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  1. Make cannabis legal for recreational use for ages 21+

    Government responded – 9 July 2020

    The Government has no plans to legalise cannabis for recreational use.There is clear scientific and medical evidence that cannabis is a harmful drug which can damage users' mental and physical health.

    13,248 signatures

  2. Let the whole UK elect the London Mayor; a position of growing national interest

    Government responded – 8 July 2020

    Government will not extend London mayoral elections to all UK voters. The London Mayor is directly accountable to London’s electorate, because it is Londoners whom the Mayor serves.

    16,629 signatures

  3. Hold a Public Inquiry into the handling of the Covid-19 crisis

    Government responded – 7 July 2020

    The response to a new virus inherently involves a continuous process of learning, adapting and responding. Government regularly publishes data that underpins its decision making on GOV.UK.

    20,987 signatures

  4. Call for the UK government to formally recognise the State of Palestine

    Government responded – 7 July 2020

    The UK will recognise a Palestinian state at a time when it best serves the objective of peace. Bilateral recognition in itself cannot end the occupation. We need to see a negotiated settlement.

    48,483 signatures

  5. Create an independent investigatory commission to help protect ethnic minorities

    Government responded – 6 July 2020

    The Prime Minister has announced a new Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities that will seek to understand what disparities exist and why, and present recommendations based on robust evidence.

    15,609 signatures

  6. Extend the Gambling Act to cover Loot Boxes

    Government responded – 6 July 2020

    The government takes concerns around loot boxes very seriously and will be launching a call for evidence this summer. This will put us on the best footing to take whatever action is necessary.

    45,433 signatures

  7. Do not enforce a compulsory quarantine on people arriving in the UK

    Government responded – 3 July 2020

    The Government’s self-isolation measures at the border, introduced on 8 June, are informed by science, are designed to help prevent a second wave of the COVID-19 virus and are regularly reviewed.

    12,464 signatures

  8. Permit weddings of 5 people (registrar/couple/2 witnesses) during COVID19

    Government responded – 2 July 2020

    The Government understands the huge significance of weddings to couples planning to get married. From 4 July, wedding ceremonies and civil partnership ceremonies will be able to take place in England.

    24,173 signatures

  9. Grant cats the same status under the Road Traffic Act 1988 as dogs

    Government responded – 30 June 2020

    The Government has no current plans to amend the Road Traffic Act 1988 (the Act) to grant cats the same status as dogs and other animals mentioned in the Act.

    22,118 signatures

  10. Support British Food Producers by ensuring that marks of origin remain

    Government responded – 30 June 2020

    Many foods made in this country are labelled as British either voluntarily or through regulation.

    13,996 signatures

  11. Amnesty for UK undocumented immigrants in this COVID-19 World pandemic

    Government responded – 30 June 2020

    The Immigration Rules already enable the status of undocumented migrants (in the UK for some time and otherwise compliant with the law) to be regularised in some circumstances.

    14,899 signatures

  12. The UK should ban the importation of Shark Fins.

    Government responded – 29 June 2020

    The UK Government is strongly opposed to shark finning. Shark finning is already banned in UK waters and we continue to support stronger international controls.

    15,103 signatures

  13. Condemn the US government for the use of force against its citizens

    Government responded – 26 June 2020

    The UK Government has already been clear the violence we saw in the US was very alarming, and we have raised our concerns with the US Government.

    23,018 signatures

  14. Allow Zoos and Wildlife attractions to reopen with social distancing in place

    Government responded – 26 June 2020

    Outdoor areas of zoos and safari parks were allowed to reopen on 15 June, subject to social distancing measures being in place. The reopening of indoor parts of zoos is being kept under review.

    128,591 signatures

  15. Teach Britain's colonial past as part of the UK's compulsory curriculum

    Government responded – 26 June 2020

    The history curriculum at Key Stage 3 includes the statutory theme “ideas, political power, industry and empire: Britain, 1745-1901”. Topics within statutory themes are chosen by schools and teachers.

    260,059 signatures

  16. Making the UK education curriculum more inclusive of BAME history

    Government responded – 26 June 2020

    The flexibility within the history curriculum means that there is the opportunity for teachers to teach about BAME history across a spectrum of themes and eras.

    24,936 signatures

  17. Add education on diversity and racism to all school curriculums

    Government responded – 26 June 2020

    Racism in all its forms is abhorrent and has no place in our society. Schools play a significant role in teaching children about the importance of respect and tolerance for all cultures.

