.

    12,283 signatures

  21. Keep face covering mandatory in indoor public settings beyond 19th July 2021

    Government responded – 25 August 2021

    Government has moved England to Step 4 in its Road Map transitioning from legal to personal, risk-based judgements. Wearing face coverings in certain indoor settings is still expected and recommended.

    10,639 signatures

  22. Recall Parliament to debate vaccination of children before this is rolled out

    Government responded – 2 November 2021

    Government evaluated evidence and assessed expert opinion before deciding to routinely vaccinate children and young people. MPs had the option to be briefed and raise questions during an All MP call.

    28,803 signatures

  23. Remove Egypt from travel red list immediately

    Government responded – 23 August 2021

    Ministerial decisions on allocations to the red list are informed by the latest scientific data and public health advice, to protect public health and the vaccine rollout from variants of concern.

    12,411 signatures

  24. Remove South Africa from the travel 'Red List'

    Government responded – 23 August 2021

    Ministerial decisions on allocations to the red list are informed by the latest scientific data and public health advice, to protect public health and the vaccine rollout from variants of concern.

    41,641 signatures

  25. Do not make Covid-19 vaccination a requirement to physically attend university

    Government responded – 18 August 2021

    The Government currently has no plans to require the use of vaccine certification for access to learning or accommodation. Universities should promote vaccination to help keep HE settings safe.

    12,080 signatures

  26. Keep requirement to wear a face covering in shops & supermarkets after July 19th

    Government responded – 30 July 2021

    Face coverings are not required but still expected and recommended when in enclosed or poorly ventilated spaces with people you do not usually see, such as shops, which may still encourage their use.

    13,251 signatures

  27. Add Poland to the green list for international travel

    Government responded – 28 July 2021

    Ministerial decisions on country allocations to the traffic light system are informed by Joint Biosecurity Centre risk assessments and wider public health factors, and are reviewed every three weeks.

    14,863 signatures

  28. 3-day quarantine for fully vaccinated, returning to the UK from amber countries

    Government responded – 20 July 2021

    It was always the intention of the government to introduce easements on restrictions, which we are doing on 19th July, but these could only be introduced once most of the UK were fully vaccinated.

    31,460 signatures

  29. Extend furlough for aviation sector

    Government responded – 16 July 2021

    As restrictions are eased and international travel reopens, the current approach to CJRS strikes a balance between encouraging employees back to work, supporting the economy and protecting incomes.

    17,157 signatures

  30. Allow dancing at weddings before the 21st June and if lockdown gets extended

    Government responded – 5 July 2021

    Dancefloors and other spaces for dancing must remain closed due to the significant risk of transmission, except in the case of the couple’s first dance

    16,523 signatures

  31. Allow fully vaccinated people coming from red list countries to isolate at home

    Government responded – 6 July 2021

    Public health has always been our number one priority and we will not risk throwing away our hard-won achievements which have only been possible through the work of the British people

    103,999 signatures

  32. Do not require health and social care workers to take covid-19 vaccination

    Government responded – 29 June 2021

    There is a clear public health rationale for making COVID-19 vaccinations a condition of deployment in care homes in order to protect those who are most vulnerable to severe illness and death.

    109,274 signatures

  33. Launch a judge-led public inquiry into the Covid-19 pandemic

    Government responded – 25 June 2021

    On 12 May, the Prime Minister confirmed a statutory public inquiry, with full formal powers under the Inquiries Act 2005, will begin in Spring 2022.

    12,000 signatures

  34. Allow non-professional singing in groups of more than six indoors

    Government responded – 9 June 2021

    The Government eased restrictions from Step 3 to allow up to 6 people to sing indoors. It is right that we take a cautious response and follow the views of public health experts.

    59,255 signatures

  35. Do not vaccinate children against COVID-19 until Phase 3 trials are complete

    Government responded – 7 June 2021

    The Government will continue to evaluate evidence and assess expert opinion before making a decision on routinely vaccinating children under 18 years old.

