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  1. Hold a referendum on ending devolution in Scotland

    Government responded – 18 July 2023

    The UK Government is committed to devolution and believes the settlement strikes the right balance. We disagree with the petition’s suggestion there should be a referendum on ending devolution.

    16,529 signatures

  2. Do not extend the period before a vehicle’s first MOT to 4 years

    Government responded – 16 May 2023

    The Government consultation on MOT reform closed on 22nd March 2023. We are currently analysing the results and will release a decision in the near future.

    11,710 signatures

  3. Legally recognise non binary gender identity.

    Government responded – 19 May 2023

    The Government believes the provisions of the Gender Recognition Act 2004 are effective and has no current plans to review or change the Act.

    10,668 signatures

  4. Do not require schools to tell parents their child is transgender/non-binary

    Government responded – 17 May 2023

    We are developing guidance to help schools to support pupils questioning their gender and will be consulting on this shortly.

    37,547 signatures

  5. Allow Serbian citizens to visit the UK for up to 90 days without a visa

    Government responded – 12 May 2023

    The Government currently has no plans to change the visa requirements for Serbian nationals. The visa system is kept under regular review and plays a key part in protecting the UK’s border security.

    13,062 signatures

  6. Introduce reporting requirements for euthanasia of healthy/treatable animals

    Government responded – 15 May 2023

    Existing obligations require veterinary surgeons to protect animals from unnecessary euthanasia. There is no evidence that a new reporting requirement is necessary.

    10,738 signatures

  7. Investigate Anti-Hindu propaganda & hatred attacks on Hindu Community

    Government responded – 11 May 2023

    This Government takes all forms of religious hatred very seriously. We are considering our approach to religious hatred and will be announcing our next steps in due course.

    18,648 signatures

  8. Extend temporary admission for UA refugees to use cars with UA registration

    Government responded – 11 May 2023

    To ensure road safety for all drivers on UK roads, foreign imported vehicles must generally be registered with the DVLA and issued with UK licence plates.

    10,178 signatures

  9. Create a Sudanese Family Scheme visa for Sudanese people affected by war

    Government responded – 11 May 2023

    There are no plans to introduce any new visa schemes for Sudanese people affected by the current conflict in Sudan.

    28,774 signatures

  10. Introduce an unmetered monthly tariff for energy for the elderly and disabled

    Government responded – 11 May 2023

    The Government is considering potential approaches to consumer energy protection post-April 2024. The Government intends to consult on options in summer 2023.

    13,311 signatures

  11. Extend Bereavement Support Payments (BSP) for widowed parents

    Government responded – 9 May 2023

    Bereavement Support Payment helps with the immediate costs of bereavement. Other parts of the welfare system, such as Universal Credit, can provide longer-term financial assistance for those in need.

    11,789 signatures

  12. Hold a parliamentary vote on whether to reject amendments to the IHR 2005

    Government responded – 4 July 2023

    We support targeted IHR amendments to ensure a suitable global framework to respond to international spread of disease. Parliament may scrutinise legislation relating to amendments accepted by the UK.

    103,852 signatures

  13. Reform the Vaccine Damage Payment with payments based on the scale of disability

    Government responded – 2 May 2023

    The VDPS 60% level of disablement is consistent with the DWP’s Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit. There is no evidence that this threshold provides an undue barrier to claimants.

    11,257 signatures

  14. Condemn Israel for their actions against Palestinians and impose trade ban

    Government responded – 28 April 2023

    The UK regularly engages with Israel over the conduct of the occupation and urges it to comply with international law. We do not believe that trade bans will benefit the peace process.

    20,092 signatures

  15. Abolish Council Tax for State Pensioners

    Government responded – 27 April 2023

    The Government requires each council to have a council tax support scheme in place under which low income pensioners receive council tax discounts of up to 100%.

    22,720 signatures

  16. Increase the basic State Pension to match the new State Pension

    Government responded – 25 April 2023

    The Government has no plans to increase the basic State Pension to match the new State Pension.

    16,093 signatures

  17. Make chanting about tragedies and death at a football match a criminal offence

    Government responded – 25 April 2023

    The Government is committed to tackling all harmful behaviours at football matches. Existing legislation can be used to prosecute those engaging in chanting about tragedies and death at football.

