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  1. Extend the Early Years Foundation Stage from "birth to 5" to "birth to 7"

    20,049 signatures

  2. Reinstate The 25Year Rolling Road Tax Exemption

    19,896 signatures

  3. Call for a Snap General Election

    19,886 signatures

  4. Investigate the standard of food served to the military and Sodexo services.

    19,835 signatures

  5. change the legal definition of rape in the uk to include female on male rape

    19,389 signatures

  6. Put more funds into Lancashire NHS so Chorley A&E Department can remain open

    18,860 signatures

  7. Have the House of Commons debate TTIP and implications for the UK as a whole.

    18,603 signatures

  8. Abolish Inheritance Tax. It is wrong to tax assets that have already been taxed

    17,930 signatures

  9. Save UK Air Cadet Gliding

    17,595 signatures

  10. Remove the rail franchise from South Eastern

    17,376 signatures

  11. Publicly funded bodies should keep the freedom to boycott unethical companies

    17,255 signatures

  12. Frontline ambulance staff should be able to retire with full benefits aged 55.

    17,112 signatures

  13. Use 3 separate independent organisations to count the EU referendum votes

    16,698 signatures

  14. To introduce a permanent, minimum passing distance when overtaking cyclists.

    16,392 signatures

  15. Newspaper apologies or corrections must be same size and page of original story.

    15,976 signatures

  16. Minute silence for our youth lost to youth violence on the national calendar.

    15,923 signatures

  17. Remove Church of England Bishops from the House of Lords.

    15,492 signatures

  18. Reinstate allowances regarding spelling for pupils with dyslexia.

    14,891 signatures

  19. Ask Civil Aviation Authority to rethink their charges to the 2016 Airshow season

    14,809 signatures

  20. The decision to water down the recent European decision on the bass stocks

    14,544 signatures

  21. Call an emergency parliament session to properly discuss NHS Reinstatement Bill.

    14,284 signatures

  22. Save the Police Unit that Protects Wildlife from Human Cruelty

    14,238 signatures

  23. Stop UK Government and Departments from labeling "State Pension" as benefits!

    14,225 signatures

  24. Make crohns and colitis disease a known disability

    14,022 signatures

  25. All teaching staff to learn about the Autistic Spectrum

    14,012 signatures

  26. Make passing / approaching horses and horse drawn vehicles part of driving test

    13,935 signatures

  27. Stop Destruction Of British Archaeology. Neighbourhood and Infrastructure Bill

    13,660 signatures

  28. Change the law, so that UK citizens can force an immediate General Election.

    13,631 signatures

  29. Re-nationalise the British Steel industry to safeguard it from further losses.

    13,363 signatures

  30. the Iraq Historic Allegations Team must be stopped as it is a national scandal.

    13,132 signatures

  31. Make Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (Prep) immediately available on the NHS

    13,085 signatures

  32. The repeal of the code on farming chickens for meat + farming should be debated

    12,893 signatures

  33. To examine the DWP, ATOS & Maximus's culpability for deaths of benefit claimants

    12,578 signatures

  34. Amend the immigration bill to allow 3000 lone child refugees to enter the UK

    12,552 signatures

  35. Test on Request-GP's to listen to girls & if they have symptoms to do the smear

    12,525 signatures

  36. Install CCTV cameras in all care homes to protect the vulnerable people

    12,241 signatures

  37. Statement on UK steps to ensure a full investigation of Giulio Regeni's death

    11,819 signatures

  38. Allow 16 and 17 year olds the vote in the upcoming EU referendum.

    11,759 signatures

  39. Address the UK Horse Crisis: hold owners accountable for abandonment and neglect

    11,252 signatures

  40. A Petition for Southern Rail (Govia Thameslink Railway) Franchise Review.

    11,146 signatures

  41. Change the Army pension back to 55 from 60 years of age

    11,065 signatures

  42. Create a new offence of "animal murder" with a minimum of 5 years on conviction.

    11,053 signatures

  43. Reinstate RPI index linking to Military pensions from the current CPI index link

    11,038 signatures

  44. Give all ancient woodland statutory legal protection.

    10,868 signatures

  45. Make A2 motorcycle licence automatically upgrade to full licence after 2 years

    10,860 signatures

  46. Buffer zones for abortion clinics

    10,853 signatures

  47. Stop Clause 81 of the police and crime bill being passed as law.

    10,670 signatures

  48. House of Commons to have Free Vote on Imposition of Junior Doctors Contract

    10,669 signatures

  49. David Cameron is precluded from negotiations with the EU in the event of Brexit.

    10,436 signatures

  50. Save historic market town Darlington from crippling Government cuts

    10,311 signatures

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