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  1. Dismiss Secretary of State Boris Johnson from the government.

  2. Do Not Revoke Article 50

  3. Calling in favour for a GE so WE the People, have our final say on Brexit.

  4. Cap politicians expenses to just 10k per year

  5. Bring Jim Davidson back to our TV screens

  6. No Confidence in Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn

  7. Replace the political system with a fair one which is accountable to the people

  8. Leave the EU right now without a deal

  9. Demand that Parliament delivers on the EU Referendum result which was to leave!

  10. Leave the EU on March 29th without a deal

  11. Automatic by-election if MPs resigns from their current party

  12. De select yvette Cooper for misrepresentation of her constuency

  13. Crack down on dog snatching. deliver the same sentence as child abduction

  14. Publish the systems of due diligence in use when awarding Brexit contracts.

  15. Object to the building of any houses within the boundary of Buile Hill Park

  16. Place an injunction on Conservative party and the EEC from blocking Brexit

  17. Make it illegal for anyone with a Foreign pension to serve in public office


  19. Abolish the Human Rights Act! Replace it with a British Bill of Rights.

  20. MPs who break their oath of allegiance to the Monarch should resign.

  21. Respect the will of the people and revoke Article 50

  22. Close our Borders immediately

  23. No second referendum on the terms of Brexit

  24. Make John Bercow a Member of the House of Lords

  25. Do not break with tradition on giving Speaker a knighthood.

  26. Reinstate the offence of sedition into UK Law.

  27. Abolish the fixed term Parliament Act

  28. This country needs a no deal brexit to be rid of the eu and there rules

  29. To force MPs to hold a general election on the 12th of December 2019.

  30. Parliament must have a General Election now.

  31. give equal rights to open university students to get maintenance loans from sfe

  32. Lower the age for voting to 16 year olds on all elections in UK

  33. All products sold in the UK must be marked with a carbon dioxide emitted label

  34. Repeal the Benn Act Now!

  35. Include a referendum question in the next general election ballot paper.

  36. Grant EU citizens with UK Settled Status the right to vote in elections

  37. Ensure that the British Red Cross keep event first aid as a core service

  38. Enact Article 50 as the Default legal position!

  39. Drug test MPs after traces of cocaine were found in houses or parliament

  40. Ban fireworks for public sale, controlled events only

  41. The People Demand to Dissolve Parliament for a General Election to be held

  42. The people of the United Kingdom demand an early General Election dated 12/12/19

  43. Get my DS back

  44. Dissolve the Government and Zombie Parliament to Force a General Election

  45. Bring the basic pension to £350.00 p/week.

  46. Romanian language GCSE in UK schools

  47. Make prescriptions FREE for people who live with a illness like Crohns & Colitis

  48. Abolish VAT on all types of trees, and ancillary tree planting materials.

  49. To make it law to stop a second Brexit referendum

  50. Parliamentary Reform Now - and a GE by the people's will.

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