    17,882 signatures

  18. Protect the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) 2004

    Government responded – 24 April 2023

    Defra is reviewing retained EU law. Our default is to retain regulation as we undertake whether to retain, repeal or reform, rather than automatically allow regulation to fall with the sunset clause.

    26,335 signatures

  19. Free prescriptions for all cystic fibrosis (CF) patients

    Government responded – 20 April 2023

    We understand the long-term difficulties people with cystic fibrosis can experience. However, at present we have no plans to review the list of medical exemptions from prescription charges.

    15,492 signatures

  20. Hold referendums on joining new trade blocks eg CPTPP

    Government responded – 19 April 2023

    The Government will not hold a referendum on the UK’s trade agreements. We ensure that parliamentarians, UK citizens and businesses have access to the information they need on trade negotiations.

    11,982 signatures

  21. Increase funding for special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) education

    Government responded – 19 April 2023

    The Government is investing £2.6 billion between 2022 and 2025 to support local authorities to deliver new specialist SEND places and increasing high needs revenue funding to £10.1 billion in 2023-24.

    12,405 signatures

  22. Deny Sex Offenders the right to apply for removal from the Sex Offender Register

    Government responded – 17 April 2023

    Protecting the public from sexual harm is a priority for the Government. Sex offenders who pose a risk will remain on the register for life if necessary. We do not plan to change the law in this area.

    29,314 signatures

  23. Urgently review the current Ofsted Framework and associated methodology

    Government responded – 6 April 2023

    Ofsted inspections are hugely important in providing assurance on educational standards and safeguarding, and prompting improvement. Arrangements are always kept under review, and that will continue.

    64,011 signatures

  24. Identify and sanction individuals from Pakistan involved in illegal activities

    Government responded – 12 April 2023

    The UK Government is committed to tackling corruption and money laundering. We will take action – including sanctions – against individuals involved in illicit financial activity.

    17,256 signatures

  25. Amend the 1999 GLA Act to remove the Mayor's power to impose road use charges

    Government responded – 22 March 2023

    Government has no plans to amend the GLA Act. While DfT is aware of concerns about schemes which charge road users in the capital, transport in London is devolved and decisions lie with the Mayor.

    27,340 signatures

  26. Make school uniform VAT exempt

    Government responded – 3 April 2023

    School uniform designed for children under 14 is VAT-free. This is when body dimensions begin to merge with the adult population. There are no plans to go further but we keep all taxes under review.

    24,617 signatures

  27. Reduce the VAT on Hospitality businesses to 10%

    Government responded – 3 April 2023

    The VAT relief for the hospitality sector was a temporary measure designed to support the viability of sectors that had been severely affected by COVID-19. There are no plans to reintroduce it.

    18,374 signatures

  28. Require public referendums on 15-minute town and city policies

    Government responded – 31 March 2023

    The 15-minute cities concept is not national planning policy. Local Planning Authorities can set planning policies locally. These are not subject to referendums.

    18,792 signatures

  29. Review and increase foster care allowances and tax exemptions

    Government responded – 31 March 2023

    Allowances are reviewed annually. Minimum rates will rise by 12.43% from April. Tax allowances for foster carers have been reviewed and rise from April, representing an average annual tax cut of £450.

    13,310 signatures

  30. Retain bans on cat, dog, seal fur imports, and extend to ban all fur imports

    Government responded – 27 March 2023

    There are already bans in place which the Government will retain. We have no plans currently to make further changes.

    69,946 signatures

  31. Public Inquiry into Ofcom's guidance on broadcast standards during the pandemic

    Government responded – 24 March 2023

    A public inquiry into Ofcom's guidance on broadcast standards during the Covid-19 pandemic is not required. The UK Covid-19 Inquiry has been set up to examine the impact of the pandemic.

    11,508 signatures

  32. Stop shark being sold under misleading names in the UK

    Government responded – 23 March 2023

    The Government is proud to champion the conservation and sustainable management of sharks and we will consider the evidence to support a review on the commercial designations of endangered sharks.

    12,113 signatures

  33. Amend the Gender Recognition Act to allow for posthumous and expedited grants

    Government responded – 14 March 2023

    As announced in 2020, we believe the Gender Recognition Act 2004 is effective, strikes the right balance and allows for those who wish to legally change their sex. We have no plans to change it.

