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  1. President Trump should make an address to both Houses of Parliament

  2. Demand that John Bercow resigns.

  3. BBC News is Bias Scrap the TV Licence.

  4. Govt to acknowledge that a significant number of people do not support Brexit

  5. Acknowledge inaccuracies in the White Paper on Brexit Page 1 Paragraph 4.

  6. Ban Sharia Law! You can't immigrate to a country & make up your own laws. Simple

  7. Cancel any Child Support payments in cases of unnecessary parental alienation

  8. Guarantee the UK citizenship of EU nationals living in the UK

  9. Stop Hospital Tourism to the UK

  10. Triggering article 50 is unlawful under the magna Carter 39.

  11. Have another Brexit referendum

  12. Car insurance company not to put a fault claim on a policy when not your fault.

  13. Invite Justin Trudeau to visit the UK in recognition of progressive leadership

  14. Ban fox hunting ie flushing out foxes to be shot for no reason.

  15. theresa may vote of no confidence.

  16. Unite British parliament against the illegal actions of the USA administration

  17. Consider a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister, Theresa May.

  18. Withdraw the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill

  19. Th UK should welcome the head of state of our closest ally, President Trump

  20. Allow Donald Trump into the UK

  21. Allow Donald Trump to make a state visit to the U.K

  22. Extend a warm welcome to the new President of the USA.

  23. D Trump, shouldn't be allowed into UK, for business, politics or state visits.

  24. Withdraw the Invitation to Donald Trump for a State Visit to the United Kingdom.

  25. Condemn President Donald Trump's ban on Muslims entering the United States.

  26. Call on the leaders of all UK parties and the PM to condemn the US Muslim ban.

  27. That the Prime Minister should condemn the US President's immigration rules.

  28. Amend the EU (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill- to remain in the Single Market

  29. Halt PM's plan to renew special relationship with US under Trump administration

  30. Recognise Gina Miller with a suitable award or place in the Lords.

  31. Remove Theresa May from office immediately

  32. Offer EU Citizens established in the UK Associate British Citizenship

  33. Let the UK Public Vote on the final Brexit deal

  34. Thornhill stay and play needs to stay open

  35. The Northern Ireland Executive is not fit for purpose

  36. Immediately repeal the "Comfort letters" issued to on the run paramilitaries

  37. Save Out of School Care and Playwork

  38. Ask the government To allow EU associate citizenship for British citizens

  39. Stop the puppy farm in Scotland even starting up

  40. Declare sharia in the UK illegal

  41. Make Nigel Farage Britain's US ambassador.

  42. Allow landowners and LAs to immediately remove unauthorized traveler encampments

  43. Fight for the safety of our children at Mark First School, Somerset.

  44. Keep trains running between Watton-at-Stone and Stevenage after 2018.

  45. Brexit means Brexit. Overturn court and trigger article 50 now.

  46. To repeal Baroness Tonge’s life peerage

  47. Vote of NO CONFIDENCE in Derby City Council

  48. Stop filibustering in Parliament; so that MPs cannot block the will of the House

  49. Review the failed attempt on Turing Law, that did not make it to final speaking

  50. Make Motorcycle Awareness training mandatory for 'Careless' Car Drivers.

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