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  1. EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum

    Government responded – 8 July 2016

    The European Union Referendum Act received Royal Assent in December 2015, receiving overwhelming support from Parliament. The Act did not set a threshold for the result or for minimum turnout.

    4,150,262 signatures

  2. Prevent Donald Trump from making a State Visit to the United Kingdom.

    Government responded – 13 February 2017

    HM Government believes the President of the United States should be extended the full courtesy of a State Visit. We look forward to welcoming President Trump once dates and arrangements are finalised.

    1,863,708 signatures

  3. Give the Meningitis B vaccine to ALL children, not just newborn babies.

    Government responded – 1 March 2016

    MenB vaccine is offered to infants, free on the NHS, at 2 months with further doses at 4 and 12 months. The programme, as advised by independent experts, offers protection to those at highest risk.

    823,349 signatures

  4. Block Donald J Trump from UK entry

    Government responded – 29 December 2015

    The Government has a policy of not routinely commenting on individual immigration or exclusion cases.

    586,930 signatures

  5. Stop all immigration and close the UK borders until ISIS is defeated.

    Government responded – 24 November 2015

    The UK government will not close Britain’s borders. It will ensure access for legitimate travellers and trade whilst operating its borders securely to protect the public from the threat of terrorism.

    463,501 signatures

  6. Accept more asylum seekers and increase support for refugee migrants in the UK.

    Government responded – 9 September 2015

    The UK has a proud history of providing refuge to those in genuine need of protection. We will continue to play our full part at the forefront of the international response to the crisis.

    450,287 signatures

  7. Consider a vote of No Confidence in Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary

    Government responded – 17 March 2016

    The latest staff survey showed NHS staff engagement is at a 5 year high. We will continue to invest in and support NHS staff to help deliver safe, high quality patient care every day of the week.

    339,925 signatures

  8. Donald Trump should make a State Visit to the United Kingdom.

    Government responded – 13 February 2017

    HM Government believes the President of the United States should be extended the full courtesy of a State Visit. We look forward to welcoming President Trump once dates and arrangements are finalised.

    317,542 signatures

  9. Make the production, sale and use of cannabis legal.

    Government responded – 25 August 2015

    Substantial scientific evidence shows cannabis is a harmful drug that can damage human health. There are no plans to legalise cannabis as it would not address the harm to individuals and communities.

    236,995 signatures

  10. Stop spending a fixed 0.7 per cent slice of our national wealth on Foreign Aid

    Government responded – 12 April 2016

    The UK’s aid commitment means we can be proud to be a country that not only meets its responsibilities to the world’s poorest, but in doing so best serves and protects its own security and interests.

    235,979 signatures

  11. To debate a vote of no confidence in Health Secretary the Right Hon Jeremy Hunt

    Government responded – 24 July 2015

    The Government is committed to delivering seven day services to make sure that patients get the same high quality, safe care on a Saturday and Sunday as they do on a week day.

    231,136 signatures

  12. Vote no on military action in Syria against IS in response to the Paris attacks

    Government responded – 13 January 2016

    Following a lengthy debate, MPs voted for the UK to conduct airstrikes against Daesh in Syria. Military action is only one element of the UK’s comprehensive strategy for defeating Daesh.

    227,745 signatures

  13. Make online abuse a specific criminal offence and create a register of offenders

    Government responded – 18 April 2017

    We recognise that behaviour that is not tolerated offline is now common online. DCMS is working on an Internet Safety Strategy which aims to make the UK a safer place for young people to be online.

    221,914 signatures

  14. STOP CAMERON spending British taxpayers’ money on Pro-EU Referendum leaflets

    Government responded – 20 January 2016

    The EU Referendum Act 2015 commits the Government to provide information to the public on EU membership ahead of the vote, and that is what we will do.

    221,866 signatures

  15. Another Scottish independence referendum should not be allowed to happen

    Government responded – 30 March 2017

    The UK Government is clear that now is not the time for a second independence referendum.

    221,514 signatures

  16. Stop allowing immigrants into the UK.

    Government responded – 26 October 2015

    We are building an immigration system that works in the public interest. We welcome the brightest and the best who come here legally to work and study, but believe net migration should be lower(contd)

    216,949 signatures

  17. Repeal the new Surveillance laws (Investigatory Powers Act)

    Government responded – 29 November 2016

    The Investigatory Powers Act dramatically increases transparency around the use of investigatory powers. It protects both privacy and security and underwent unprecedented scrutiny before becoming law.

