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  1. Ban non-stun slaughter. Animal welfare must take priority over faith tradition.

    Government responded – 3 September 2019

    The Government would prefer all animals to be stunned before slaughter, but respects the rights of Jews and Muslims to eat meat prepared in accordance with their beliefs.

    14,021 signatures

  2. Extend the HM Forces Railcard scheme to include all UK Veterans

    Government responded – 2 September 2019

    Our veterans have demonstrated values, commitment and willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice. They continue to provide a rich contribution to society, which the Government holds in high regard.

    17,542 signatures

  3. Ban Driven Grouse Shooting Wilful blindness is no longer an option

    Government responded – 2 September 2019

    Grouse shooting is a legitimate activity providing benefits for wildlife and habitat conservation and investment in remote areas. Defra is working on the sustainable management of English uplands.

    111,965 signatures

  4. Recall Parliament immediately to urgently debate no-deal Brexit.

    Government responded – 2 September 2019

    The Government has no plans to recall Parliament and it will meet again on 3 September, the date the House itself voted on and agreed to.

    53,754 signatures

  5. Revoke all government gagging orders relating to Brexit

    Government responded – 22 August 2019

    The Government has a responsibility to inform citizens about how leaving the EU might affect them. Organisations working with the Government on Brexit are not routinely required to sign NDAs.

    27,714 signatures

  6. Provide settled and pre-settled status EU citizens a physical document as proof.

    Government responded – 21 August 2019

    The EU Settlement Scheme protects the rights of EU citizens in UK law and gives them a secure digital status, which unlike a physical document, cannot be lost, stolen, damaged or tampered with.

    14,204 signatures

  7. Scrap the pension annual allowance taper

    Government responded – 20 August 2019

    The Government has proposed changes to the NHS pension scheme rules in England and Wales to allow senior clinicians to manage their pension accrual, take on extra shifts and treat more patients.

    20,058 signatures

  8. We Demand A Vote On Cannabis

    Government responded – 20 August 2019

    The Government has no plans to change cannabis policy.

    16,776 signatures

  9. I request a full public inquiry into death of my son, Matthew Leahy. (20 yrs.)

    Government responded – 2 August 2019

    The Government sincerely regrets Matthew’s death. NHS Improvement will review the care that he and others received and will provide advice in due course on whether a public inquiry should be held.

    105,580 signatures

  10. Stop the increase to 20% VAT for the installation of renewable energy sources

    Government responded – 1 August 2019

    The Government is committed to greening our economy and designed the changes for energy-saving materials to retain as much of the VAT relief as possible for UK households, while complying with EU law.

    12,470 signatures

  11. Make ECOCIDE a UK criminal offence

    Government responded – 31 July 2019

    This Government is committed to improving the environment in the UK and internationally. Strong legal laws and safeguards are in place monitored by effective regulators and tiers of Government.

    21,986 signatures

  12. Start a public enquiry into NHS Continuing Healthcare

    Government responded – 24 July 2019

    The Government does not believe there is a need for a public enquiry into NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups management of NHS Continuing Healthcare, who continue to meet their legal duties.

    10,632 signatures

  13. Introduce voter id for all elections

    Government responded – 24 July 2019

    The Government is delivering voter ID to strengthen the integrity of our electoral system and give the public confidence that our elections are secure and fit for the 21st century.

    20,689 signatures

  14. Improve maternal care for black British women

    Government responded – 22 October 2019

    The Government is funding research at the Maternal and Neonatal Health and Care PRU to investigate the factors associated with the excess risk of maternal death for Black and South Asian women.

    29,336 signatures

  15. Anonymity for those accused of sexual offences until charge.

    Government responded – 23 July 2019

    There should in general be a right to anonymity before charge in respect of all offences but there will be exceptional circumstances where there are legitimate policing reasons for naming a suspect.

    28,462 signatures

  16. Ban energy-wasting open fridges and freezers in all retail outlets

    Government responded – 4 November 2019

    The Government has no plans to ban the use of open fridges and freezers in retail outlets as it is already taking action to improve the energy efficiency of these products.

    49,272 signatures

  17. Repeal IR35 legislation in Public Sector and proposed Private Sector rollout.

    Government responded – 22 July 2019

    The off-payroll working rules do not apply to the self-employed. They ensure that individuals who work like employees but through their own company pay broadly the same taxes as the directly employed.

