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  1. Seek a ceasefire and to end Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip

    268,854 signatures

  2. Hold a parliamentary vote on assisted dying

    198,930 signatures

  3. End the UK’s membership of the World Health Organization

    104,969 signatures

  4. Create a Palestinian Family Visa Scheme for Palestinian people affected by war

    103,675 signatures

  5. Stop the implementation of betting affordability/financial risk checks

    103,501 signatures

  6. Don’t increase the income requirement for family visas to £38,700

    74,421 signatures

  7. Fund continued access to modulators drugs for Cystic Fibrosis patients

    71,530 signatures

  8. Delay the ban on rehoming and owning XL Bully dogs for 18 months

    65,150 signatures

  9. Offer the State Pension to all at 60, increase to equal 48hrs at the Living Wage

    55,705 signatures

  10. Make State Pensions tax free

    52,905 signatures

  11. Don’t ban flavoured e-liquids for e-cigarettes

    51,841 signatures

  12. Pause Ofsted inspections and reform how school performance is evaluated

    50,822 signatures

  13. Immediately revoke all licences for arms exports to Israel

    45,542 signatures

  14. Close the borders! Suspend ALL immigration for 5 years.

    40,248 signatures

  15. Seek to secure the release of hostages held by Hamas

    31,572 signatures

  16. Ban the sale of used power tools at car boot sales and markets

    25,868 signatures

  17. Enhance consumer protection for holiday caravan owners

    25,802 signatures

  18. Do not introduce regular bank account checks for benefit claimants

    24,072 signatures

  19. Ban imports of hunting trophies of endangered animals

    23,439 signatures

  20. Introduce a progressive licensing system for young drivers under the age of 25

    22,057 signatures

  21. Ban smartphones and camera phones for under 16s

    21,306 signatures

  22. Review the MOD's New Accommodation Offer for armed forces personnel

    20,604 signatures

  23. Exempt all state pensions and benefits from income tax

    19,801 signatures

  24. Allow Palestinian Children to Enter the UK During Ongoing Conflict

    18,627 signatures

  25. Extend cost of living payments to low income households beyond February 2024

    18,519 signatures

  26. Abolish the TV licence and make the BBC a subscription channel

    18,319 signatures

  27. Allow people to stay in the UK if their employer’s sponsor license is withdrawn

    16,264 signatures

  28. Require CCTV cameras on school transport for kids with special educational needs

    16,162 signatures

  29. Raise the personal tax allowance to £15,000

    16,099 signatures

  30. Create a statutory offence of manslaughter by coercive or controlling behaviour

    15,753 signatures

  31. Do not allow original wills to be destroyed after 25 years

    15,304 signatures

  32. Provide funding for STI screening at the beginning of a pregnancy

    15,263 signatures

  33. Increase Student Loans in England to catch up with inflation

    14,815 signatures

  34. Introduce new legal requirements for vets prior to euthanasia of dogs & cats

    14,811 signatures

  35. Withdraw support for Israel and support Palestine in Israel-Palestine conflict

    14,805 signatures

  36. Urge the UN to send a peacekeeping mission to Balochistan Pakistan

    14,695 signatures

  37. Home fee status for BN(O) students after 3 years continuous stay in the UK

    14,656 signatures

  38. Do not let the Government access information on pensioners' bank accounts.

    14,612 signatures

  39. Negotiate UK-wide recognition of older person's bus passes

    14,609 signatures

  40. Hold a referendum on re-joining the European Union

    14,315 signatures

  41. Add a mobility element to Attendance Allowance

    13,623 signatures

  42. Introduce new restrictions on solar facilities to protect land and food security

    13,522 signatures

  43. Review the brightness of car headlights for safety

    13,499 signatures

  44. Require broadcasters to call proscribed terrorist organisations terrorists

    12,981 signatures

  45. Reduce Vehicle Tax for cars aged between 20 and 40 years old

    12,799 signatures

  46. Provide all pensioners born before April 1951 with the new State Pension

    12,619 signatures

  47. Review how to turn MHRA into a fully transparent, patient first regulator

    12,505 signatures

  48. Increase investment in Speech and Language Therapy.

    12,286 signatures

  49. For the United Kingdom to recognise the state of Palestine immediately

    12,267 signatures

  50. Call on Hamas to unconditionally surrender and return all the hostages

    12,165 signatures

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