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  1. Keep all lead ammunition.

    17,881 signatures

  2. Reverse the decision to allow "thousands" of Syrian migrants into the UK

    17,348 signatures

  3. Allow parents over age of 65 to join British Citizens, as adult dependents.

    17,181 signatures

  4. A vote of no-confidence in the Prime Minster David Cameron. Calais crisis

    17,147 signatures

  5. Ban the Burkha on the grounds of security

    16,727 signatures

  6. Disallow puppy farms in the UK in which beagles are bred for animal testing

    16,275 signatures

  7. Create a compassionate Euro-wide policy to deal with refugee migrants in Calais

    15,960 signatures

  8. Theresa May to go on patrol with a police force for a full set of night shifts.

    15,861 signatures

  9. Save Our Homecare. More funding to support people at home & reward careworkers.

    14,770 signatures

  10. Remove the 1% public sector pay cap. Teachers, nurses etc deserve a pay rise too

    14,709 signatures

  11. Ban the sale of fireworks to the public and introduce a licensing system

    13,435 signatures

  12. End the cuts to Merseyside Police

    13,075 signatures

  13. Abolish the TV licence

    12,711 signatures

  14. Fight the European Comission on the ridiculous regulations of e-cigarettes

    12,670 signatures

  15. Recall Parliament if a Petition reaches 100,000 signatures - its what we pay for

    12,458 signatures

  16. Introduce processes that speed up the resolution of disputes within Family Law

    12,346 signatures

  17. Refuse asylum seekers & remove support for so called refugee migrants in the UK

    12,079 signatures

  18. Allow British families to stay together by removing minimum income requirements.

    11,853 signatures

  19. Cut foreign aid. Why should foreign aid be exempt from austerity cuts?

    11,548 signatures

  20. Save Vulcan XH558. Persuade technical authorities to reconsider ending support.

    11,217 signatures

  21. Ex service personnel should be given priority for local authority Housing

    11,201 signatures

  22. Recognise Both Crohns Disease & Ulcerative Colitis As A Disability

    11,179 signatures

  23. The Government must ensure Bedfordshire Police is adequately funded

    11,163 signatures

  24. We need Jeremy Hunt MP to get NHS England to fund Vimizin for Morquio Sufferers

    11,054 signatures

  25. Stop pay caps for agency nurses and pay freezes for NHS nurses

    10,914 signatures

  26. The Cancer Drug Fund (CDF) is not fit for purpose and needs to be replaced

    10,856 signatures

  27. To give veterans that have lost limbs the service they are promised and deserve

    10,720 signatures

  28. Protect BBC music services from cuts during charter renewal

    10,485 signatures

  29. Keep the small claims track limit for personal injury claims at £1,000.00

    10,319 signatures

  30. Keep A&E at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

    10,236 signatures

  31. Sharia Law and the use of Sharia courts within the UK should be prohibited.

    10,106 signatures

  32. Make the setting up of a traveller pitch without permission illegal

    10,068 signatures

  33. Stop the scathing cuts to the Police budget.

    9,650 signatures

  34. Introduce a UK National Day to celebrate our United Kingdom.

    9,522 signatures

  35. Government to abandon all ideas of trying to ban strong encryption.

    9,320 signatures

  36. Convert old Army/RAF bases into social housing for War Veterans

    9,261 signatures

  37. Legislate to introduce minimum sentences for assaulting police officers.

    9,234 signatures

  38. Please make Diwali an authorised school holiday for children of Asian origin.

    9,067 signatures

  39. An independent investigation into the new layout at Dartford river crossing.

    8,925 signatures

  40. Statutory regulate the profession of sports therapy, as recommended by the HPC

    8,913 signatures

  41. Declare the Tube an essential service and force unions into compulsory mediation

    8,818 signatures

  42. Pressure Denmark to Stop the Grindadrap whale slaughter in the Faroe Islands

    8,643 signatures

  43. Save the Hunting Act

    8,611 signatures

  44. Put the symptoms of Type 1 diabetes in the red book given to new parents.

    8,582 signatures

  45. To allow soldiers who serve in the British Army to wear neat/trimmed facial hair

    8,429 signatures

  46. Increase the hourly funding rate for 2-4 year old's in early years settings.

    8,304 signatures

  47. Introduce an independent pay review of public sector workers

    8,166 signatures

  48. Issue all ex-service personnel with an ID card to accompany the Veterans Badge

    8,108 signatures

  49. Enforce mandatory drug tests for all Members of Parliament.

    8,060 signatures

  50. Include expressive arts subjects in the Ebacc

    7,829 signatures

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