    30,343 signatures

  18. Postpone the rollout of 5G in the UK, pending further independent investigation.

    Government responded – 18 July 2019

    Exposure to radio waves has been researched and reviewed. The evidence suggests exposure from 5G radio systems within current guidelines does not pose a risk to public health or the environment.

    27,698 signatures

  19. To grant a section 30 order to allow a 2nd referendum on Scottish Independence.

    Government responded – 15 July 2019

    Now is not the time for another referendum. In 2014 people in Scotland voted decisively to remain part of the United Kingdom. That result should be respected.

    13,336 signatures

  20. Laws to be introduced on social networks on hate preaching against religion(s)

    Government responded – 15 July 2019

    The Government is committed to the principle of freedom of religion and belief. But this needs to be balanced against other rights and freedoms, as set out in the Online Harms White Paper.

    115,999 signatures

  21. Allow Tier 2 (Intra-Company) individuals and their dependants to settle.

    Government responded – 11 July 2019

    The Tier 2 (Intra-Company Transfer) category facilitates the mobility of key company personnel on a temporary basis only, in line with the Migration Advisory Committee’s recommendation.

    10,359 signatures

  22. Establish a national day commemorating the significance of 15th August 1945.

    Government responded – 10 July 2019

    The Government values VJ Day commemorations as an opportunity for the nation to show their gratitude to veterans and acknowledge their heroics in the most challenging of environments.

    17,627 signatures

  23. UK Government to ban the import of shark fins into the UK.

    Government responded – 8 July 2019

    The UK Government is strongly opposed to shark finning, and we support stronger international controls. Whilst in the EU, it is not possible to unilaterally ban the import of shark fins into the UK.

    16,322 signatures

  24. Revoke planning permission to build on the site of the Battle of Bosworth.

    Government responded – 4 July 2019

    The Secretary of State has received a request to revoke planning permission and will decide whether to intervene having regard to the development plan and any other material considerations.

    11,475 signatures

  25. Independent inquiry into exclusions of Black children from school

    Government responded – 3 July 2019

    We have no plans for a further inquiry of exclusions of Black children; however, we will deliver an ambitious programme of reform on this important issue in response to the Timpson Review.

    11,571 signatures

  26. The Air Ambulances to be government funded

    Government responded – 3 July 2019

    NHS ambulance services provide clinical staff and equipment to air ambulance charities. A charitable model gives charities independence to deliver specialised, specific services to each locality.

    134,143 signatures

  27. Stop charging commonwealth soldiers to stay in Britain!

    Government responded – 1 July 2019

    All immigration fees are set within strict financial limits agreed with HM Treasury and Parliament.

    11,669 signatures

  28. A final vote on scrapping HS2 for MPs, with a free vote for all Ministers

    Government responded – 1 July 2019

    HS2 has strong cross-party backing and was supported by the three largest parties at the last election. Phase One was approved by 399 votes to 42 in its final House of Commons vote in 2017.

    10,623 signatures

  29. Abolish the BBC television license.

    Government responded – 26 June 2019

    A television licence is required to watch or receive television as it is broadcast live or on BBC iPlayer.

    246,736 signatures

  30. To offer mammograms to all women over 30

    Government responded – 24 June 2019

    The Government recognises the devastating effects of breast cancer and awaits the Age X Trial findings. The UK National Screening Committee advice states women over 50 should be routinely screened.

    26,560 signatures

  31. Continue to fund free TV licences for the over 75 in the future.

    Government responded – 24 June 2019

    The Government is clear that the future of the over 75 licence fee concession is the responsibility of the BBC from June 2020.

    171,982 signatures

  32. Stop Postal Votes except for the elderly and disabled

    Government responded – 3 September 2019

    Electoral fraud is unacceptable in any form. The Government is committed to reforming the postal vote system to prevent fraud and ensure our elections are secure.

    22,393 signatures

  33. Lower the recommended age for a cervical smear test to 18.

    Government responded – 24 June 2019

    Whilst the Government acknowledges those tragic cases where cervical cancer progresses before age 25, UK National Screening Committee advice is to offer screening from 25, based on research evidence.

