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  1. STOP all immigration & implement an Aussie style border control system.

    17,373 signatures

  2. Ban the use of previous sexual history as evidence in sexual abuse or rape cases

    17,061 signatures

  3. Keep the Personal Injury Small Claims Limit at £1,000/ Keep Damages for whiplash

    17,019 signatures

  4. To stop disabled children and adults being changed on dirty toilet floors.

    16,814 signatures

  5. Replace the unelected House of Lords with a publicly elected body

    16,617 signatures

  6. Honour pension protections for nuclear workers.

    16,412 signatures

  7. We ask the Government to reconsider proposed move of Southend A&E to Basildon.

    16,299 signatures

  8. Make British Sign Language part of the National Curriculum.

    16,258 signatures

  9. Theresa May: Seek an urgent cross-party solution to the health and care crisis

    16,241 signatures

  10. Put a VEGAN meal on every school, college, university, hospital and prison menu.

    16,138 signatures

  11. Make cannabis oil legal for medicinal purposes

    16,038 signatures

  12. All West Sussex Schools to receive pupil funding at the national average.

    15,825 signatures

  13. Make a legal requirement for papers to print corrections at same size as errors.

    15,417 signatures

  14. Save the 'Children's nurse' degree course. Our Children & Young People need us

    14,718 signatures

  15. Force the government to act on the eleven recommendations of the UNCRPD report

    14,406 signatures

  16. Reconsider The National Funding Formula so that NO child at school will LOSE out

    13,962 signatures

  17. Extreme vetting of immigrants and visitors to the UK

    13,795 signatures

  18. Delay triggering Article 50 until after voters vote on the UK EU Exit Package.

    13,773 signatures

  19. Support Live Music Venues by preventing inappropriate complaints being actioned

    13,499 signatures

  20. Give immunity against prosecution to armed forces personel who served in NI.

    13,425 signatures

  21. Pass law to force employers to pay on time for freelance/contractual work.

    13,070 signatures

  22. Free Commando Sergeant Alexander Blackman from jail

    12,756 signatures

  23. Please sign the petition for the Robin to become our official National Bird.

    12,744 signatures

  24. Instruct NHS England to reverse their sudden ban on stem cell transplantation.

    12,688 signatures

  25. Make dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia testing free on the NHS.

    12,585 signatures

  26. For the Home Office to hold an inquiry into the battle of Orgreave

    12,459 signatures

  27. CCTV in ALL dementia care facilities by LAW.

    12,202 signatures

  28. Approve funding for stem cell transplantation in sickle cell patients

    11,937 signatures

  29. Inquiry into Israel influencing British political democracy.

    11,905 signatures

  30. Introduce Animal Health and Welfare to the school curriculum

    11,867 signatures

  31. Save our Bass: do not water down the proposal to ban nets.

    11,847 signatures

  32. Give Head Teachers the authority to agree up to 10 days of term-time holiday

    11,794 signatures

  33. Don't allow prescriptions to stop for dairy free milk in the UK.

    11,693 signatures

  34. Stop medical appointments affecting school attendance

    11,445 signatures

  35. We want an urgent improvement in Mental Health Care in this country!

    11,405 signatures

  36. Stop Taxi's being allowed to work in areas they aren't licensed in.

    11,384 signatures

  37. £15 National minimum wage for hgv drivers

    11,354 signatures

  38. Babies should be checked for tongue tie by a professional in first week of birth

    11,316 signatures

  39. Vote of no confidence in Theresa May in her handling of Brexit & foreign policy

    11,226 signatures

  40. Improve understanding & treatment of people with hidden illnesses in PIP process

    11,158 signatures

  41. No closures for legal routes for motorcycle trail riding without new provision.

    10,709 signatures

  42. Make CCTV mandatory in the UK’s equine slaughterhouses

    10,420 signatures

  43. Stop the down grading of Macclesfield hospital, keeping full service provision.

    10,228 signatures

  44. Implement optional early drawing of a reduced State Pension for the 1950s women

    10,153 signatures

  45. For Parliament to ban the non-stun slaughter of animals in the UK.

    9,668 signatures

  46. This petition calls for a total ban on the use of packs of hounds for hunting

    9,465 signatures

  47. CONDEMN Art 25(b) of Indian Constitution Which Violates Sikhs' Religious Freedom

    9,122 signatures

  48. Keep open the 'Dubs scheme' to resettle 3000 unaccompanied refugee children.

    9,058 signatures

  49. Stop Tony Blair using taxpayers funding his legal costs for Iraq war defence!

    8,775 signatures

  50. Cold calling by phone or email for investment or pensions should be made illegal

    8,567 signatures

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