    81,374 signatures

  18. Legal rights for ancient trees

    Government responded – 26 June 2020

    We have extensive controls on tree felling and are providing more protections through the Environment Bill. We are consulting on what more could be done through the England Tree Strategy consultation.

    16,518 signatures

  19. Improve Maternal Mortality Rates and Health Care for Black Women in the U.K.

    Government responded – 25 June 2020

    The Government is funding a NIHR Policy Research Unit in Maternal and Neonatal Health and Care study into factors associated with the higher risk of maternal death for Black and South Asian women.

    161,263 signatures

  20. Introduce Mandatory Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting

    Government responded – 24 June 2020

    The Government ran a consultation from October 2018 to January 2019 on Ethnicity Pay Reporting and received over 300 detailed responses. We are currently analysing the responses.

    128,846 signatures

  21. Suspend future sales of tear gas and other crowd control equipment to the USA

    Government responded – 23 June 2020

    HM Government has been sorry to see the violence that has taken place in the United States of America and will continue to monitor developments very closely.

    20,978 signatures

  22. Omit the NHS from any future trade deal with the US

    Government responded – 23 June 2020

    The government has been clear that protecting the UK’s right to regulate in the public interest and protecting public services, including the NHS, is of the upmost importance.

    21,044 signatures

  23. One-off Grant To Be Paid To Anyone Who Has Not Benefited From A Covid-19 Scheme

    Government responded – 22 June 2020

    Individuals who cannot benefit from the Job Retention Scheme or Self-Employment Income Support schemes can benefit from the comprehensive package of other support for workers and businesses.

    49,310 signatures

  24. Reduce curriculum content for year 10 & 12 students who will sit exams in 2021.

    Government responded – 22 June 2020

    We are working with Ofqual and the exam boards to put in place an approach to exams in 2021, given the disruption to students’ education this year (including those currently in Years 10 and 12).

    143,571 signatures

  25. Make it mandatory to wear a face mask in public during Covid-19 Pandemic

    Government responded – 22 June 2020

    The Government has recently updated its guidance to advise that all passengers on public transport, and those visiting hospitals must wear face coverings. We continue to follow the scientific advice.

    15,437 signatures

  26. Change the Furlough Support Scheme to include new hires after 28th February.

    Government responded – 16 June 2020

    The cut-off date for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme was extended to 19 March in April.

    12,113 signatures

  27. Pay Carers an allowance equivalent to a fulltime job at the National Living wage

    Government responded – 17 June 2020

    We value the support unpaid carers give to caring for family or friends. We will spend around £3bn in 2020-21 on Carer’s Allowance, and by 2024-25, forecast real spend is over £3.6bn.

    17,836 signatures

  28. Grant British citizenship to all people in the UK during the Pandemic.

    Government responded – 17 June 2020

    We have already done a huge amount to support foreign nationals in the UK who have been affected by the pandemic, but have no plans to grant citizenship to all in the UK.

    28,947 signatures

  29. Delay 5G in the UK until there’s been an independent investigation

    Government responded – 11 June 2020

    In relation to 5G, PHE has said that the exposure to radio waves is expected to remain low relative to international guidelines and, as such, there should be no consequences for public health.

    53,369 signatures

  30. Remove the 50% earnings barrier so all self employed workers to receive support.

    Government responded – 10 June 2020

    The Self-Employment Income Support Scheme requires trading profits to be at least equal to non-trading income to ensure it is targeted at those who are most reliant on their self-employment income.

    11,831 signatures

  31. Delay the reopening of schools to September

    Government responded – 30 June 2020

    We want all children and young people to return to school as soon as possible. Schools began to welcome back more pupils from 1 June.

    41,367 signatures

  32. Give the British Nationals (Overseas) of Hong Kong full British citizenship.

    Government responded – 8 June 2020

    The UK has a moral obligation to BN(O)s in the face of China’s actions. If proposed legislation is imposed, we will explore options to allow BN(O)s to apply to stay in the UK on a path to citizenship.

    15,912 signatures

  33. Ban non-stun slaughter in the UK.

    Government responded – 8 June 2020

    The Government would prefer all animals to be stunned before slaughter but respects the rights of Jews and Muslims to eat meat prepared in accordance with their beliefs.

