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  1. The Saudi Arabian Ambassador should be expelled.

    1,153 signatures

  2. Make it illegal for Holiday firms to increase prices in school holidays

    1,146 signatures

  3. Pass a law so that food labels must state exactly which ingredients they contain

    1,141 signatures

  4. Scrap the approval of doubling the immigration health surcharge for nurses!

    1,133 signatures

  5. Stop sex offenders being held at Hollesley Bay prison

    1,133 signatures

  6. Change the rules on accessibility to schools to match that of planning.

    1,132 signatures

  7. All children's bicycles sold in the UK to have handlebar plugs fitted.

    1,120 signatures

  8. Pass a law that only allows the sale of Quiet Fireworks to the general public.

    1,115 signatures

  9. Form a mandatory regulatory body for undertakers

    1,112 signatures

  10. Action a NO DEAL Brexit and give divorce bill savings directly to UK citizens

    1,103 signatures

  11. Change how Universal Credit is calculated for those receiving student income

    1,076 signatures

  12. FA2017 Part 2 Clause 29(2) to include calorific maltodextrin

    1,064 signatures

  13. Build all M53 bridges with anti climb fencing

    1,060 signatures

  14. End Business Improvement Districts: Stop this unfair Stealth Tax

    1,057 signatures

  15. Create an independent enquiry to determine if foreign powers influenced Brexit.

    1,052 signatures

  16. Require political parties to have robust procedures for tackling discrimination

    1,041 signatures

  17. Diagnosed mental health patients should receive free prescriptions

    1,037 signatures

  18. Make it compulsory for domesticated cats and dogs to be spayed/neutered.

    1,036 signatures

  19. Stop cross bordering licensing for Hackney and Private Hire in the UK

    1,035 signatures

  20. Make it illegal to advertise domestic pets free to good home on social media

    1,007 signatures

  21. Raise awareness of endometriosis among young women and doctors

    984 signatures

  22. Halt the rollout of Universal Credit

    970 signatures

  23. Grant tourist Visa-free access for UK to citizens of the Republic of Macedonia

    957 signatures

  24. Require schools to teach our children about the British constitution

    954 signatures

  25. This Government must financially support the Moorside project.

    923 signatures

  26. Put Defibrillator awareness on a TV advert.

    913 signatures

  27. Change the laws for fireworks only to use silent fireworks.

    904 signatures

  28. Amend the 2004 Hunting Act to include a minimum age requirement for hunt riders.

    904 signatures

  29. Ban balloon and sky lanterns release to celebrate or commemorate someone.

    895 signatures

  30. Ban any planning/ development on green belt, even in 'exceptional circumstances'

    893 signatures

  31. Lower the maximum temperature allowed when transporting livestock after Brexit

    885 signatures

  32. We want Britain to give more help and treatment for people with a Pineal Cyst

    879 signatures

  33. Guaranteed help at A&E to prevent avoidable deaths from suicide

    872 signatures

  34. We call on the government to fund a new NHS A&E Hospital for West Herts NOW.

    864 signatures

  35. Make animal welfare part of the schools curriculum.

    863 signatures

  36. Publish all official documents surrounding Brexit negotiations

    856 signatures

  37. Raise the profile of menopause in the public domain

    851 signatures

  38. Ban the shooting of Pheasants, Partridges and Grouse for sport.

    848 signatures

  39. Review current policy allowing councils to turn off street lights at night.

    842 signatures

  40. Freeze the £1bn RFA ship tender till we leave EU directives, to ensure UK build.

    820 signatures

  41. Hold a referendum on Proportional Representation for parliamentary elections

    819 signatures

  42. Make PrEP available through the NHS across the whole of the country.

    817 signatures

  43. Increase funding for Bedfordshire Police to combat the rise in serious crime.

    812 signatures

  44. Laws to be introduced on social networks on hate preaching against religion(s)

    804 signatures

  45. Add a duty requiring MPs to act in the interest of their constituency's wildlife

    804 signatures

  46. Give Grandparents rights to see Grandchildren

    802 signatures

  47. Introduce licence to practice for car mechanics

    786 signatures

  48. Allow EU nationals with permanent residence to participate in a People's Vote

    776 signatures

  49. Allow tax payers to opt out of funding war and fund conflict prevention instead

    772 signatures

  50. Make it illegal to introduce car parking charges for common land car parks

    769 signatures

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