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  1. Do not pass legislation to allow the gene editing of animals and crops

    Government responded – 26 September 2022

    The provisions in the Bill on precision bred animals will be brought into force later. The Bill includes a system to safeguard animal welfare and no changes will be made until this system is in place.

    10,549 signatures

  2. Allow EU nationals to come to the UK to work in hospitality for up to 2 Years

    Government responded – 5 September 2022

    The Government has no plan to introduce a visa route for recruitment at or near the minimum wage with relatively short training. Businesses should invest in and develop the UK’s domestic labour force.

    18,138 signatures

  3. Nationalise Energy Companies

    Government responded – 1 September 2022

    The Government does not agree that nationalisation of energy assets is the right approach. Properly regulated markets provide the best outcome for consumers as a driver of efficiency and innovation.

    109,310 signatures

  4. Place a complete ban on the sale and use of disposable BBQ’s in the UK

    Government responded – 30 August 2022

    The Government takes public safety very seriously. While there are no plans to introduce a blanket ban on disposable barbeques, the Government is taking a range of action to keep people safe.

    27,762 signatures

  5. Lift ban on import of rescue animals from Romania, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland

    Government responded – 24 August 2022

    Great Britain has suspended the commercial import of dogs, cats and ferrets from Belarus, Poland, Romania or Ukraine due to the potential risk to human and animal health and cases of non-compliances.

    11,668 signatures

  6. Investigate massive delays and inconsistencies within the Passport Office

    Government responded – 11 October 2022

    Government does not intend to investigate but the National Audit Office is investigating performance due to unprecedented demand this year. Any resulting recommendations will be carefully considered.

    10,191 signatures

  7. Set a Minimum Pension Guarantee (MPG) of at least £200 pw for state pensioners

    Government responded – 22 August 2022

    The Government has no plans to introduce a new £200 Minimum Pension Guarantee. The Government is committed to a decent State Pension as the foundation of support for people in retirement.

    16,114 signatures

  8. Review honey authenticity and current regulation of the honey market

    Government responded – 18 August 2022

    Honey on sale in England must comply with the Honey Regulations 2015. The regulations and their enforcement are fit for purpose, protecting consumers, producers and businesses from fraud.

    15,301 signatures

  9. Residential Park Home residents should be eligible for £400 electricity grant

    Government responded – 17 August 2022

    Further funding will be available to provide equivalent support of £400 for energy bills for the 1% of households who will not be reached through the Energy Bills Support Scheme.

    12,348 signatures

  10. Recognise Teaching Assistants as an important asset to schools by raising wage.

    Government responded – 12 August 2022

    Government recognises the importance of teaching assistants. Schools are free to set their pay and most mirror local government pay scales. These are in negotiation due to report in September.

    88,410 signatures

  11. Find the time to take the Kept Animals Bill through Parliament and make it law

    Government responded – 12 August 2022

    The Kept Animals Bill was reintroduced in May 2022 and will continue its passage through the Commons when parliamentary time allows.

    108,155 signatures

  12. Increase minimum wage for licensed security workers to £15 an hour

    Government responded – 11 August 2022

    The Government target is for the National Living Wage which applies to all sectors, to reach two thirds of median earnings by 2024. There are no plans to introduce a minimum wage for security workers.

    11,475 signatures

  13. Make the NHS Pension scheme tax-unregistered

    Government responded – 10 August 2022

    The Government has no plans to make the NHS Pension Scheme a tax unregistered scheme. This would not benefit the vast majority of members, who would lose tax relief and a tax-free lump sum.

    11,532 signatures

  14. Do not require parents to register home educated children with local authorities

    Government responded – 8 August 2022

    The registers will help local authorities support home educating families; identify children not receiving a suitable education, children missing education, and children otherwise at risk of harm.

    11,116 signatures

  15. Overturn the decision to allow the use of neonicotinoid pesticides

    Government responded – 8 August 2022

    The use of neonicotinoids is prohibited other than via an emergency authorisation, in emergency circumstances, with strict conditions to mitigate risks to bees and other pollinators.

    11,074 signatures

  16. Save the bees: cut hazardous pesticides and support nature-friendly farming

    Government responded – 8 August 2022

    The Government is committed to developing and implementing policies that support sustainable crop protection with the minimum use of pesticides.