    77,736 signatures

  34. Raise awareness and fund research into Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG)

    Government responded – 3 September 2019

    We are highlighting the benefits of HeadSmart, and we have announced £40 million over five years for brain tumour research, including funding for childhood brain tumour research.

    41,675 signatures

  35. Investigate Atos PIP assessments.

    Government responded – 3 September 2019

    DWP conducts a robust programme of assessment observations and audit of assessment reports, providing assurance and maximising quality. We therefore do not believe an independent review is necessary.

    28,702 signatures

  36. Start preparations for a Peoples Vote now, to enable answer by 31-10-19.

    Government responded – 18 June 2019

    The Government maintains its commitment to upholding the 2016 referendum result. The extension agreed in April does not mean there is less urgency within government to deliver the referendum result.

    11,334 signatures

  37. Don't put our NHS up for negotiation

    Government responded – 17 June 2019

    The Government has been clear: the NHS is not, and never will be, for sale to the private sector. The Government will ensure no trade agreements will ever be able to alter this fundamental fact.

    169,836 signatures

  38. If Theresa May resigns as Prime Minister a general election must be held.

    Government responded – 13 June 2019

    General elections are now every 5 years unless an early general election is called under the terms of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act.

    46,622 signatures

  39. Public inquiry into disenfranchisement of EU27 citizens and UK citizens abroad

    Government responded – 13 June 2019

    The Government took all the legal steps necessary and put in place all the legislative and funding elements to enable Returning Officers to carry out their statutory duties for the 23 May polls.

    12,388 signatures

  40. Hold an Inquiry into the state of the Police Complaints System and role of IOPC

    Government responded – 12 June 2019

    The Government is overhauling the police complaints and discipline systems to ensure that allegations of misconduct are dealt with quickly and effectively for the benefit of the public and the police.

    13,874 signatures

  41. Decriminalise prostitution to promote safety

    Government responded – 11 June 2019

    The Government’s priority is to protect vulnerable people from harm. We have yet to see unequivocal evidence that a change in the law, including decriminalisation, will strengthen this.

    11,597 signatures

  42. Keep the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, in Lincolnshire

    Government responded – 11 June 2019

    The RAF remains committed to Lincolnshire, which is one of three potential locations for basing the Red Arrows. Detailed studies are underway, the outcome of which will be publicised in due course.

    11,434 signatures

  43. Change Settlement Status from Application to Registration.

    Government responded – 7 June 2019

    EU citizens are our friends, family and neighbours and we want them to stay. The EU Settlement Scheme makes it easy for them to confirm their right to do so – over 750,000 people have already applied.

    16,761 signatures

  44. Repeal the Yvette Cooper/Oliver Letwin Act

    Government responded – 31 May 2019

    The Government did not support this Act nor the manner in which it was passed. It remains Government policy that it is in the UK’s best interest to leave the EU with a deal as soon as possible.

    59,319 signatures

  45. Ban animal glue traps

    Government responded – 28 May 2019

    The use of glue traps is a lawful method of pest control in England. The onus is on operators to act within the law by ensuring that their activities do not cause any unnecessary suffering.

    13,815 signatures

  46. Have another general election

    Government responded – 22 May 2019

    General elections are now every 5 years unless an early general election is called under the terms of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act.

    10,912 signatures

  47. With 'notice to proceed' delayed again, halt all HS2 enabling work immediately.

    Government responded – 21 May 2019

    Enabling works on HS2 in Buckinghamshire continue to be carried out to ensure that construction of the railway can proceed smoothly once HS2 Ltd have received final authorisation from the Government.

    24,079 signatures

  48. Revoke permission given for beagle breeding centre in Hull for animal testing

    Government responded – 20 May 2019

    The Secretary of state is unable to use his powers to revoke planning permission for the dog breeding facility at the Field Station in Grimston, Hull as the facility is built and operational.

    46,451 signatures

  49. Make it law to scan microchips routinely on current & new patients at the vets.

    Government responded – 20 May 2019

    The Government agrees that it is good practice for veterinary practices to scan dogs that are presented to them and particularly for the first time.

    12,590 signatures

  50. Guaranteed help at A&E to prevent avoidable deaths from suicide

    Government responded – 16 May 2019

    We are rolling-out liaison mental health teams in every acute hospital by 2020 to ensure that people who present at hospital with mental health needs get the care and treatment they need.

    11,250 signatures

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