    212,743 signatures

  18. No more school penalty fines and bring back the 10 day authorised absence

    Government responded – 8 July 2016

    Evidence shows that every extra day of school missed can affect a pupil’s chance of gaining good GCSEs. The Government is committed to reducing all school absence unless there are unavoidable reasons.

    204,790 signatures

  19. Vote no confidence in David Cameron

    Government responded – 23 December 2015

    The Government’s reforms to welfare are focused on encouraging people to find and keep work, while developing a system that is fair, affordable and protects the most vulnerable in our society.

    199,391 signatures

  20. Make fair transitional state pension arrangements for 1950’s women

    Government responded – 5 November 2015

    State Pension age changes were first made in 1995. All women affected have been directly contacted following the changes. There are no plans to alter State Pension age arrangements for this group.

    193,185 signatures

  21. No UK airstrikes on Syria.

    Government responded – 13 January 2016

    Following a lengthy debate, MPs voted for the UK to conduct airstrikes against Daesh in Syria. Military action is only one element of the UK’s comprehensive strategy for defeating Daesh.

    190,223 signatures

  22. Put a max of £1200 on car insurance for 18-25 year olds

    Government responded – 13 December 2016

    By strengthening the way that people learn to drive and are tested and by tackling insurance fraud this Government is helping bear down on the cost of insurance for new and inexperienced drivers.

    185,175 signatures

  23. Hold a General Election in 2016

    Government responded – 14 April 2016

    The accusations made about the Government and Prime Minister in this petition are wrong, and the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act means no Government can call an early general election any more anyway.

    177,014 signatures

  24. Ban the sale of fireworks to the public and only approve organised displays.

    Government responded – 14 November 2016

    Government acknowledges genuine concerns about the use and, the misuse, of fireworks. Legislation restricts the sale of fireworks and controls their use, and we have no plans to extend this further.

    168,160 signatures

  25. Change the University fees from £9250 back to the £3000 fee for the UK.

    Government responded – 1 March 2017

    Anyone with the ability to benefit from higher education should have the opportunity to do so. All eligible students can apply for an upfront loan to meet the full cost of tuition fees.

    164,166 signatures

  26. Keep the NHS Bursary

    Government responded – 17 December 2015

    From 1 August 2017, new nursing, midwifery and allied health students will access student loans providing more money to them while studying. Universities will also provide more training places.

    162,568 signatures

  27. Hold a public inquiry and a referendum over turning all schools into academies

    Government responded – 6 July 2016

    We have listened to feedback, and revised our plans; we will not be introducing blanket legislation but will continue to reaffirm our determination to see all schools become academies.

    156,599 signatures

  28. Introduce a tax on sugary drinks in the UK to improve our children's health.

    Government responded – 18 September 2015

    The Government has no plans to introduce a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages. The Government will announce its plans for tackling childhood obesity by the end of the year.

    155,516 signatures

  29. Call on David Cameron to act to protect our steel industry & recall Parliament

    Government responded – 8 April 2016

    Global economic conditions mean this is a very difficult time for the steel industry and the workforce and communities affected. Government is doing all it can to ensure UK steel has a viable future.

    153,679 signatures

  30. Make it illegal for a company to require women to wear high heels at work

    Government responded – 24 June 2016

    Company dress codes must be reasonable and must make equivalent requirements for men and women. This is the law and employers must abide by it.

    152,420 signatures

  31. Scrap plans to force state schools to become academies.

    Government responded – 6 July 2016

    We have listened to feedback, and revised our plans; we will not be introducing blanket legislation but will continue to reaffirm our determination to see all schools become academies.

    151,403 signatures

  32. Close all retail on boxing day, retail isn't needed on boxing day!

    Government responded – 22 November 2016

    We do not believe it is for central Government to tell businesses how to run their shops or how best to serve their customers. Therefore we are not proposing to ban shops from opening on Boxing Day.

    148,327 signatures

  33. Make paying rent enough proof that you are able meet mortgage repayments

    Government responded – 17 March 2017

    Lenders must consider a range of factors when assessing a mortgage application. Meeting rental payments is not sufficient in itself to demonstrate affordability over the lifetime of the loan.

