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  1. Stop Theresa May from bringing back her deal to Parliament for a 4th time.

    2,003 signatures

  2. Introduce a Rolling road tax exemption for vehicles over 30 years old.

    1,991 signatures

  3. Ensure ALL records relating to the Chinook crash in 1994 are archived at Kew

    1,990 signatures

  4. Repeal the hunting act

    1,968 signatures

  5. Make 'Environmental Awareness' a compulsory subject in the National Curriculum.

    1,942 signatures

  6. Hold European Parliamentary elections in UK if Brexit is delayed

    1,939 signatures

  7. Free prescriptions for those with Cystic Fibrosis

    1,933 signatures

  8. Add the blood test for 22q to the Guthrie test 'heel prick' newborn screening.

    1,913 signatures

  9. Public areas & Food places to have Epi Pens for food allergies

    1,894 signatures

  10. Stop cross bordering licensing for Hackney and Private Hire in the UK

    1,894 signatures

  11. Routine PSA screening for men over 50 on NHS to check for prostate cancer.

    1,892 signatures

  12. Provide free glasses on the NHS, for children with Irlens Syndrome.

    1,855 signatures

  13. Use the most recent household growth projections when planning housing need.

    1,847 signatures

  14. Ban plastic wrappers for individually sold greetings cards.

    1,829 signatures

  15. Reverse the Cuts to Youth Services

    1,817 signatures

  16. Change non-medical prescribing laws, allowing RODP's to Independently Prescribe

    1,765 signatures

  17. Lift the ban on .22 handguns.

    1,755 signatures

  18. Bring renewable fuels like E85 (Bio ethanol) to UK petrol stations

    1,754 signatures

  19. Refuse any new permission to extract oil and gas from the Wessex Basin, Dorset.

    1,751 signatures

  20. Stop Capita PLC bidding on public sector work & review all current contracts

    1,724 signatures

  21. Train Education Workers on School Refusal (condition) to stop the fines

    1,718 signatures

  22. Revoke A50 then hold a new referendum with a 55% supermajority requirement

    1,708 signatures

  23. Do not put a UK hard border on the island of Ireland.

    1,698 signatures

  24. Pass a new law on access to evidence so the wrongly convicted can get justice

    1,695 signatures

  25. Retain the 'COMMON LAW RIGHT' of MIS/MALFEASANCE in/of OFFICE as common law

    1,689 signatures

  26. Introduce ovarian screening with tests every 3 years

    1,666 signatures

  27. Amend 'Coercive Control' legislation to include abuse post-separation

    1,645 signatures

  28. The eligibility criteria for voting in UK/EU referenda must remain unchanged.

    1,636 signatures

  29. Include creative arts subjects in the EBacc

    1,606 signatures

  30. Introduce a law to ensure proper labelling of permissible Halal products

    1,588 signatures

  31. Fund an A&E facility in Wellingborough

    1,584 signatures

  32. Make it a criminal offence to allow a dog to kill/injure another dog

    1,577 signatures

  33. Make ecosystem destruction an international criminal law: amend the Rome Statute

    1,567 signatures

  34. Update the child benefit rate annually at least in line with inflation.

    1,554 signatures

  35. Bring back the death penalty for child murderers, rapists and paedophiles.

    1,553 signatures

  36. Make audio recording mandatory for all PIP assessments.

    1,520 signatures

  37. Mandatory training on narcissism in law enforcement and social services

    1,512 signatures

  38. Publish details of 39bn Brexit divorce payment and Britain's share of EU assets

    1,476 signatures

  39. Keep motorcycle users safe by allowing use of bus lanes

    1,463 signatures

  40. Ban plastic bottled water

    1,450 signatures

  41. Exempt fish and chip shops from VAT and save our National dish

    1,414 signatures

  42. Maintain current seismic thresholds for fracking activities.

    1,398 signatures

  43. Lower the voting age to 16!

    1,366 signatures

  44. Public Inquiry into poor management of The Torpoint Ferry and Tamar Bridge

    1,364 signatures

  45. Give free fruit to Early Years Settings the same as schools

    1,358 signatures

  46. Fund incentives to use cloth nappies and recruit volunteers to support them.

    1,326 signatures

  47. Uplift pensioners £10 Xmas Bonus (as it was in 1972) to £25 & link to inflation

    1,312 signatures

  48. Stop squandering taxpayers' money on a 'No Deal Brexit': rule it out

    1,308 signatures

  49. Scrap the approval of doubling the immigration health surcharge for nurses!

    1,308 signatures

  50. If Remainers win a majority of the vote in the European election, cancel Brexit

    1,272 signatures

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