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  1. Reform the Grocery Supply Code of Practice to better protect farmers

    Government responded – 27 November 2023

    The Government is committed to tackling contractual unfairness that can exist in the agri-food supply chain and Defra is working to support farmers and ensure they get a fair price for their products.

    113,515 signatures

  2. Honour the triple lock in full in April 2024

    Government responded – 24 November 2023

    The Government has announced plans to increase State Pensions by 8.5% in April 2024, in line with the Triple Lock commitment.

    22,610 signatures

  3. Add hedgehogs to Schedule 5 Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981

    Government responded – 24 November 2023

    There are no plans to add hedgehogs to Schedule 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

    24,515 signatures

  4. Seek to secure the release of hostages held by Hamas

    Government responded – 23 November 2023

    The UK government welcomes the 22 November agreement between Israel and Hamas on a coordinated release of hostages and pause in fighting. We continue to work on securing the release of all hostages.

    31,610 signatures

  5. Bad owners are to blame not the breed - don't ban the XL bully

    Government responded – 23 November 2023

    Following a concerning rise in attacks and fatalities caused by XL Bully type dogs, the Government has added this breed to the list of dogs banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

    621,046 signatures

  6. Do not allow people to have acquired gender listed as sex on Government ID

    Government responded – 20 November 2023

    We are committed to protecting the rights of transgender people whilst ensuring that these rights are appropriately balanced with the rights of others.

    13,953 signatures

  7. End the UK’s membership of the World Health Organization

    Government responded – 17 November 2023

    The UK Government will not end our WHO membership. We are committed to working with the WHO to tackle the world’s health issues. We do not and will never cede sovereign powers through our partnership.

    104,974 signatures

  8. Stop the implementation of betting affordability/financial risk checks

    Government responded – 16 November 2023

    We are committed to a proportionate, frictionless system of financial risk checks, to protect those at risk of harm without over regulating. The Gambling Commission will set out plans in due course.

    103,537 signatures

  9. Seek a ceasefire and to end Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip

    Government responded – 13 November 2023

    We are focused on conflict resolution. We have consistently called for humanitarian pauses to allow aid in and hostages out, and welcome the announcement of four-hour pauses as a first step.

    268,882 signatures

  10. Urge the Israel Government to allow fuel, electricity and food into Gaza

    Government responded – 10 November 2023

    The UK continues to urge all sides to adhere to international humanitarian law, and to call for immediate, unimpeded and safe humanitarian access for lifesaving aid to reach civilians.

    199,623 signatures

  11. Fund free dental care for all

    Government responded – 9 November 2023

    Dental patient charges provide an important contribution to NHS budgets. A number of patients are already exempt from patient charges and we have no current plans to extend these provisions.

    12,896 signatures

  12. Reverse the requirement for parents on UC to be available to work for 30 hours

    Government responded – 7 November 2023

    This measure, now introduced, enhances Jobcentre support for parents, reflecting increasing help with childcare. 30 hours is a maximum work requirement, with commitments tailored to circumstances.

    23,283 signatures

  13. Remain neutral in Israel-Palestine conflict and withdraw support for Israel

    Government responded – 6 November 2023

    The UK supports Israel’s right to self-defence in line with international humanitarian law. We will continue to lead and support efforts towards a two state solution between Israel and the PA.

    151,550 signatures

  14. Ban the sale of fireworks to the general public

    Government responded – 1 November 2023

    The Government has no plans to ban the sale of fireworks to the public but continues to monitor the situation. We believe the majority of individuals use fireworks safely and appropriately.

    50,288 signatures

  15. Make abuse or violence towards retail workers a standalone criminal offence

    Government responded – 30 October 2023

    The Government is committed to supporting hardworking retail workers, who can suffer intolerable violence and abuse, but we do not think more legislative change is required or will be most effective.

    47,130 signatures

  16. Fund the reopening of the three state-of-the-art Rutherford Cancer Centres

    Government responded – 27 October 2023

    Two of the former Rutherford sites are operating as NHS cancer centres. The Government has no current intention of reopening the remaining three sites as they do not meet present NHS specifications.

    14,270 signatures

  17. Introduce mandatory neutering of pet cats

    Government responded – 25 October 2023

    The Government has no plans to mandate the neutering of cats.

