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  1. An independent investigation into the new layout at Dartford river crossing.

    4,331 signatures

  2. Ban the Burkha on the grounds of security

    4,301 signatures

  3. Save lives by introducing driving and road safety into the school curriculum

    4,235 signatures

  4. Ban the import to the UK of all hunting trophies.

    3,993 signatures

  5. Abolish the AFPRB and give the military a truly independent body to award pay.

    3,972 signatures

  6. Recognise Both Crohns Disease & Ulcerative Colitis As A Disability

    3,951 signatures

  7. Hold a referendum on electoral reform with the format used in New Zealand.

    3,830 signatures

  8. Government to abandon all ideas of trying to ban strong encryption.

    3,736 signatures

  9. Demand an end to Halal and Kosher slaughter in the UK

    3,391 signatures

  10. Give better pay and support for us carers

    3,255 signatures

  11. Immediate halt to all benefit sanctions

    3,136 signatures

  12. Abandon plans to force women to prove they were raped before they get benefits

    3,011 signatures

  13. Pay the childcare element of tax credits direct to the childcare provider

    2,962 signatures

  14. Amend the Road Traffic Act (1998) - cats killed on the road must be reported.

    2,946 signatures

  15. Provide protection for closed railway track-beds to aid rural regeneration.

    2,834 signatures

  16. To Change the Law so People who Abuse Animals go to Prison

    2,722 signatures

  17. To stop fixed penalty notices for unauthorised absence from school

    2,713 signatures

  18. Allow ownership and use of .22 Rimfire pistols for sporting purposes in the uk.

    2,692 signatures

  19. Recognise kidney failure for the purposes of PIP and ESA.

    2,664 signatures

  20. Keep A&E services at Telford's PRH. A reduction of services is not acceptable.

    2,557 signatures

  21. Increase the hourly funding rate for 2-4 year old's in early years settings.

    2,550 signatures

  22. Ban youth rates and have a blanket minimum wage for all age groups.

    2,527 signatures

  23. Ban British citizens from serving in the Israeli military

    2,487 signatures

  24. Reinstate full visa service at the British High Commission in Dhaka, Bangladesh

    2,479 signatures

  25. Stop allowing immigrants into the UK.

    2,424 signatures

  26. We demand the British Government Reschedule Cannabis.

    2,412 signatures

  27. Requirement of 5 years NHS employment for the position of Health Secretary

    2,381 signatures

  28. Equal Rights For Fathers - By Law

    2,355 signatures

  29. Scrap plans to build the giant Navitus Bay wind farm off Dorset's Jurassic Coast

    2,328 signatures

  30. Petition for the government to scrap some pharmacy universities.

    2,263 signatures

  31. Give all Disabled People and WCA a fair assessment by Atos, Capita and Maximus.

    2,228 signatures

  32. Cancel Sisi's invitation to the UK

    2,209 signatures

  33. Ban the Production and Sale of Alcohol and Classify it as a Class A Drug Now

    2,192 signatures

  34. Reconsider the new Dividend Tax for small businesses

    2,115 signatures

  35. To remove the choice of 'Abstaining' in the Houses of Parliament

    2,066 signatures

  36. Law on class sizes for D&T at all key stages in England &Wales

    1,965 signatures

  37. Force a general election. 36% is not a majority!

    1,924 signatures

  38. Campaigning for the age limit of cervical screening to be abolished.

    1,921 signatures

  39. Ban hunting on forestry commission land. No exemptions, no drag hunts.

    1,878 signatures

  40. Abolish the outdated House of Lords, there by privilege and birthright only.

    1,868 signatures

  41. Create a Proportional Representation system for UK General Elections.

    1,817 signatures

  42. Reverse Home Office decision to stop Catherine West MP visiting Yarl's Wood.

    1,752 signatures

  43. Stop the bedroom tax and social housing changes

    1,750 signatures

  44. Make October 15th (Pregnancy and Infant loss remembrance day) an official day.

    1,687 signatures

  45. Review the Civilian Prosthetic Limb Delivery Service in England

    1,624 signatures

  46. No to using the former Kent Manston Airport as an alternative to Operation Stack

    1,546 signatures

  47. Make teaching CPR & basic first aid compulsory in all Secondary Schools.

    1,509 signatures

  48. Make Drivers have a fixed period of tuition with an ADI before a driving test.

    1,494 signatures

  49. mothers refusing access to fathers with no safeguarding issues should be illegal

    1,489 signatures

  50. Close the Channel tunnel until Eurotunnel can enforce effective border control

    1,435 signatures