    13,777 signatures

  34. Add content on death, dying and bereavement to the national curriculum

    Government responded – 13 March 2023

    Bereavement can be taught about as part of relationships and health education in an age-appropriate way. When we review the statutory guidance, we will assess whether content on bereavement is needed.

    11,322 signatures

  35. Invest to guarantee women’s access to breast screening – now and for the future

    Government responded – 13 March 2023

    The Government is committed to supporting and improving the NHS breast screening programme. Measures have been introduced to reduce barriers to access and improve uptake of screening.

    84,605 signatures

  36. Grant a Section 30 Order to enable a Scottish Independence Referendum

    Government responded – 18 April 2023

    The Government’s focus is on tackling issues such as the cost of living, energy security, and growing the economy. This is simply not the time to be talking about another independence referendum.

    15,207 signatures

  37. Reverse IR35 legislation

    Government responded – 9 March 2023

    There are no plans to repeal the reforms to the off-payroll working rules. The reforms were introduced to tackle non-compliance with the off-payroll working rules and have been successful in doing so.

    14,160 signatures

  38. Do not permit any Council Tax increase of more than 5% without a referendum

    Government responded – 8 March 2023

    The Government takes annual decisions on council tax referendum thresholds. The Government set higher thresholds for three councils which are in financial difficulty and asked for this flexibility.

    17,690 signatures

  39. Carry out an independent review into Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs)

    Government responded – 25 April 2023

    The Government is already carrying out an evaluation of active travel schemes funded in 2020/21, including LTNs. It has no plans to commission a further review until this has concluded.

    15,906 signatures

  40. Create a Turkish Family Scheme visa for people homeless due to the earthquake

    Government responded – 1 March 2023

    The Government has no plans to adopt this proposal but has responded with life-saving support to people affected in the region. Existing visa routes for those wishing to come to the UK are available.

    82,718 signatures

  41. Give Ukrainians on humanitarian visas rights to extend stay and settle in the UK

    Government responded – 27 February 2023

    Our schemes provide Ukrainians with three years’ temporary sanctuary in the UK, until Putin is defeated and they can safely return home. As such, they are not routes for settlement.

    20,659 signatures

  42. Guarantee access to broadcast TV (Freeview) and aerial radio beyond 2040

    Government responded – 24 February 2023

    We agree that terrestrial TV and radio are hugely important and will continue to be for years to come. We remain committed to ensuring UK audiences can access these platforms in the long term.

    29,747 signatures

  43. Enshrine in law rights to roam and wild camp in national parks

    Government responded – 24 February 2023

    The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 provides the public a right of access to large parts of the English countryside including National Parks. There are no plans to change this.

    37,765 signatures

  44. Withdraw the Transport Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill

    Government responded – 23 February 2023

    The Government believes in the ability to strike. However, this must be balanced against our first duty: to preserve the lives and livelihoods of British people by protecting essential services.

    12,075 signatures

  45. Hold a referendum on removing the London Assembly and London Mayor

    Government responded – 21 March 2023

    The Government has no current plans to hold a referendum on the role or functions of the Mayor of London or London Assembly; devolved transport policies are best determined locally.

    71,554 signatures

  46. Stop housing asylum seekers who entered the UK illegally in hotels

    Government responded – 21 February 2023

    The Government has been clear that using hotels to accommodate asylum seekers is not a long-term solution and is working tirelessly to reduce our dependency upon hotels to house asylum seekers.

    15,996 signatures

  47. Give secondary school students a right pray in school

    Government responded – 20 February 2023

    Schools are required to take steps to consider the needs of people who share protected characteristics as per the public sector equalities duty and are encouraged to be flexible when doing so.

    16,309 signatures

  48. Lifetime driving ban if you are convicted of causing death by dangerous driving.

    Government responded – 17 February 2023

    The Government takes road safety seriously and keeps the motoring offences under review. That is why a Call for Evidence is being considered.

    13,188 signatures

  49. Fund free access to baby CPR training during pregnancy

    Government responded – 21 March 2023

    Information and support is provided for all parents through multiple avenues; therefore, the Government will not fund free access to baby CPR training during pregnancy.

    10,291 signatures

  50. Offer healthcare workers on tier2 visa ILR after 2 years instead of 5 years

    Government responded – 13 February 2023

    The Government recognises the vital contribution of overseas health workers but to qualify for ILR a person must meet various requirements including a substantial period in their sponsored occupation.

    52,962 signatures

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