    23,460 signatures

  17. Review UK foreign policy in light of reports of Israeli apartheid

    Government responded – 5 August 2022

    The UK is committed to advancing the Middle East Peace Process. We are aware of these reports, and do not agree with the terminology used within them.

    15,417 signatures

  18. Protect and restore Britain’s lost rainforests

    Government responded – 5 August 2022

    The Government recognises the importance of temperate rainforests and will continue working to protect and restore these vital habitats.

    10,467 signatures

  19. Ban development on agricultural land to increase food self-sufficiency

    Government responded – 5 August 2022

    Government has committed to broadly maintaining current levels of food production. National planning policy sets a clear presumption away from developing high-quality agricultural land where possible.

    25,081 signatures

  20. Ban school uniforms in sex shops and pornography

    Government responded – 1 August 2022

    The Government does not intend to take this specific action at this time but remains firmly committed to preventing the sexualisation of children through the robust measures that are already in place.

    16,048 signatures

  21. Ensure student nurses are paid for placement hours

    Government responded – 1 August 2022

    The Government greatly values the contribution of student nurses. There are currently no plans to pay students while on their undergraduate nursing degree course’s mandatory clinical placement.

    13,076 signatures

  22. Extend the Leasehold Reform Act to ground rent on existing residential leases

    Government responded – 29 July 2022

    The Government remains committed to creating a fair housing system that works for everyone. We are taking forward a wide-ranging programme of reform to end unfair practices in the leasehold market.

    17,645 signatures

  23. Limit the shooting season of Woodcock

    Government responded – 11 October 2022

    Defra intends to review the list of species, including woodcock, on Schedule 2 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 including the benefits of altering the close season.

    107,916 signatures

  24. Fast-track access to benefits for terminally ill as soon as diagnosed

    Government responded – 25 July 2022

    The 12-month eligibility criteria improves access to benefits for those nearing the end of life and aligns with the NHS definition. All eligible benefit claims are paid as fast as possible.

    16,650 signatures

  25. Add Romanian to the Modern Languages GCSE

    Government responded – 22 July 2022

    It is for schools to decide which languages they teach as part of their curriculum, and for exam boards to consider which languages have sufficient demand for a GCSE to be made available.

    11,166 signatures

  26. Commission NICE to Review Guidelines on Chronic Pain (Published April 2021)

    Government responded – 21 July 2022

    NICE guidelines are evidence based and developed independently. NICE are clear that medicines should not be withdrawn from patients with chronic pain if they are safe and effective for them.

    15,847 signatures

  27. Fund the drug bevacizumab (Avastin) on the NHS to treat colorectal cancer

    Government responded – 21 July 2022

    Although NICE has not recommended bevacizumab for colorectal cancer, it has recommended a number of other medicines to treat colorectal cancer that are routinely available to NHS patients.

    20,822 signatures

  28. Increase the HMRC Mileage Rate from 45p/mile to 60p/mile

    Government responded – 11 October 2022

    The Approved Mileage Allowance Payment rate is advisory and is 45p/mile for the first 10,000 miles and 25p thereafter. As with all taxes and allowances, the Government keep the AMAP rate under review.

    41,589 signatures

  29. Increase staffing to reduce waiting times for visas

    Government responded – 19 July 2022

    Staff have been surged from across our operations and other government departments to assist across a range of visa routes, including the Ukraine schemes.

    11,388 signatures

  30. Fund pay rise for police officers in line with inflation, plus 1%

    Government responded – 11 October 2022

    It would not be appropriate for the Government to make pay awards for police officers without meeting its legal duty to consider the recommendations of the independent Police Remuneration Review Body.

    68,062 signatures

  31. Set up an independent regulator to monitor and regulate vehicle fuel pricing

    Government responded – 12 July 2022

    Fuel is an important part of household expenditure. That is why the Government cut fuel duty and requested a review of competition in the market. That review will inform consideration of a watchdog.

    11,563 signatures

  32. End the UK’s membership of the World Health Organisation

    Government responded – 4 July 2022

    The Government believes the World Health Organization has a vital role in global health and views the International Health Regulations as important in protecting citizens from the spread of disease.

    22,498 signatures

  33. Prohibit 5G technology in the UK

    Government responded – 6 September 2022

    Exposure to radio waves from 5G technology is expected to remain low relative to the international guidelines. As such, the Government will not prohibit the installation and use of 5G technology.

