Petition Extend 30 hours free childcare to student midwives/nurses/paramedics

Most NHS midwifery, nursing and paramedic programmes are full-time courses running 46 weeks of the year. They are hard work and students play a vital role. However, students are not classed as workers, and are therefore not entitled to the 30 hours of free childcare available to working parents.

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I am working just as hard as I was when I was employed by my local police force 12 months ago and yet as I am now considered a student and not a worker I can no longer claim the 30 hours free childcare for my 3 year old. There are shortages of many NHS staff so I can’t understand why the Government does not make it easier for parents to study for these roles.

Equivalent training roles for police are apprentices. These are treated as workers, so can claim the 30 free hours. This isn't fair given the equal value of all emergency service staff.

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