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  1. Halt the cuts to the Metropolitan Police budget

    1,847 signatures

  2. Correct the flaws in our First-Past-The-Post voting system.

    1,828 signatures

  3. Proscribe Britain First

    1,821 signatures

  4. Introduce sanctions to STOP anonymous, false & malicious complaints to Ofsted.

    1,818 signatures

  5. Change immigration Rules and accept full time study in UK as proof of English

    1,806 signatures

  6. Introduce the British Empire as a mandatory part of the Key Stage 3 curriculum

    1,800 signatures

  7. Replace small plastic bags for loose food products with brown paper ones

    1,788 signatures

  8. Make General Practice recognised as a specialism in the UK

    1,764 signatures

  9. Stop plans to exempt vehicles more than 40 years old from roadworthiness tests

    1,754 signatures

  10. Allow carers to study more than 21 hours a week and claim Carers Allowance

    1,752 signatures

  11. End the new flight restrictions on passengers travelling from Northern Cyprus

    1,732 signatures

  12. The undersigned demand the following terms are included in any UK Brexit deal.

    1,718 signatures

  13. Introduce an animal abuser registry in the UK

    1,717 signatures

  14. Reinstate the rail link from Poulton le Fylde to Fleetwood Lancashire

    1,705 signatures

  15. Give the blood bike community section 19 exemptions for blue light runs

    1,699 signatures

  16. Negotiate with the EU the possibility of direct EU citizenship for UK nationals

    1,666 signatures

  17. Have a national two minute silence on May 22 at 11am for the Manchester victims

    1,659 signatures

  18. Urge the Chinese government to stop the annual Yulin Dog Eating Festival

    1,621 signatures

  19. Urge the Government to support the construction of a Sudbury bypass.

    1,613 signatures

  20. Make access to habitable shelter a protected and inalienable human right

    1,610 signatures

  21. Make it compulsory to offer a Vegan option in KS1 free school meals.

    1,602 signatures

  22. Do extra checks in scans during pregnancy to check for vasa previa placentas.

    1,593 signatures

  23. Investigate whether David Davis lied to Parliament about Impact Assessments

    1,585 signatures

  24. Change law and tax rules to ensure equal pay for equal work for agency workers

    1,567 signatures

  25. Make Transplant patients Exempt from paying prescription charges

    1,560 signatures

  26. Remove rip-off compound interest from student loans

    1,550 signatures

  27. Dogs under S1 DDA should automatically be entitled to interim exemption

    1,539 signatures

  28. We ask the Government to commit to the UK's continued participation in Erasmus

    1,537 signatures

  29. Stop explosive housing growth without infrastructure to support it

    1,517 signatures

  30. Ban the sale of live small animals in pet shops and garden centres in the UK

    1,517 signatures

  31. Stop the proposed Warrington Western Link

    1,516 signatures

  32. To abolish ground rent payments on existing residential property leases

    1,494 signatures

  33. Introduce interim “pub cap” and a full review of the business rate system

    1,490 signatures

  34. Repeal the April 2017 changes to Bereavement Support

    1,480 signatures

  35. Licence the use of Air Rifles

    1,458 signatures

  36. Stop The Genocide In Myanmar - UK Government Please Help!

    1,450 signatures

  37. Brexit: Stop using ‘will of the people’ and ‘will of the British people.’

    1,438 signatures

  38. Make Work Related Stress absence over 7 days reportable under RIDDOR 2013

    1,435 signatures

  39. Clarify the term "Railway Land" of the Lynn and Fakenham Railway Acts 1876/81

    1,403 signatures

  40. Give the Royal Forest of Dean an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty)status

    1,401 signatures

  41. Change the law so that rape can be classed as a terrorist offence

    1,397 signatures

  42. Programme to fund aspiring commercial pilots training similar to university fees

    1,382 signatures

  43. Tongue Tie to be recognised and made a compulsory check on Newborn Babies.

    1,374 signatures

  44. Formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel

    1,372 signatures

  45. Mandate that patients are told if their NHS referral is to a private provider.

    1,371 signatures

  46. Reduce student loan interest to an affordable 1% over base rate.

    1,358 signatures

  47. Provide short term emergency parking stickers for IBD sufferers.

    1,354 signatures

  48. Provide free glasses on the NHS, for children with Irlens Syndrome.

    1,354 signatures

  49. Reject HS2 Phase 2a proposed scheme to save Blithbury Reindeer Lodge

    1,339 signatures

  50. Specialist provision for children/adults with Foetal Alcohol Spetrum Disorder

    1,317 signatures

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