    10,632 signatures

  34. Make people on disability benefits eligible for the £650 one off payment.

    Government responded – 11 October 2022

    6 million people in receipt of a qualifying disability benefit will receive a £150 payment in September. If they are in receipt of a qualifying benefit, they will also receive the £650 payment.

    24,649 signatures

  35. Require local authorities in England to permit motorcycles in bus lanes

    Government responded – 30 June 2022

    The Department already prescribes traffic signs that enable local authorities to allow motorcycles to use bus lanes during their hours of operation. Whether to do so is a decision for them.

    14,710 signatures

  36. Change legal definition of stillborn to include all delivered babies

    Government responded – 28 June 2022

    The Government recognises the tragedy of pregnancy loss and we are working to better understand what can be done for those who have lost a pregnancy through The Pregnancy Loss Review.

    20,225 signatures

  37. Stop the government's 'one way ticket' plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda

    Government responded – 27 June 2022

    The Government is committed to tackling illegal migration and breaking the business model of evil people smuggling gangs. Rwanda is safe and secure, with a track record of supporting asylum seekers.

    12,967 signatures

  38. Negotiate re-entry to the Single Market

    Government responded – 24 June 2022

    Leaving the EU was the democratic wish of the British public. The Government is now focussed on implementing the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, ensuring it delivers for our citizens and businesses.

    12,966 signatures

  39. Review the euthanasia of animals in the UK and impose reporting requirements

    Government responded – 23 June 2022

    Existing vet requirements already protect animals from unnecessary euthanasia. There is no evidence of widespread unnecessary euthanasia requiring a government review or new reporting requirement.

    12,991 signatures

  40. Make it a legal duty to report when a dog attacks or kills a cat

    Government responded – 22 June 2022

    We recognise how painful it is to lose a pet and not know what happened. We will continue to work with local authorities to develop best practice to help reunite dead pets with their owners.

    14,182 signatures

  41. Automatically suspend PR rights of parent guilty of murdering the other parent.

    Government responded – 16 June 2022

    The court can limit the exercise of parental responsibility, if in the best interests of the child. In the most serious cases this can effectively amount to removing all parental powers and authority.

    130,179 signatures

  42. Ban the sale and use of artificial grass for residential properties

    Government responded – 16 June 2022

    The Government has no plans to ban the use of artificial grass.

    10,901 signatures

  43. Do not build two new prisons at Wethersfield Air Base

    Government responded – 15 June 2022

    The Government is undertaking the largest prison build programme in more than a century, one of the sites being considered is Wethersfield Air Base, a planning application has not yet been submitted.

    10,269 signatures

  44. Introduce independent body to enforce the ministerial code on ministers.

    Government responded – 15 June 2022

    The Government is accountable to Parliament and the British people. The Prime Minister issues and upholds the Ministerial Code in line with his position as head of Her Majesty’s Government.

    54,709 signatures

  45. Increase statutory maternity pay in line with cost of living crisis

    Government responded – 13 June 2022

    The Government has no plans to increase Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP). The standard rate of SMP is reviewed annually and is generally increased in line with CPI.

    38,606 signatures

  46. Exempt charities using IPAFFS from ban on importing animals from Eastern Europe

    Government responded – 8 June 2022

    Great Britain has suspended the commercial import of dogs, cats and ferrets from Belarus, Poland, Romania or Ukraine due to the potential risk to human and animal health and cases of non-compliances.

    18,574 signatures

  47. Increase benefits in line with current levels of inflation

    Government responded – 6 June 2022

    We are providing over £15bn of support for those with the greatest need. This is in addition to the £22bn announced previously, with support for the cost of living totalling over £37bn this year.

    13,879 signatures

  48. Introduce an "Ecological Damage Tax" on Astroturf Lawns / Artificial Grass

    Government responded – 31 May 2022

    There are no current plans to introduce a tax on artificial grass. The government keeps all tax policy under review.

    26,442 signatures

  49. Do not sign any WHO Pandemic Treaty unless it is approved via public referendum

    Government responded – 27 May 2022

    To protect lives, the economy and future generations from future pandemics, the UK government supports a new legally-binding instrument to strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.

    156,086 signatures

  50. Ban commercial breeding for laboratories. Implement reform to approve & use NAMs

    Government responded – 27 May 2022

    The use of animals in science supports the development of new medicines and the safety of our environment, for the benefit of humans and animals, and is only permitted when there are no alternatives.

    102,230 signatures

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