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  1. Prohibit the building of mosques in the UK

    22,339 signatures

  2. Recognise Taiwan as a country

    21,259 signatures

  3. Arrest Tony Blair for war crimes in the middle east and misleading the public.

    21,109 signatures

  4. Abolish road tax on Motorcycles.

    20,775 signatures

  5. The government has no mandate to privatise the NHS and should cease immediately.

    19,747 signatures

  6. KEEP AIRFIELDS GREENFIELDS. Review Airfield Classification as Brownfield Sites

    19,733 signatures

  7. To change the name the UK Government uses for IS, ISIS and ISIL to DAESH

    19,137 signatures

  8. To Keep Britain's Borders Open

    18,998 signatures

  9. Protect neighbourhood policing

    18,901 signatures

  10. Reverse the decision to allow "thousands" of Syrian migrants into the UK

    18,849 signatures

  11. Save British Steel making. Scunthorpe, Teesside, Port Talbot etc.

    18,286 signatures

  12. Reinstate The 25Year Rolling Road Tax Exemption

    17,368 signatures

  13. Remove the rail franchise from South Eastern

    16,533 signatures

  14. Theresa May to go on patrol with a police force for a full set of night shifts.

    16,193 signatures

  15. Remove Church of England Bishops from the House of Lords.

    14,812 signatures

  16. Ban the sale of fireworks to the public and introduce a licensing system

    14,335 signatures

  17. The decision to water down the recent European decision on the bass stocks

    14,289 signatures

  18. Allow British families to stay together by removing minimum income requirements.

    13,296 signatures

  19. Frontline ambulance staff should be able to retire with full benefits aged 55.

    13,278 signatures

  20. End the cuts to Merseyside Police

    13,166 signatures

  21. Issue all ex-service personnel with an ID card to accompany the Veterans Badge

    12,917 signatures

  22. Refuse asylum seekers & remove support for so called refugee migrants in the UK

    12,895 signatures

  23. the Iraq Historic Allegations Team must be stopped as it is a national scandal.

    12,866 signatures

  24. Ask Civil Aviation Authority to rethink their charges to the 2016 Airshow season

    12,775 signatures

  25. Introduce processes that speed up the resolution of disputes within Family Law

    12,488 signatures

  26. Proscribe the 'political party' Britain First

    12,400 signatures

  27. Stop benefits to more than one wife in the UK

    12,301 signatures

  28. The Government must ensure Bedfordshire Police is adequately funded

    11,915 signatures

  29. Stop pay caps for agency nurses and pay freezes for NHS nurses

    11,797 signatures

  30. Pay school support staff the whole time contracts that they so rightly deserve.

    11,635 signatures

  31. Ban toxic lead ammunition

    11,634 signatures

  32. Investigate UK government arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Qatar used by ISIS

    11,592 signatures

  33. Ex service personnel should be given priority for local authority Housing

    11,479 signatures

  34. Government to abandon all ideas of trying to ban strong encryption.

    11,260 signatures

  35. Give the hedgehog better legal protection in order to reverse its decline.

    11,163 signatures

  36. Health Secretary to have Television Debate with Junior Doctors about Contract

    10,938 signatures

  37. The Cancer Drug Fund (CDF) is not fit for purpose and needs to be replaced

    10,894 signatures

  38. Department for Education: Don't scrap GCSE and A level ICT

    10,755 signatures

  39. To stop pet shops selling puppies in store and keeping a 'stock' of puppies.

    10,707 signatures

  40. Continuous blood glucose monitoring for diabetics to be funded by NHS

    10,474 signatures

  41. Make it illegal to impersonate soldiers/veterans - referred to as stolen valour

    10,377 signatures

  42. Buffer zones for abortion clinics

    10,098 signatures

  43. Stop private parking companies charging disproportionate penalties in car parks

    10,038 signatures

  44. Increase the hourly funding rate for 2-4 year old's in early years settings.

    10,036 signatures

  45. Stop the scathing cuts to the Police budget.

    9,842 signatures

  46. Convert old Army/RAF bases into social housing for War Veterans

    9,746 signatures

  47. Please make Diwali an authorised school holiday for children of Asian origin.

    9,282 signatures

  48. Call on Parliament for a vote of no confidence in the current Government.

    8,964 signatures

  49. To allow soldiers who serve in the British Army to wear neat/trimmed facial hair

    8,766 signatures

  50. Allow all Olympic sports to be part of curriculum at GCSE and A Level Sport.

    8,634 signatures

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