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  1. Tax on meat and dairy products to offset the damage caused in their production.

    1,308 signatures

  2. Ban the advertising of animal products in public. Including meat, dairy and fur.

    1,253 signatures

  3. Fund seizure alarms for everyone with Epilepsy

    1,245 signatures

  4. Address the discrepancies in widening accesss scheme payments across NHS trusts

    1,237 signatures

  5. A call from the UK for UN Peace Keeping Force in Southern Cameroon at the UN

    1,237 signatures

  6. Legislate against anyone with EU pension serving in Commons or Lords.

    1,211 signatures

  7. Reject calls to add American Bulldogs to the dangerous dog act.

    1,209 signatures

  8. Regulate open air prayer meetings of all denominations

    1,190 signatures

  9. Increase maintenance loans to students living in Oxford to London weighting

    1,189 signatures

  10. Fund afamelanotide on the NHS to treat erythropoietic protoporphyria

    1,174 signatures

  11. To make the Drug MDPV Monkey Dust Class A, users need support also

    1,173 signatures

  12. Outdoor nature-based learning to be compulsory and weekly in all English schools

    1,163 signatures

  13. Create a 26 week scan during pregnancy to reduce the risk of still births.

    1,138 signatures

  14. Ban the use of glyphosate in the UK

    1,133 signatures

  15. Commons to vote on the question "Brexit is in the UK's best interest"

    1,126 signatures

  16. Debate a ‘National Strategy to Promote the Switch to Cloth Nappies.’

    1,125 signatures

  17. All children's bicycles sold in the UK to have handlebar plugs fitted.

    1,104 signatures

  18. Stop sex offenders being held at Hollesley Bay prison

    1,103 signatures

  19. Reduce the age of the meningitis Acwy vaccine to 3months

    1,094 signatures

  20. Commission a statue of Enoch Powell to be placed outside Parliament

    1,087 signatures

  21. The Saudi Arabian Ambassador should be expelled.

    1,076 signatures

  22. Overturn a Home Office decision regarding a Kidney Donor who was refused a visa

    1,075 signatures

  23. Stop Postal Votes except for the elderly and disabled

    1,061 signatures

  24. Mandatory minimum sentence for shaken baby deaths no guilty plea reduction.

    1,046 signatures

  25. Remove the requirement to pay VAT by churches, specifically on building works.

    1,039 signatures

  26. Require political parties to have robust procedures for tackling discrimination

    1,035 signatures

  27. Any parent convicted of a child sexual offence to be stripped of parental rights

    1,034 signatures

  28. Make it illegal for ticket resales to be more than 10% of Face Value

    1,028 signatures

  29. Close the loophole that allows second home owners to evade council tax and rates

    1,024 signatures

  30. Criminalise the export of cannabis

    1,023 signatures

  31. Cancel Donald Trump’s visit to the U.K. due to the immigrant children scandal

    1,019 signatures

  32. Total ban on killing and eating of dogs and cats in uk

    1,017 signatures

  33. Change the rules on accessibility to schools to match that of planning.

    1,003 signatures

  34. FA2017 Part 2 Clause 29(2) to include calorific maltodextrin

    990 signatures

  35. Advanced Clinical Practitioners to be able to sign Med 3 forms (FIT notes)

    989 signatures

  36. Establish a special unit to tackle the misconduct of public officials.

    975 signatures

  37. Ban UK tour agents promotion of animal attractions which fail national standards

    962 signatures

  38. Make it compulsory for domesticated cats and dogs to be spayed/neutered.

    959 signatures

  39. Stop UK government funding the Syrian Civil Defence, AKA the "White Helmets."

    950 signatures

  40. Make home to school disabled transport free for young adults aged 16 to 19

    924 signatures

  41. Fund PTSD recovery centres for ex-armed forces and emergency services personnel

    924 signatures

  42. Stop pets being sold online. Many are by breeders, pup farmers, dog theft gangs.

    908 signatures

  43. Commit to a long-term funding plan for health & social care to the year 2035.

    905 signatures

  44. Change universal credit back to the previous benefit system that worked

    903 signatures

  45. Motorcyclists to upgrade their CBT licence to ride a 250cc at 18

    878 signatures

  46. To address the demise of High Street Businesses by reducing Business rates.

    877 signatures

  47. Pressure the Nicaraguan government to stop the violent repression of protests.

    866 signatures

  48. Make it illegal to advertise domestic pets free to good home on social media

    858 signatures

  49. Lower the maximum temperature allowed when transporting livestock after Brexit

    852 signatures

  50. Amend the law so Chartered Legal Executives can certify Powers of Attorney

    852 signatures

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