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  1. Referendum or electoral campaigns secured by misinformation declared null & void

  2. Call a general election before Article 50 is activated.

  3. Make non-partisan political education compulsory in schools up to the age of 16

  4. Explain why EU residents living in the UK had no vote in the Brexit referendum.

  5. To allow members of Parliament a free vote on the EU referendum.

  6. Do not invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty

  7. Call to MPs to block Brexit and keep us united; both as a country and in Europe

  8. Ensure Parliament and the Lords debate and vote on the activation of article 50.

  9. Article 50 should be postponed until we have a general election

  10. Do not invoke article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

  11. Investigate claims in campaign trail for EU vote,if claims false allow revote.

  12. Gag Nigel Farage until he learns to speak amicably with the EU Parliament

  13. Perform a Due Diligence Test regarding the UK’s Exit from the EU

  14. The UK Government Must Not Invoke Article 50 Without an Act of Parliament

  15. Invoke Article 50.

  16. David Cameron should withdraw his resignation and remain Prime Minister.

  17. End the post Brexit political vacuum.Cancel the House of Commons Summer recess

  18. Make the BBC play the National Anthem immediately after the News at 10pm

  19. Delay parliament going on holiday until there is an agreed Brexit Plan

  20. Call for MPs to motion an early General Election, before Article 50 is invoked

  21. Debate an apology to the EU Parliament for Nigel Farage's offensive speech.

  22. Reassure existing lawful immigrants that they can remain in UK

  23. Disclose any proposed EU deal before invoking Article 50 of Lisbon Treaty.

  24. Invoke article 50 immediately

  25. Call for a Public Enquiry into the BREXIT campaign lies and mis-information

  26. Ensure Leave vote is genuine mandate to leave EU before invoking Article 50

  27. Uphold All the actual rights UK citizens, in their chosen place of EU residence.

  28. Prevent Tony Blair from being a part of the Article 50 negotiating team

  29. The EU Ref not'legally binding'.Parliament is Sovereign and free to overturn.

  30. ensure that theresa may never gets to be PM a pro brexit PM is the peoples wish

  31. Impeach Tony Blair for War Crimes

  32. Request Mr. David Cameron and his government take back resignation

  33. Strip Govia Of Their Francise Agreements (Great Northern, Southern, Thameslink)

  34. Allocate the Southern Rail franchise to another rail operator

  35. Parliament must accept the EU referendum result and not seek a vote on this.

  36. Make Motorcycles exempt from paying the ULEZ charge 2020

  37. Change eligibility of government postgraduate loans for UK nationals

  38. Make gerrymandering illegal, it prevents true democracy.

  39. UK to have Emergency General Election so Democracy Can Decide on Prime Minister

  40. save the jobs of London bus customer assistants

  41. We demand a general election this year!

  42. EXPAT UK MEP - We need an EXPAT MEP now not later. BREXIT into BREMAIN

  43. Re-instate the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)

  44. Cap prices at £20 for away fans at Sky Bet Championship football matches

  45. I would like the reinstatement of the climate change department.

  46. Search all mosques for weapons and terrorist literature.

  47. Allow the country to vote on the UK's nuclear deterrent.

  48. Stop torbay council leasing babbacombe beach

  49. Save NHS money & improve care with Flash Glucose Monitoring for all T1 diabetics

  50. That the same legal rules apply to cats as apply to dogs with regard to RTCs

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