    74,140 signatures

  36. End all requirements to wear face coverings immediately

    Government responded – 11 May 2021

    Everyone must continue to minimise the risk of further COVID-19 waves. The best way remains the wearing of face coverings together with regular hand-washing, social distancing and fresh air.

    76,227 signatures

  37. To remove the UAE off the ‘Red List’ by the Summer

    Government responded – 11 May 2021

    The decisions on the Red List are made by ministers informed by the latest scientific data and public health advice. This protects public health and the vaccine rollout from variants of COVID-19.

    20,083 signatures

  38. Tuition Fee Compensation for International Students in UK Universities

    Government responded – 6 May 2021

    Whether or not an individual student is entitled to a refund of fees will depend on the specific contractual arrangements between the provider and student.

    36,222 signatures

  39. A national holiday and day of remembrance for those lost in the COVID pandemic

    Government responded – 7 June 2021

    We are carefully considering the most appropriate way to remember those who have lost their lives during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Government has no plans to create a bank holiday on 23rd March.

    10,648 signatures

  40. Prohibit employers from requiring employees to have a Covid-19 vaccine

    Government responded – 29 April 2021

    Organisations must ensure their practices are legal and do not unfairly discriminate against individuals. There may be limited high risk settings where requiring vaccination could be appropriate.

    19,382 signatures

  41. Outlaw discrimination against those who do not get a Covid-19 vaccination

    Government responded – 29 April 2021

    The Government believes that COVID-status certification could have a role to play in the reopening of society. We are considering carefully the equality and ethical concerns in an ongoing review.

    347,512 signatures

  42. No hotel quarantine for UK citizens, permanent residents and their families

    Government responded – 26 April 2021

    The Government has put in place a managed quarantine system to protect the public from the spread of Covid-19.

    26,269 signatures

  43. Allow all students to return to university at the start of the Summer term

    Government responded – 26 April 2021

    Government has continued to prioritise students and their education. Subject to review, all students will return to in-person teaching alongside step 3 of the roadmap, no earlier than 17 May.

    11,302 signatures

  44. Allow international travel to visit partners and family

    Government responded – 20 April 2021

    The Government recognises the immense challenges these restrictions place on people with loved ones based outside the UK. Unfortunately, at this time people must only travel with a reasonable excuse.

    106,595 signatures

  45. To pay every NHS and Social Care Worker in England a £500 "Thank You" Bonus

    Government responded – 19 April 2021

    We are immensely grateful to our health and social care workforce. We are not, currently, planning to pay £500 bonuses but are exploring ways to improve recognition of health and social care staff.

    16,278 signatures

  46. Suspend No Recourse to Public Funds visa conditions

    Government responded – 30 March 2021

    Due to the alternative support available to migrants with No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) the Government does not intend to suspend the condition, permanently or temporarily.

    13,855 signatures

  47. Extend "rule of six" to ensure that hunting and shooting are banned

    Government responded – 24 March 2021

    Under current lockdown rules people can meet one person from another household outside. When the rule of 6 commences, organised outdoor sports are expected to resume, not subject to the rule of 6.

    10,312 signatures

  48. To take Portugal off the travel Red List

    Government responded – 19 March 2021

    Portugal was removed from the ‘red list’ at 4am on Friday 19 March following a review of scientific and medical data which indicated the risks of importing a variant of concern have reduced.

    25,291 signatures

  49. Reduce content for 2022 A-level and GCSE exams

    Government responded – 15 March 2021

    The department will continue to monitor the impact of the pandemic on all students, including those due to take exams in 2022, to ensure that students in this cohort can achieve a fair grade.

    11,832 signatures

  50. Keep schools closed until May

    Government responded – 15 March 2021

    With safety measures in schools, the success of vaccination rollout and decrease in infection rates and hospitalisations, the Government has decided that pupils can return to education from 8 March.

    149,470 signatures

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