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  1. Triggering article 50 to exit EU must first be approved by a vote in parliament

  2. Ban the import and trade of real fur in the UK

  3. Require all MPs and Lords to take regular, but random, mandatory drugs tests.

  4. To refuse to implement Article 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive.

  5. Article 20 of the EU's Tobacco Products Directive should not become British law

  6. Get all MPs to accept 20 refugee families in their constituency.

  7. Call the in/out referendum in the first 6 months of 2016.

  8. Hostile acts on Gibraltar by Spain is an act of aggression and will be repelled.

  9. The Junior Doctors new contracted hours & holiday should be enforced on all MPs

  10. To Object Large Scale Developments On Green Belt Lands in Stotfold Bedfordshire

  11. Allow the usage of self-balancing scooters on public footways and cycle lanes

  12. Prevent the Kennel Club from setting breed standards for Jack Russell Terriers

  13. Stop the closure of the DLI museum by Durham county council

  14. Replace Theresa May as Home Secretary a.a.a.p

  15. Make Government and Politics a compulsory lesson

  16. The Ministry of Health should reinstate all life extending cancer drugs

  17. BAN the word SHOPLIFTING describe it as it is SHOP THEFT

  18. it is time to legalise the use of carrying guns for safety & personal use.

  19. Amend legislation to allow 16-18 year olds to vote in elections and referenda.

  20. Lowering the voting age to 16 within all UK elections & referendums.

  21. Declare the EU Referendum result invalid due to campaign lies

  22. Let young people vote on their future to Remain or Exit the EU

  23. Give RIGHT TO VOTE for UK Nationals living abroad for more than 15 years ...

  24. EU exit causing the dissolution of the UK requires a second referendum

  25. We need a National Unity Government to steer us through these turbulent times.

  26. Scotland voted to stay in the EU. We should hold another Independance referendum

  27. Delay indefinitely triggering Article 50 leading to Britain leaving the EU

  28. Call a general election once a new leader of the Conservative Party is chosen

  29. Ignore the call for a 2nd EU referendum. The majority have spoken, accept it.

  30. Parliament must refuse permission to invoke Article 50 of the 2007 Lisbon Treaty

  31. Call a General Election before invoking Article 50 to leave the EU

  32. Ensure the UK remains part of the European Economic Area once we leave the EU

  33. Implement article 50 now and assemble a cross-party team to head negotiations

  34. Make Nigel Farage a member of the negotiating team for Brexit.

  35. Urgently form and implement a strategy to combat the surge in racial hostility.

  36. Allow the people to recall any politician working against the Brexit process.

  37. Don't serve Article 50 notice to leave the EU until UK public vote on settlement

  38. Invoke Article 50 Immediately To Begin The UK's Withdrawal From The EU

  39. Invoke (trigger) Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty immediately

  40. Give the young people in the UK a voice in their future in Europe.

  41. Keep Britain in the EU. Keep David Cameron as leader.

  42. Refuse to support Britain leaving the EU: oppose invoking Article 50.

  43. Keep the UK in the EEA

  44. Parliament to establish a cross-party negotiating team with the EU

  45. A confirmatory referendum be held before the Government activates Section 50.

  46. Call a motion of no confidence, general election before EU negotiations commence

  47. Mr. Farage MUST be involved in Brexit negotiations. We can't trust anyone else!

  48. MPs debate whether Brexit and triggering Article 50 is in the UK’s best interest

  49. EU referendum once Brexit negotiation finalised to allow fully informed decision

  50. Prime Minister to send the letter ref Article 50 and start to exit the EU

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