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  1. Provide protection for closed railway track-beds to aid rural regeneration.

    837 signatures

  2. A Full & Open Public Inquiry Into The Cause Of Gulf War illnesses

    822 signatures

  3. All MP's to be mandatory drink & drug tested before debates & voting

    794 signatures

  4. Make October 15th (Pregnancy and Infant loss remembrance day) an official day.

    786 signatures

  5. Review ECV guidlines to lower the risk of our daughters' death being repeated

    695 signatures

  6. Ban pedicabs

    691 signatures

  7. Make the age required to pay an adult fare on public transport 18 rather than 16

    687 signatures

  8. Make awareness of rape and sexual consent mandatory in sex education in schools

    641 signatures

  9. 10% pay increase for all NHS employees

    596 signatures

  10. Make the study of the British Political System a compulsory subject in Schools.

    586 signatures

  11. Make it law to notify residents of newly released child sex offenders.

    567 signatures

  12. Abolish the outdated House of Lords, there by privilege and birthright only.

    499 signatures

  13. To introduce food waste laws to force businesses to donate waste food to charity

    482 signatures

  14. Ban live animal exports from the UK

    456 signatures

  15. Review the Civilian Prosthetic Limb Delivery Service in England

    450 signatures

  16. Introduce minimum prices that milk buyers purchase their milk for from Farmers

    448 signatures

  17. Stop unfair tax credit changes to middle to low income earners

    444 signatures

  18. To Change the Law so People who Abuse Animals go to Prison

    439 signatures

  19. Review CAA regulations for return to flight of ex military aircraft.

    416 signatures

  20. Improve LGBT education in all schools to help combat homophobia & transphobia.

    409 signatures

  21. To make CCTV mandatory in all nurseries for investigation purposes.

    400 signatures

  22. St George's day should be a bank holiday.

    362 signatures

  23. To facilitate and accelerate the onshore fracking for shale gas

    357 signatures

  24. Ban unpaid internships

    356 signatures

  25. Stop treating Expats coming home to the UK the same as immigrants

    350 signatures

  26. Make organ donation a default of 'Yes' in the event of a person dying.

    328 signatures

  27. Stop stand alone wind turbines taking over our countryside, and review the FIT

    306 signatures

  28. Statutory regulation Physicians' Assistants (Anaesthesia) & Physician Associates

    294 signatures

  29. Reinstate the £250,000 budget for research into urban gulls

    287 signatures

  30. Repeal the ban on ownership of handguns, and include personal protection.

    284 signatures

  31. Allow grocery stores to donate food to charities without any legal implications.

    284 signatures

  32. To bring in stricter regulations when issuing dog breeding licences.

    276 signatures

  33. Impose a heavy extra tax on foreign buyers of property over £3.5 million pounds.

    275 signatures

  34. Negotiate to ensure the safe release of ISIS prisoner British John Cantlie

    270 signatures

  35. Motorway roadworks should be restricted in lenth to 5 mile sections

    267 signatures

  36. We demand an apology from Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt for Breach of patient data.

    252 signatures

  37. 50/50 automatic presumption in the family courts family law reform

    250 signatures

  38. Stop the £billion VAT Fraud on eBay & Amazon by Chinese, NON EU & UK businesses

    236 signatures

  39. The sentence for assault on any public servant should be automatically doubled.

    235 signatures

  40. The Government to Fund Mesothelioma Research

    224 signatures

  41. Raise the speed limit to 80 mph on Motorways.

    223 signatures

  42. Equal Rights For Fathers - By Law

    216 signatures

  43. Debate the proposals to scrap student maintenance grants in favour of loans

    216 signatures

  44. Legalise Medicinal Cannabis.

    198 signatures

  45. Save lives by introducing driving and road safety into the school curriculum

    189 signatures

  46. Ban the Burkha on the grounds of security

    187 signatures

  47. Leave the Freedom of Information act alone.

    183 signatures

  48. Bring back rent control (The Fair Rent Act)

    182 signatures

  49. Ask for the Rev Mike Walsh's personal letter to David Cameron to acknowledged.

    171 signatures

  50. Have better understanding and recognition of fibromyalgia within dwp processes

    170 signatures