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  1. Fund Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) Research and Provide Support for Sufferers

    4,662 signatures

  2. Increase funding to local authorities to protect the provision of school nurses.

    4,171 signatures, now closed

  3. Compulsory home checks and abusers database to protect animals

    3,832 signatures, now closed

  4. Ensure GCSE students have support materials for maths and science exams in 2025

    3,677 signatures

  5. Make ‘Mental Health Studies’ a separate subject in the National Curriculum

    1,572 signatures, now closed

  6. Include Dry Slope (artificial slope) Skiing & Snowboarding in GCSE PE

    1,377 signatures, now closed

  7. Allow indoor/outdoor tennis courts to operate under strict distancing protocols

    725 signatures, now closed

  8. Keep all schools and colleges open in England

    693 signatures, now closed

  9. Create a national online school for pupils unable to attend school premises

    639 signatures, now closed

  10. Hold a public awareness campaign to raise awareness of early menopause

    546 signatures, now closed

  11. Require nurses who are educated in menopause working in every healthcare setting

    511 signatures

  12. Introduce licences, mandatory training and annual vet visits to own a dog

    309 signatures, now closed

  13. Make ALL forms of Domestic Abuse a compulsory PSHE topic in secondary schools

    218 signatures, now closed

  14. Allow school children 5 days of absence: for family, holidays & mental wellbeing

    210 signatures, now closed

  15. Make nutrition, health and wellbeing part of the national curriculum.

    122 signatures, now closed

  16. Include bicycle proficiency in UK school physical education curriculum.

    110 signatures, now closed

  17. Make the PE and Sport Premium for schools permanent

    107 signatures, now closed

  18. Allow carers in full-time education during COVID-19 to claim Carer's Allowance.

    87 signatures, now closed

  19. Make Care Experience a Protected Characteristic across England

    84 signatures

  20. Make self-defence part of the secondary Physical Education curriculum

    83 signatures, now closed

  21. Make it illegal to pierce the body of babies or children under the age of 11

    71 signatures, now closed

  22. Increased funding support for Avoidance Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID)

    60 signatures, now closed

  23. Do not require schools or nurseries to close in England in 2021

    59 signatures, now closed

  24. Provide funding to ensure disabled children have access to physical education

    54 signatures, now closed

  25. Ban outside PE in extreme weather

    50 signatures

  26. Fund more specialist primary schools for physically disabled children

    46 signatures, now closed

  27. Reinstate Taekwondo to the activity lists for GCSE and A Level PE

    35 signatures, now closed

  28. Require schools to provide annual swimming lessons

    29 signatures

  29. Stop PE being compulsory after year 9 in secondary schools

    29 signatures, now closed

  30. Run an awareness campaign on cycle paths and sharing the highway with cyclists

    29 signatures, now closed

  31. Extend school day to 5.30pm, with two hours of PE from 3.30-5.30pm

    27 signatures

  32. More funding for schools for SEND.


  33. Source ADHD medications effected by the national shortage urgently!


  34. Prevent building works on Meirs last greenfield site.


  35. Make PMDD education mandatory in NHS and mental health teams


  36. Cancel IGCSE exams for year 11 students


  37. Dance schools to be categorised as education and not gyms


  38. Re-open the Hair Industry!


  39. Allow children in grassroots sport to continue training during Covid-19 lockdown


  40. Keep schools and educational institutes open during lockdowns.


  41. Continue college, school and university sport to preserve mental health.


  42. Prevent the introduction of calorie labelling in restaurants to tackle obesity.


  43. End this inhumane 23+ hour lockdown for prisoners in all uk jails


  44. Childrens Lives Matter: Scrap social distancing in schools with immediate effect


  45. Reduce University fee's for the First term


  46. Ban advertising campaigns of processed foods that are targeted at children

    19 signatures

  47. Give students a right to opt out of dance, drama and physical education

    19 signatures, now closed

  48. Ensure access to school for children with ASDs/mental health issues during Covid

    19 signatures, now closed

  49. Fund free mental health courses for in-community volunteers

    18 signatures, now closed

  50. Require schools have at least three physical education lessons a week

    17 signatures, now closed

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