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  1. Save UK Air Cadet Gliding

    17,861 signatures

  2. Parliament should hold Tony Blair to account for the war in Iraq

    17,003 signatures

  3. Minute silence for our youth lost to youth violence on the national calendar.

    16,237 signatures

  4. All European Union flags, emblems and logos be removed from all public buildings

    16,198 signatures

  5. Reinstate allowances regarding spelling for pupils with dyslexia.

    15,675 signatures

  6. Strengthen sentencing for criminal drivers who kill and maim innocent people.

    15,375 signatures

  7. Increase the maximum sentence for animal cruelty charges

    15,283 signatures

  8. Give all ancient woodland statutory legal protection.

    14,659 signatures

  9. Call an emergency parliament session to properly discuss NHS Reinstatement Bill.

    14,365 signatures

  10. Make passing / approaching horses and horse drawn vehicles part of driving test

    14,187 signatures

  11. Don't close Poole Hospital's A&E or Bournemouth Hospital's A&E!

    13,859 signatures

  12. Test on Request-GP's to listen to girls & if they have symptoms to do the smear

    13,631 signatures

  13. Stop councils using surface/gravel dressing to maintain roads

    13,433 signatures

  14. Maintain the Erasmus scheme despite Britain's exit from the European Union

    13,102 signatures

  15. The repeal of the code on farming chickens for meat + farming should be debated

    13,022 signatures

  16. Make labelling food as vegetarian and/or vegan as legal requirement

    12,962 signatures

  17. Ban the wearing of a Burka, any full or partial front face coverings in public.

    12,902 signatures

  18. Reinstate RPI index linking to Military pensions from the current CPI index link

    12,902 signatures

  19. Fund more research into DIPG brain tumours, which are almost universally fatal.

    12,858 signatures

  20. Amend the immigration bill to allow 3000 lone child refugees to enter the UK

    12,710 signatures

  21. Stop North Devon District Hospital possible closures of essential services.

    12,581 signatures

  22. Amend the Dangerous Dogs Act to allow for fair, uniform return of seized dogs.

    12,059 signatures

  23. Tougher sentencing for paedophiles, child abusers, rapists and sex offender,

    11,924 signatures

  24. Protect grouse Moors and grouse shooting

    11,818 signatures

  25. Change the Army pension back to 55 from 60 years of age

    11,774 signatures

  26. Legalise cannabis use for adults over 21 years of age..

    11,320 signatures

  27. Prevent the closure of the Maternity Unit at Banbury Horton General Hospital

    11,273 signatures

  28. Stop Clause 81 of the police and crime bill being passed as law.

    11,050 signatures

  29. Ensure that MPs are factually accurate & accountable in public campaigns

    10,718 signatures

  30. Make British Sign Language part of the curriculum

    10,593 signatures

  31. Britain First announce militant action against elected Muslims PROSCRIBE NOW!

    10,571 signatures

  32. we require parliament to debate Lord Kilmuir's letter to Edward Heath

    10,376 signatures

  33. Please continue to provide annual financial support for the Cornish language.

    10,245 signatures

  34. Stop United Lincs Hospitals Trust from DOWNGRADING Boston Pilgrim hospital.

    10,180 signatures

  35. Increase funding rate for 3-4 year olds needing to provide pensions for staff.

    10,119 signatures

  36. Step in & safely reunite refugee minors in the EU with their families in the UK

    10,114 signatures

  37. Make it law so that the NHS will always be in public hands

    10,053 signatures

  38. Stop planned cuts to the Personal Independence Payments.

    9,232 signatures

  39. UK to openly investigate stolen funds from Nigeria kept in the UK & their return

    9,138 signatures

  40. Keep the Nursing Directorate in the Department of Health

    9,017 signatures

  41. Suspend Natural England licence to kill buzzards.

    8,952 signatures

  42. Lift the ban on gay and bisexual men from donating blood whilst sexually active

    8,851 signatures

  43. Ban the use of non-recyclable plastic film and unnecessary packaging on produce.

    8,823 signatures

  44. Call for a vote of no confidence in David Cameron

    8,770 signatures

  45. End the contracts with Atos, Capita and maximus as they are not fit for purpose.

    8,665 signatures

  46. We, the public, call for an emergency re-run of the general election.

    8,602 signatures

  47. Commit to healthcare arrangements for British pensioners living in the EU

    8,525 signatures

  48. Increase Carers Allowance in line with the Living Wage

    8,370 signatures

  49. Allow CBT riders to ride a 250cc age 21 years and above.

    8,354 signatures

  50. 30 free hours childcare for ALL from Sept 16

    8,077 signatures

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