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  1. Dismiss Secretary of State Boris Johnson from the government.

  2. Do Not Revoke Article 50

  3. No second referendum on the terms of Brexit

  4. Close our Borders immediately

  5. Respect the will of the people and revoke Article 50

  6. MPs who break their oath of allegiance to the Monarch should resign.

  7. Abolish the Human Rights Act! Replace it with a British Bill of Rights.


  9. Make it illegal for anyone with a Foreign pension to serve in public office

  10. Object to the building of any houses within the boundary of Buile Hill Park

  11. Place an injunction on Conservative party and the EEC from blocking Brexit

  12. Publish the systems of due diligence in use when awarding Brexit contracts.

  13. Crack down on dog snatching. deliver the same sentence as child abduction

  14. De select yvette Cooper for misrepresentation of her constuency

  15. Automatic by-election if MPs resigns from their current party

  16. Leave the EU on March 29th without a deal

  17. Demand that Parliament delivers on the EU Referendum result which was to leave!

  18. Leave the EU right now without a deal

  19. Replace the political system with a fair one which is accountable to the people

  20. No Confidence in Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn

  21. Bring Jim Davidson back to our TV screens

  22. Cap politicians expenses to just 10k per year

  23. Calling in favour for a GE so WE the People, have our final say on Brexit.

  24. Demand the ban of Jeremy Corbyn attending Remembrance day Venues

  25. Stop the bedroom tax, Completely,

  26. In Education Instill Respect in the Children from Five upwards, Lacking Today

  27. Issue Isambard Kingdom Brunel with an official honour for his role in history.

  28. Allow police to chase criminals on motorcycles who arent wearing a helmet.

  29. Reinstate a local police station in Fulham / Parsons Green

  30. The British people deserve a govt fit for purpose.

  31. Scrap the universal credit and make the old system again and payments weekly

  32. Make ctc available to people who receive ESA who can't get it on UC

  33. More activities for kids in Rhondda Cynon taff

  34. Review insurers & help young people to get cheaper, affordable, car insurance.

  35. Remove Greater Anglia, solve Network Rail issues, upgrade trains, lower fares

  36. Stop schools from punishing children for incorrect uniforms

  37. Ban the production and sale of all "Halal" meat in the UK

  38. Allow sunstrips on cars

  39. Theresa May Walk away from the EU NOW

  40. Make paedophile hunters a recognized law enforcement service

  41. Make it illegal to discriminate against any person to have ANY medical procedure

  42. Support the thousands of woman who had faulty, poor quality implants

  43. Remove Michael Heseltine from the House of Lords

  44. Stop touts buying tickets and stopping 'true fans' from purchasing them

  45. PM to ask the WHO withdraw Robert Mugabe as a WHO goodwill ambassador

  46. Resignation of Sheffield Hallam MP Jared O’Mara, prompting a by-election.

  47. parliament demand police chiefs stop denigrating the office of constable

  48. Stop The Welsh Assembly Imposing The New Drinks Law

  49. Prevent MP's and local government from influencing the TFL licensing of UBER

  50. World Health Organisations to reverse the appointment of Robert Mugabe

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