    147,307 signatures

  34. Air-drop life saving aid into the starving cities in Syria.

    Government responded – 5 January 2017

    What is happening in Aleppo is a tragedy caused by the Syrian regime, Russia and Iran. We will continue to work with key international partners and the UN to help the people of Syria.

    146,452 signatures

  35. Reverse the ESA disability benefit cut

    Government responded – 22 March 2016

    We are committed to providing the right support to those with health conditions and disabilities. This change only affects new claims from April 2017 and no current claimants will be cash losers.

    136,890 signatures

  36. Stop retrospective changes to the student loans agreement

    Government responded – 15 June 2016

    Freezing the repayment threshold ensures that the student support system remains affordable to the taxpayer and all students can access a university education, irrespective of their ability to pay.

    134,194 signatures

  37. Free childcare when both parents are working. Not just those who are on benefits

    Government responded – 1 November 2016

    We give low-income 2-year-olds from working and nonworking households free early learning because they can arrive at school behind better-off children, and this helps to bridge that gap.

    133,921 signatures

  38. Prevent the scrapping of the maintenance grant.

    Government responded – 26 January 2016

    Parliament has debated the replacement of maintenance grants by loans three times since the start of 2016.

    133,069 signatures

  39. Invoke Article 50 of The Lisbon Treaty immediately.

    Government responded – 11 August 2016

    The British people have voted to leave the EU and their will must be respected and delivered. We should not trigger Article 50 until we have a UK approach and objectives.

    128,238 signatures

  40. Replace the unelected House of Lords with a publicly elected body

    Government responded – 8 February 2017

    The Government is clear that comprehensive reform of the Lords is not a priority in this Parliament. However, we believe that its size should be addressed.

    128,210 signatures

  41. Give status to Police Dogs and Horses as 'Police Officers'

    Government responded – 11 November 2016

    Attacks on police support animals are unacceptable and should be dealt with under the criminal law which allows for penalties of up to 10 years’ imprisonment for those who carry out such attacks.

    127,729 signatures

  42. April's Law

    Government responded – 9 November 2016

    The UK has some of the toughest powers in the world to deal with sex offenders and those who continue to pose a risk will remain subject to notification for life.

    127,296 signatures

  43. Make an allowance for up to 2 weeks term time leave from school for holiday.

    Government responded – 28 September 2015

    The Government wants every child to attend school regularly, and to confine absences to unavoidable causes. There is clear evidence that absence from school is linked to lower levels of attainment.

    127,199 signatures

  44. Abolish the tv licence, it shouldn't be a legal requirement.

    Government responded – 24 February 2017

    A licence is required in order to watch all live or nearly-live television content on any device in the UK or to stream or download any programmes in an on-demand programme service provided by the BBC

    125,958 signatures

  45. Ban driven grouse shooting

    Government responded – 21 April 2016

    Defra is working with key interested parties to ensure the sustainable management of uplands, balancing environmental and economic benefits, which includes the role of sustainable grouse shooting.

    123,077 signatures

  46. Jeremy Hunt to resume meaningful contract negotiations with the BMA.

    Government responded – 18 March 2016

    There will be no imposition. NHS Improvement expects employers to introduce a fairer, safer contract, which they can do for new staff and as contracts expire as juniors move through training.

    120,680 signatures

  47. Fund more research into brain tumours, the biggest cancer killer of under-40s

    Government responded – 7 September 2015

    Government funders, charities and industry are working together to turn world-leading research into vital new treatments for brain tumour patients.

    120,129 signatures

  48. Make it a specific criminal offence to attack any member of NHS Medical Staff.

    Government responded – 20 February 2017

    Assaults against NHS staff are unacceptable, and already criminalised. If the victim serves the public, an assault is treated more seriously. A new offence would not provide additional protection.

    118,056 signatures

  49. Force child cancer to the forefront of the NHS and government funding schemes.

    Government responded – 22 November 2016

    The independent Cancer Taskforce’s five-year plan Achieving World-Class Cancer Outcomes: A Strategy for England 2015-2020 (July 2015), includes recommendations on children and young people.

    117,183 signatures

  50. Scrap the £35k threshold for non-EU citizens settling in the UK

    Government responded – 2 February 2016

    The £35,000 threshold was announced in 2012 following public consultation. It applies only to workers in graduate occupations. Exemptions exist for workers at PhD-level or in a recognised shortage.

    114,636 signatures

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