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  1. Suspend Natural England licence to kill buzzards.

    14,463 signatures

  2. Don't close Poole Hospital's A&E or Bournemouth Hospital's A&E!

    14,225 signatures

  3. End the contracts with Atos, Capita and maximus as they are not fit for purpose.

    13,696 signatures

  4. A referendum to Vote Scotland out of the U.K.

    13,132 signatures

  5. Reinstate RPI index linking to Military pensions from the current CPI index link

    13,014 signatures

  6. Vote on an early General Election before sending Article 50

    12,558 signatures

  7. Instruct NHS England to reverse their sudden ban on stem cell transplantation.

    12,164 signatures

  8. Support Live Music Venues by preventing inappropriate complaints being actioned

    12,159 signatures

  9. Prevent the closure of the Maternity Unit at Banbury Horton General Hospital

    11,878 signatures

  10. Please sign the petition for the Robin to become our official National Bird.

    11,821 signatures

  11. Make more awareness and help available for young men dealing with mental health.

    11,658 signatures

  12. We ask the Government to reconsider proposed move of Southend A&E to Basildon.

    11,464 signatures

  13. Switch to the Renewable Plan B for Hinkley C – fit for the 21st Century

    11,454 signatures

  14. Make British Sign Language part of the curriculum

    11,047 signatures

  15. April's Law

    11,040 signatures

  16. Ban the making and receiving of all phone calls whilst driving.

    10,983 signatures

  17. Ensure that MPs are factually accurate & accountable in public campaigns

    10,883 signatures

  18. Britain First announce militant action against elected Muslims PROSCRIBE NOW!

    10,798 signatures

  19. Save HMS President 1918

    10,433 signatures

  20. Keep the Nursing Directorate in the Department of Health

    10,422 signatures

  21. Close all retail on boxing day, retail isn't needed on boxing day!

    10,419 signatures

  22. Put a VEGAN meal on every school, college, university, hospital and prison menu.

    10,413 signatures

  23. Get Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy on the NHS for Fibromyalgia sufferers.

    10,297 signatures

  24. Commit to healthcare arrangements for British pensioners living in the EU

    9,628 signatures

  25. Ban the sale of fireworks to the public and only approve organised displays.

    9,533 signatures

  26. Force child cancer to the forefront of the NHS and government funding schemes.

    9,411 signatures

  27. UK to openly investigate stolen funds from Nigeria kept in the UK & their return

    9,247 signatures

  28. Make dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia testing free on the NHS.

    9,109 signatures

  29. Increase Carers Allowance in line with the Living Wage

    8,976 signatures

  30. The petition calls upon MPs not to repeal the European Communities Act 1972

    8,897 signatures

  31. Death caused by racing should bring charge of manslaughter not dangerous driving

    8,371 signatures

  32. SEN budgets need to be ring fenced for children's education not LA legal fees.

    8,134 signatures

  33. DENY the request for a second EU REFERENDUM

    7,669 signatures

  34. Allow motorcycles to use ALL bus lanes.

    7,492 signatures

  35. Hold a second referendum on leaving the EU once exit terms have been negotiated.

    7,055 signatures

  36. Abandon DfE plans to make Year 7 children resit SATs in Mathematics and English

    6,901 signatures

  37. Legalise car cruising or give us designated areas to meet

    6,809 signatures

  38. Stop the travel companies charging high prices for school holiday weeks.

    6,766 signatures

  39. Make it illegal to prohibit the wearing of an earned Armed Forces Veteran Badge.

    6,700 signatures

  40. A full review of the staffing shortages within NHS district nursing service.

    6,672 signatures

  41. Search all Islamic buildings for weapons and extremist literature and items

    6,642 signatures

  42. Introduce plastic alcohol glasses in clubs and bars after 12am

    6,563 signatures

  43. Protect UK Environment & Wildlife - adopt European environmental legislation.

    6,339 signatures

  44. Revoke the BBC's charter

    6,323 signatures

  45. Everyone in the UK must have a vote on who is elected Mayor of London.

    6,275 signatures

  46. Stop Tony Blair using taxpayers funding his legal costs for Iraq war defence!

    5,964 signatures

  47. Make it illegal to harass those engaged in legal fieldsports.

    5,933 signatures

  48. Fast track naturalisation for EU citizens resident in the UK longer than 5 years

    5,852 signatures

  49. Allow EU citizens to remain in the UK after exit from the EU with same rights

    5,749 signatures

  50. CCTV in ALL dementia care facilities by LAW.

    5,719 signatures

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