    18,125 signatures

  34. Extend proposed Graduate visa route to 2019-20 batch of students due to COVID19

    Government responded – 8 June 2020

    Graduates have 4 months after studying, which the Graduate route will increase by 2 years in 2021. We have introduced measures to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and support international students.

    14,118 signatures

  35. Business Rate Relief to be extended to all small businesses in healthcare.

    Government responded – 5 June 2020

    Business rates relief is targeted at the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors given the acute impacts of COVID-19 on them. A range of other measures to support healthcare businesses are available.

    10,762 signatures

  36. Give holiday caravan/lodge owners the same statutory protection as mobile homes.

    Government responded – 3 June 2020

    Owners of holiday caravans/lodges on holiday caravan sites are protected under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. The Government does not plan to give them similar protections as mobile home residents.

    12,424 signatures

  37. No Extensions to the Brexit Transition Period

    Government responded – 3 June 2020

    The Government won’t accept an extension to the transition period and cannot do so under UK law. We are currently holding talks with the EU by videoconference. These will conclude by 31 December 2020.

    20,350 signatures

  38. Cancel HS2 and use the money for the NHS and local economies, post Covid-19.

    Government responded – 1 June 2020

    The Government is doing whatever is necessary to deal with Covid-19 now, while continuing to invest in the country’s future infrastructure. That is why we are getting on with HS2.

    47,748 signatures

  39. Reduce or scrap the immigration health surcharge for overseas NHS Staff.

    Government responded – 29 May 2020

    The Prime Minister has asked the Home Secretary and the Department of Health and Social Care to work together to exempt NHS and care staff from the immigration health surcharge.

    16,250 signatures

  40. Extend grants immediately to small businesses outside of SBRR

    Government responded – 29 May 2020

    The business grants schemes are helping many thousands of small businesses and are just one part of the Government’s unprecedented package of support for business during the Covid-19 crisis.

    25,973 signatures

  41. Provide COVID19 income support for the newly self-employed, without HMRC records

    Government responded – 28 May 2020

    The recently self-employed can access a range of financial support. However, to protect against fraud, only those with tax records for 2018-19 qualify for the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme.

    17,620 signatures

  42. Pay long-term supply teachers and support staff during mandatory closures.

    Government responded – 27 May 2020

    The Government has ensured that financial support is in place for supply staff on long-term contracts, and has published guidance for schools, and the school workforce, available on the Dfe website.

    13,050 signatures

  43. Make COVID19 testing available to teaching staff caring for pupils.

    Government responded – 26 May 2020

    All symptomatic individuals over 5 across the UK can now receive access to a covid-19 test to confirm whether they currently have the virus.

    35,505 signatures

  44. Refund university students for 3rd Semester Tuition 2020

    Government responded – 19 May 2020

    HE providers must deliver high quality courses. If students are unhappy they should first complain to their provider and if their concerns are unresolved they can ask OIA to consider their complaint.

    110,543 signatures

  45. Refund university rent and tuition fees due to coronavirus

    Government responded – 16 June 2020

    The Government encourages universities and private halls providers to be fair in their decisions about rent charges for this period.

    15,250 signatures

  46. Make LGBT conversion therapy illegal in the UK

    Government responded – 21 May 2020

    The Government is committed to ensuring all citizens feel safe and protected from harm. We will work to deepen our understanding and consider all options for ending the practice of conversion therapy.

    207,458 signatures

  47. Extend maternity leave by 3 months with pay in light of COVID-19

    Government responded – 14 May 2020

    The UK’s Maternity Leave offer is already amongst the most generous in the World – up to 52 weeks of leave are available, 39 weeks of which are paid – and we currently have no plans to extend it.

    228,832 signatures

  48. Allow gyms and leisure centres to reopen

    Government responded – 13 May 2020

    The Government recognises the importance of physical activity to the nation’s wellbeing and is working with the leisure sector to reopen facilities as soon as possible in a safe and controlled way.

    129,806 signatures

  49. Revoke the TV licence using legislation

    Government responded – 14 May 2020

    The Royal Charter maintains the licence fee funding model until 2027. The government will look at the licence fee funding model in advance of the next Charter.

    55,385 signatures

  50. Revoke the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and renationalise the NHS

    Government responded – 23 June 2020

    The Government is committed to a publicly funded National Health Service, free-at the point of use. It is, and remains, public owned.

    27,896 signatures

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