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  1. Make the FCA complete the Banking Culture Review

  2. Boycott Saudi Arabian Oil, and Stop Selling Her British-Made Military Equipment

  3. Make Gumtree tighten rules on animals free to good home and monitor the site

  4. Make cycle lane use mandatory for cyclists on roads where they are in place.

  5. Save NHS SBS Glasgow Staff From Redundancy

  6. Rename Stansfield Road in Brixton to commemorate David Bowie

  7. Change England’s sporting anthem to Ghost town by The Specials

  8. Fight to keep Small schools open

  9. Stop misusing statistics about weekend deaths in the NHS

  10. MP's to live in government owned one bedroom flats in London- no expenses.

  11. States that sponsor murder should not be permitted to broadcast in the UK.


  13. Stop Ex Servicemen's Clubs discriminating against female veterans

  14. Stop wasting £15m of public money on Thatcher's library.

  15. Save the UK's oil and gas industry with more investment .

  16. To proactively support UK citizens seeking answers from Hotpoint re;tumbledryers

  17. Rescind plan to stop publicly funded institutions boycotting unethical companies

  18. Give EU citizens in the UK a referendum vote, not just Irish, Maltese, Cypriots.

  19. Award a posthumous Knighthood to Captain Eric "Winkle" Brown

  20. Ensure that ALL information regarding the EU referendum cannot be withheld.

  21. Enforce parent & child car park spaces to ensure they are used correctly

  22. We would like Rt. Hon. Dr. Julian Lewis MP to be contactable by Email & Twitter

  23. Publicly commit to supporting state schools which choose to play contact rugby.

  24. Change an M.P.'s age of entitlement to a Parliamentary pension

  25. Stop Iain Duncan Smith From Victimising The Sick And The Vulnerable

  26. Stop MPs blocking scheduled debates by making excessively long speeches.

  27. stop HMS Illustrious from being scrapped

  28. To reverse its decision on forcing schools to become academies.

  29. Abolish Police & Crime Commissioners, who's cost is better spent on policing.

  30. CANCEL plans costing £9m to send a biased EU referendum leaflet to every home.

  31. Call on David Cameron to step down as Prime Minister with immediate effect

  32. David Cameron to resign in light of the Panama Papers

  33. Save our rural bus services in the Derbyshire Dales.

  34. Stop any additional Government funding for EU referendum Remain Campaign.


  36. Keep parkrun free to encourage more people to stay fit and healthy!

  37. Save the accident and emergency department from closure at Chorley hospital

  38. Allow British people the right to know that they are not buying Halal products.

  39. Make the usage of Bus Lanes in Aberdeen open to motorcyclist at all times

  40. Fine Network Rail and Councils for failing to clean up road/rail side litter.

  41. Remove paedophiles from living in close proximity to children and schools.

  42. Stop the company Lyst selling dogs online.

  43. Stop deleting educational resources from the BBC website like Recipes & iWonder

  44. Review the decision to close and archive the recipes on the BBC website

  45. Stop the football league making 5 leagues.

  46. Equality for motorcyclists

  47. Introduce Traffic Calming Measures Along Lower Green Road, Pembury

  48. Make the National Living Wage standard for 18 - 25 year olds

  49. Home Office-disclose how many women have been sexually assaulted in Yarls Wood

  50. Cancel the EU referendum or postpone until a later date.

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