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  1. Introduce a 5p charge on single-use plastic straws.

    2,969 signatures

  2. Stop the unfair electoral boundary changes!

    2,905 signatures

  3. All halal and kosher meat to be labelled with method of production and slaughter

    2,882 signatures

  4. Bring forward the order for the Red Arrows Hawk Jets with BAE Systems

    2,857 signatures

  5. Guarantee the UK will not introduce Welfare Cards

    2,804 signatures

  6. Proscribe Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation in its entirety in the UK

    2,780 signatures

  7. Cancel the smart meter roll-out

    2,771 signatures

  8. Introduce automatic penalties when a contact order is broken repeatedly.

    2,746 signatures

  9. Hold a general election within the next 3 months.

    2,733 signatures

  10. Declare the 2016 referendum vote null and void due to foreign interference

    2,654 signatures

  11. Hold a General Election if the Government avoids an Opposition Day vote again.

    2,547 signatures

  12. Rule out UK government joining the US in future involvement against North Korea.

    2,547 signatures

  13. Create a Freedom of Speech Act and Bring an End to "Hate Speech" laws

    2,461 signatures

  14. Stop killing badgers

    2,442 signatures

  15. Call for a British Government apology for the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre of 1919

    2,438 signatures

  16. Make desecration of war memorials and symbols of remembrance a criminal offence.

    2,352 signatures

  17. Demand For Tougher Action Against Moped Crime

    2,336 signatures

  18. Stop oversized and hazardous goods vehicles using the Dartford Tunnel

    2,287 signatures

  19. Ban attendance awards in schools

    2,258 signatures

  20. Enshrine in law that on 29 March 2019 at 23:00 the NHS gets an extra 350million.

    2,228 signatures

  21. Make Parental Alienation a Criminal act that can carry a custodial sentence.

    2,193 signatures

  22. Make companies legally obliged to pay mandatory breaks for professional drivers

    2,128 signatures

  23. Endometriosis awareness campaign for women aged between 14-18 in Education

    2,121 signatures

  24. UK retailers to label all meat non-halal or halal so all religions have a choice

    2,062 signatures

  25. Support the secession of Catalonia from The Kingdom of Spain

    2,029 signatures

  26. Make it illegal for any MP to lie in parliament or knowingly deceive the public.

    2,005 signatures

  27. Ban animal testing (vivisection) in the UK completely

    2,003 signatures

  28. Make Helmet Therapy for Babies free on the NHS.

    1,964 signatures

  29. Ban greyhound racing, and all exports of dogs to any country including the eu

    1,956 signatures

  30. Return Scottish devolved powers to UK Government and Parliament

    1,929 signatures

  31. Recognise nonbinary people in law

    1,927 signatures

  32. To allow Christopher Maurice Brown (singer) to be allowed into the UK

    1,918 signatures

  33. Re introduce the MenC vaccine for babies aged 12 weeks of age.

    1,911 signatures

  34. Improve Availability of NHS Services for FND Sufferers

    1,856 signatures

  35. Put General Practitioners on the Home Office's 'Shortage Occupation List'

    1,833 signatures

  36. Correct the flaws in our First-Past-The-Post voting system.

    1,788 signatures

  37. The Scottish Government should be called the Scottish Executive.

    1,772 signatures

  38. Maximum 30 day wait for anyone needing counselling for mental health issues

    1,754 signatures

  39. Stop plans to exempt vehicles more than 40 years old from roadworthiness tests

    1,710 signatures

  40. Introduce the British Empire as a mandatory part of the Key Stage 3 curriculum

    1,698 signatures

  41. Introduce automatic approval of visit visas for families of British Citizens

    1,694 signatures

  42. Make it mandatory all processed meat products carry a Government health warning

    1,682 signatures

  43. The undersigned demand the following terms are included in any UK Brexit deal.

    1,672 signatures

  44. Make parking of ICE vehicles at EV charging points a more serious offence

    1,647 signatures

  45. Make Houses of Parliament alcohol free.

    1,643 signatures

  46. Give the blood bike community section 19 exemptions for blue light runs

    1,633 signatures

  47. Make student paramedics eligible for the NHS learning support fund

    1,628 signatures

  48. Urge the Government to support the construction of a Sudbury bypass.

    1,581 signatures

  49. Require HMRC to separate out the cost of Brexit on personal tax statements.

    1,551 signatures

  50. Stop the proposed Warrington Western Link

    1,482 signatures

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