    28,029 signatures

  18. Fund routine breast cancer screening from the age of 25

    Government responded – 23 October 2023

    The Government is committed to reducing lives lost to breast cancer. Women between 50-71 years are invited to breast screening every three years, as recommended by the UK National Screening Committee.

    18,655 signatures

  19. Increase Carer's Allowance to 35 hours a week at the minimum wage

    Government responded – 23 October 2023

    Carer’s Allowance is a benefit that provides some financial recognition that a carer may not be able to work full-time. It is part of a range of support based on individual needs, rather than a wage.

    13,914 signatures

  20. Introduce national restrictions on pavement parking.

    Government responded – 23 October 2023

    This highly important issue is complex and involves many conflicting factors. The Government needs to get this right and is carefully considering the issues before deciding the way forward.

    29,723 signatures

  21. Protect the NHS and All Healthcare: Require #MasksInHealthcare

    Government responded – 7 November 2023

    The Government does not plan to implement a policy requiring mask wearing in all healthcare settings. NHS England sets policy on mask wearing in healthcare settings, informed by scientific evidence.

    10,531 signatures

  22. Change the school week to a four day week

    Government responded – 19 October 2023

    The Government has no plans to reduce the school week. This would be damaging to pupils and parents. Collective action by government and the sector is being taken to address teacher workload.

    42,137 signatures

  23. Call an immediate general election

    Government responded – 18 October 2023

    Britain faces long-term challenges that need us to put the national interest first. Rishi Sunak and this Government are doing just that and it would be wrong to call an early general election now.

    288,042 signatures

  24. Deport all foreign and dual nationals imprisoned for a year or more

    Government responded – 15 November 2023

    The Home Secretary already has a statutory duty to deport foreign nationals sentenced to at least 12 months’ imprisonment, unless an exception applies. This change is therefore unnecessary.

    37,022 signatures

  25. Record the number of bereaved children to ensure they are supported

    Government responded – 12 October 2023

    Losing a loved one is an awful experience, particularly for children. It is not appropriate for a death registration to include the name of any dependent child, but support is available for children.

    11,424 signatures

  26. Hold a referendum on ending devolution in Wales

    Government responded – 12 October 2023

    The UK Government has no plans to hold a referendum on the future of devolution in Wales.

    45,152 signatures

  27. Make the State Pension equal to Minimum Wage (40hr/wk 23+) to all from age 60

    Government responded – 10 October 2023

    The Government has no plans to increase the basic State Pension to £21,673.60 a year (£416.80 pw) and extend this to everyone aged 60 or over.

    17,683 signatures

  28. Pause the Energy Bill and hold a public referendum before proceeding

    Government responded – 10 October 2023

    The landmark Energy Bill will provide a cleaner, more affordable, and more secure energy system. It has been subject to intense, rigorous legislative scrutiny by both Houses on behalf of the public.

    13,455 signatures

  29. Change the legal driving age to 15

    Government responded – 10 October 2023

    The Government has no current plans to lower the legal driving age. This is because young drivers remain as one of the highest fatality groups.

    95,664 signatures

  30. Introduce statutory licensing and regulation of builders

    Government responded – 10 October 2023

    The Government has strengthened consumer protection through the Consumer Rights Act. Currently, the Government does not support a building licencing scheme, but keeps this policy under regular review.

    10,999 signatures

  31. Make knife crime prevention a compulsory requirement for all school curriculum

    Government responded – 5 October 2023

    DfE will shortly consult publicly on draft amendments to the RSHE statutory guidance before a new version is finalised and published in 2024. DfE will also consider this petition as wider evidence.

    10,236 signatures

  32. Provide dairy-free alternatives as part of the national milk scheme for under 5s

    Government responded – 2 October 2023

    The Nursery Milk Scheme only allows reimbursement for milk. The Government will consider this position once a joint scientific advisory committee working group on plant-based drinks has reported.

    12,982 signatures

  33. A central register of Asbestos and phased removal of Asbestos from all buildings

    Government responded – 28 September 2023

    Government understands concerns about asbestos in buildings. We will continue to consider how we can improve the system to minimise the risk of exposure to asbestos.

    10,697 signatures

  34. Abolish TV Licence Fees For Everyone

    Government responded – 26 September 2023

    The licence fee will remain for this Charter. However, the current model faces challenges and the Government is looking at ways to ensure the way the BBC is funded in future is fair and sustainable.

