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  1. Triggering article 50 to exit EU must first be approved by a vote in parliament

  2. Ban the import and trade of real fur in the UK

  3. Ask May for a TV debate so the public can understand the snap General Election

  4. Make it mandatory for the prime minister to appear on TV for election debates

  5. Allow those aged 16 plus to vote in the upcoming snap election.

  6. Review expat voting rights.

  7. Allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in the General Election on June 8th 2017


  9. Give the vote back to UK Nationals who have lived away from UK for 15+ years

  10. Reduce the cost of hiring roads for Nagar Kirtan to under £30,000.

  11. Include full-time Uni students in the 30hour childcare funding eligibility

  12. Revise the proposals for cuts to school funding.

  13. Reinstate the National Insurance contributions made by veterans

  14. To suspend the scottish assembly and return powers to the scottish office

  15. Make it a criminal offence for a politician to lie to the public

  16. Westminster not allowed to interfere with handling of Scotland independence vote

  17. Government to work with Parliament and reassess response to EU referendum result

  18. Demand the recall of the MP for Clacton and give voters a by-election

  19. Publish An Official Vindication Of Enoch Powell

  20. Brexit, we expect full sovereignty returned in leaving the EU. No collusion...

  21. Keep the free Tea and Coffee in Waitrose FREE.

  22. Launch a Public Enquiry into bias within BBC news and current affairs reporting.

  23. Ensure Goverment stands by the Single Market pledges made in it's 2015 manifesto

  24. George Osborne should resign as MP over appointment as editor of LES

  25. A re-election should be held due to the tories election expenses fraud.

  26. Charge the PM with dereliction of duty for absence of any plans on hard brexit.

  27. Allow Scotland, NI and Wales to stay in the EU by England leaving the UK.

  28. No Confidence in First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon MSP

  29. Reverse the MOD decision to end the E-Bluey service on 31 March 2017

  30. Guarantee British citizens human right to live, work & retire within the EU

  31. Demand action by The Speaker re. MP's conspiring with the EU against BREXIT.

  32. Petition to award John Surtees a posthumous Knighthood

  33. Give self-employed the same rights as the employed.

  34. Find a new premise for CAPA COLLEGE

  35. No more more votes. 'No deal is better than a bad deal'. Britain to leave the EU

  36. Remove persons, in positions of authority, having 'Common Purpose' within remit

  37. Make the House of Commons a role model for equality for women

  38. Repeal The Social Security (PIP)(Amendment) Regulations 2017

  39. Bar Gina Miller from further legal attempts to meddle with the process of Brexit

  40. stop fraudulent charities from operating around Calais

  41. Petition to keep MARRIAGE between ALL sexes, straight, gay & Trans, as EQUAL!

  42. Allow us to have text for the English literature exam.

  43. Abolish the 20mph speed limit (except near schools)

  44. The signatories of this petition declare their full confidence in John Bercow.

  45. Restart 'Dubs' Scheme to welcome and rehome child refugees in the UK.

  46. Reconsider the decision to stop taking refugee children under The Dubs Scheme.

  47. Remove John bercow from his job following his Trump comments.

  48. Support the Speaker (John Bercow) re not allowing Trump to address the House.

  49. Remove Mr Bercow as Speaker of the House of Commons for a breach of neutrality.

  50. Petition for the resignation of the Speaker of the House.

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