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  1. Ban the sale of fireworks to the public. Displays for licenced venues only.

    295,313 signatures

  2. If England win the world cup, the Monday should be made a bank holiday for 2018

    237,373 signatures

  3. Rescind Art.50 if Vote Leave has broken Electoral Laws regarding 2016 referendum

    202,004 signatures

  4. Reject calls to add Staffordshire Bull Terriers to the Dangerous Dogs Act

    186,098 signatures

  5. Require supermarkets to offer a plastic-free option for all their fruit & veg.

    127,695 signatures

  6. The UK should not agree the UN's Global Compact for Migration

    126,400 signatures

  7. Stop possible second referendum on E.U. membership

    124,666 signatures

  8. Make TV election debates happen - establish an Independent Debates Commission

    123,785 signatures

  9. Grant a People's Vote if Parliament rejects the EU Withdrawal Agreement

    118,803 signatures

  10. Lower the age for smear tests from 25 to 18 to prevent cervical cancer.

    77,005 signatures

  11. Increase college funding to sustainable levels - all students deserve equality!

    66,931 signatures

  12. Leave the EU without a deal in March 2019.

    66,653 signatures


    65,480 signatures

  14. Re-instate nursing bursaries

    54,061 signatures

  15. Investigate what more can be done to tackle van theft and van tool theft.

    37,231 signatures

  16. Reform the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and repeal Breed Specific Legislation.

    35,079 signatures


    33,907 signatures

  18. Organise a rescue plan to prevent the avoidable overnight closure of PRH’s A&E

    32,438 signatures

  19. Protect library services by ringfencing government funding for libraries.

    31,469 signatures

  20. Increase funding for schools

    30,979 signatures

  21. Allow students to register at two GPs

    26,711 signatures

  22. Make it a legal requirement to have a second safety critical person on trains

    26,340 signatures

  23. Ensure that free musical instrument tuition is available to all schoolchildren.

    25,955 signatures

  24. Allow parents to take children out of school for 1 week a year during term time

    25,252 signatures

  25. NHS supply new lifesaving drugs for Cystic Fibrosis like 11 other EU countries

    25,005 signatures

  26. Declare a Climate Emergency, end fossil fuel use and build community resilience.

    24,503 signatures

  27. Remove article 15 of the Offensive Weapons Bill (HC Bill 232)

    23,958 signatures

  28. Repeal the EU Copyright Directive, when the UK leaves the EU.

    23,797 signatures

  29. Free Parking for all NHS Staff at Hospitals in England

    23,378 signatures

  30. Ban the use of fireworks unless it’s a controlled and / or organised event

    22,327 signatures

  31. Increase funding for dementia research to find effective treatments.

    21,082 signatures

  32. Pay healthcare students a wage while on placement

    21,023 signatures

  33. Stop the detention of people with autism & learning disabilities in ATU’s

    19,938 signatures

  34. Drastically improve funding for Mental Health Services within the UK

    19,021 signatures

  35. Review the Animal Welfare Regulations 2018 and DEFRA Guidance notes

    18,938 signatures

  36. Save Our Parks

    17,985 signatures

  37. Empower the UK Government or Parliament to regulate ferry prices.

    17,612 signatures

  38. Ban Greyhound Racing

    16,835 signatures

  39. For all Suicides by Veterans to be recorded as Veterans by all UK Coroners

    16,583 signatures

  40. We want our Government to follow the lead of Australia & ban commercial sunbeds

    15,165 signatures

  41. Revoke the BBC's Royal Charter.

    14,983 signatures

  42. Summon the Dutch ambassador to protest about the “Draw Muhammad” competition.

    14,721 signatures

  43. Require plant-based options suitable for vegans on public sector menus every day

    14,331 signatures

  44. UK government to integrate all rights in UN CEDAW Convention into domestic law.

    14,275 signatures

  45. Stop commercial reps from targeting new mothers on postnatal wards

    13,717 signatures

  46. Stop Fracking in the UK

    13,361 signatures

  47. The UK government should ban Steve Bannon from entering the UK

    13,345 signatures

  48. Make it a criminal offence to leave animals especially dogs or cats in a hot car

    13,105 signatures

  49. Scrap The Forestry Commission Licence Agreements With Fox & Hare Hunts

    12,360 signatures

  50. Ban the EU flag from UK Armed Forces uniforms.

    12,154 signatures

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