    15,864 signatures

  35. Allow BN(O) holders to use e-gates at passport control

    Government responded – 21 September 2023

    We are constantly reviewing eGate eligibility for all groups, including BN(O) holders, however immediate change to eGate eligibility is not possible due to legislative and logistical constraints.

    11,434 signatures

  36. Fund menopause awareness training for Practice Nurses

    Government responded – 21 September 2023

    Whilst Government has no plans to fund menopause awareness training for Practice Nurses specifically, the NHS England menopause programme is improving menopause education for healthcare professionals.

    10,540 signatures

  37. Provide Ukrainian refugees with settled status to enable a stable life in the UK

    Government responded – 20 September 2023

    Our schemes provide Ukrainians with three years’ temporary sanctuary in the UK, until it is safe to return to Ukraine, as we believe it will be. We keep these temporary routes under constant review.

    36,721 signatures

  38. Create a new regulatory body to hold NHS managers accountable

    Government responded – 18 September 2023

    The Government is currently considering whether further mechanisms are needed to hold senior NHS managers accountable.

    26,043 signatures

  39. Ensure all GCSE students are issued equation sheets

    Government responded – 14 September 2023

    The Department for Education and Ofqual will confirm arrangements for 2024 exams early in the autumn term.

    18,150 signatures

  40. Create income replacement scheme for crew affected by writers and actors strikes

    Government responded – 13 September 2023

    The government understands that US industrial action is impacting UK crew. Whilst we have no plans to introduce an income replacement scheme, help is available through HMRC’s Time to Pay scheme.

    30,380 signatures

  41. Introduce 'Grow Your Own' Laws for Legal Medical Cannabis Patients (CBPM)

    Government responded – 7 September 2023

    Cannabis cannot be cultivated except under a Home Office licence. The Home Office does not grant licences to grow cannabis for personal consumption and there are no plans to introduce this.

    12,648 signatures

  42. Make MPs who are absent from their constituency and Parliament subject to recall

    Government responded – 6 September 2023

    The Government does not intend to amend the circumstances in which the Recall of MPs Act 2015 applies; it is for voters to judge their MP's record and work on local issues at a General Election.

    13,679 signatures

  43. Create new requirements for dogs held under dangerous dogs legislation

    Government responded – 5 September 2023

    We currently have no plans to introduce new legal requirements in relation to seized dogs. All kennels that operate as a commercial business must be licensed and meet set health and welfare standards.

    10,907 signatures

  44. Make a UK law requiring all establishments to accept cash

    Government responded – 5 September 2023

    The government has no plans to mandate cash acceptance. It is right that businesses choose the forms of payment they accept. The government has recently legislated to protect access to cash.

    20,772 signatures

  45. Make pet abduction a specific criminal offence

    Government responded – 4 September 2023

    Whilst the theft of pets is already a crime, we would be supportive of legislation on pet abduction when parliamentary time allows.

    49,593 signatures

  46. Allow Healthcare Workers on skilled worker visas to work for any employer

    Government responded – 31 August 2023

    Skilled Workers can already change employers as long as they apply to do so. We have no plans to change this. Removing employer sponsorship could worsen modern slavery risks, not reduce them.

    11,829 signatures

  47. Stop all new oil and gas developments

    Government responded – 25 August 2023

    The UK decarbonised more than any other G7 country between 1990 and 2021, but oil and gas are essential resources that still supply around three quarters of the UK’s overall energy use today.

    15,945 signatures

  48. Make dogs attacking other pets a specific criminal offence

    Government responded – 24 August 2023

    Section 3 of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 already provides for offences to be dealt with. We do not consider it necessary to introduce another offence.

    15,603 signatures

  49. Recognize period underwear as a menstrual product and remove the 20%VAT on them

    Government responded – 24 August 2023

    The Government introduced a VAT zero rate on 1 January 2021, on sanitary products previously subject to a rate of 5 per cent. Period pants are not in this group, but we keep all taxes under review.

    36,025 signatures

  50. Introduce new requirements to protect students with allergies in school

    Government responded – 23 August 2023

    The Department understands concerns about allergies in school. We feel that existing guidance is appropriate. Schools/governing bodies are best placed to make decisions about individual pupils.

    13,027 signatures

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