These petitions were submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

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  1. British army to deal with rioters

  2. Save sulivan primary school

  3. Reinstatement of a Rail Link for Leigh

  4. Save Sheffield's Edwardian Jessop Hospital Building

  5. Hanging

  6. Stop the CO-OP opening a large store in Lenham Maidstone

  7. Restoration of capital punishment'

  8. Maximum Lending Rate for Loans

  9. B12 / PA to be recongised and treated in a better format

  10. Death Penalty for murder

  11. death sentence for heinous crimes

  12. inforce regulations on nail and beauty salons

  13. To support the proposed reform for the amendment of the tenants in commons rights to protect premarital and inheritance assets.

  14. Restore earnings threshold for people with disabilities in line with the cost of living.

  15. Stop constituencies going over county boundaries

  16. Listed buildings used by charities should not pay VAT on alterations

  17. Motorcycle Road Tax should be CO2 related for new motorcycles

  18. In safe hands: A License to own Raptors

  19. Welfare reform for service personnel and their families

  20. National Minimum Fees (NMF) for Foster Carers (FC)

  21. Improved Ante and Perinatal Mental Health services in Sheffield for mums to acccess without referral for support

  22. Urgent implementation of Right to Recall in response to Maria Miller expenses scandal

  23. Restoration of Capital Punisment

  24. Restore the death penalty

  25. Audit the banks

  26. Protection of buzzards

  27. Youths to be allowed to elect jury trials when charged with either way offences

  28. Save Our Skies - call for a public inquiry into Luton Airport expansion

  29. help women who have suffer birth trauma

  30. Upgrade the A14 between Spittals and M11 motorway

  31. Yellow box junction Martin way/ Links avenue

  32. All Police Officers To Be Armed with a Hand Firearm or Taser

  33. Save British Wildlife

  34. no to royal mail privatisation

  35. David Cameron and Her Majesty's Government, Please Save David Cawthorne Haines

  36. Save Childrens heart surgery unit at Glenfield Hospital

  37. Don't Split The Formby Community

  38. Ban the Bolt for the Destruction of the Canine Species

  39. Unrestricted capital punishment for murder

  40. S4C funding for future broadcasting

  41. Abolish TV licensing and introduce advertising into the BBC

  42. The Right to Privacy in toilet, shower and changing cubicles - close all gaps.

  43. capital punishment

  44. Stop the EU restricting travel for disabled people

  45. Equality for Women in the Peerage

  46. Disabled parking badge for dementia

  47. Aid for Aspergers

  48. Racing pigeon protection

  49. The parents of Daniel Kelpa should be deported to Poland to serve their prison time.

  50. Rethink Student Maintenance Loans - Optionally Larger Loans

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