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  1. Remove Capita from recruiting for the Army and use Soldiers to recruit Soldiers

    1,399 signatures

  2. Place Cardiac Physiologists on the National Shortage Occupational list.

    1,377 signatures

  3. Provide short term emergency parking stickers for IBD sufferers.

    1,376 signatures

  4. Illegal dog fighting - raise the period of imprisonment.

    1,348 signatures

  5. Reinstate sailing and windsurfing to A level and GCSE PE

    1,341 signatures

  6. Amend the Wildlife Act so companies have to protect wildlife

    1,336 signatures

  7. Urge the FCA to cap repayments on rent-to-own and doorstep lending

    1,301 signatures

  8. Make ocrelizumab available on the NHS for multiple sclerosis patients

    1,285 signatures

  9. U.K. government to introduce National ID Cards to all legal citizens

    1,269 signatures

  10. Legalise medical cannabis for difficult to treat epilepsies in children.

    1,269 signatures

  11. Pass a law guaranteeing free speech except for incitement to violence

    1,264 signatures

  12. Petition to Establish Evidence-Based Treatment for Eating Disorders in U.K.

    1,262 signatures

  13. Once the Brexit process is finished give the public the final say on the deal

    1,252 signatures

  14. Restrict the trade in, and private keeping of, dangerous wild animals

    1,242 signatures

  15. Make it law that dog wardens must check lost Pet chips and inform owners at once

    1,238 signatures

  16. Stop Care Home abuse by making it mandatory for CCTV to be installed

    1,230 signatures

  17. Extend the review of PIP claims to all claims & the PIP decision making process

    1,230 signatures

  18. Save the NHS - Stop the underfunding and skill shortages

    1,215 signatures

  19. Aesthetic medicine treatments only to be performed by Doctors, Nurses & Dentists

    1,198 signatures

  20. Leave the EU now

    1,191 signatures

  21. Abolish 0.7% GDP target for Foreign Aid spending Spend OUR money at home

    1,184 signatures

  22. Change the Law, to stop authorities euthanising animals before an assessment.

    1,181 signatures

  23. Fund seizure alarms for everyone with Epilepsy

    1,160 signatures

  24. Regulate open air prayer meetings of all denominations

    1,157 signatures

  25. Increase maintenance loans to students living in Oxford to London weighting

    1,145 signatures

  26. Legislate against anyone with EU pension serving in Commons or Lords.

    1,106 signatures

  27. Universal Credit: split payments between adults in each household

    1,095 signatures

  28. Stop incineration of any waste which could be recycled. No new incinerators!

    1,084 signatures

  29. Halt immediately UK arms sales to Turkey until they withdraw from Afrin Syria.

    1,076 signatures

  30. Reinstate ICT at GCSE

    1,075 signatures

  31. Debate a ‘National Strategy to Promote the Switch to Cloth Nappies.’

    1,068 signatures

  32. A call from the UK for UN Peace Keeping Force in Southern Cameroon at the UN

    1,062 signatures

  33. Please do not increase the IHS paid by migrants coming to the UK to £400

    1,050 signatures

  34. Commission a statue of Enoch Powell to be placed outside Parliament

    1,048 signatures

  35. Give kinship carers and other close family the same right as foster carers.

    1,046 signatures

  36. Make ‘trade unionism’ a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010.

    1,037 signatures

  37. Stop Postal Votes except for the elderly and disabled

    1,026 signatures

  38. Make domestic abusers sign a register

    1,023 signatures

  39. Criminalise the export of cannabis

    996 signatures

  40. Provide free sanitary products to young women receiving free school meals

    986 signatures

  41. Abolish the TV licence

    970 signatures

  42. Introduce minimum sentencing for child sexual abuse and online grooming

    970 signatures

  43. Make it illegal for ticket resales to be more than 10% of Face Value

    965 signatures

  44. Make prescriptions free for cystic fibrosis sufferers

    960 signatures

  45. Lower the age a stillborn can legally be registered.

    945 signatures

  46. Make Food and Farming education in UK schools part of the curriculum

    942 signatures

  47. Introduce mandatory fluoridation of the water supply to prevent tooth decay

    933 signatures

  48. Provide all student nurses and midwives with additional maintenance loan

    933 signatures

  49. Require in law that branding/ads must show a variety of real body shapes

    930 signatures

  50. Issue an RAF centenary medal to all serving RAF personnel.

    929 signatures

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