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  1. Add Fibromyalgia & Rheumatoid Arthritis to NHS exemption fee list

    1,698 signatures

  2. Introduce a mandatory prison sentence for vehicle theft.

    1,675 signatures

  3. Stop Southeastern Trains (Govia) from being awarded franchise renewal.

    1,674 signatures

  4. Ban MMA nail products from the nail industry.

    1,651 signatures

  5. An independent study to find if driven grouse shooting is of economic benefit.

    1,642 signatures

  6. Immediately Review the Pubs Code

    1,629 signatures

  7. Preserve the rights of EU citizens to stand and vote in local elections.

    1,621 signatures

  8. Stop Care Home abuse by making it mandatory for CCTV to be installed

    1,620 signatures

  9. Specialist provision for children/adults with Foetal Alcohol Spetrum Disorder

    1,614 signatures

  10. Require drivers to report a cat hit on the road

    1,598 signatures

  11. Abolish the House of Lords and replace it with an elected upper chamber

    1,532 signatures

  12. Low cost path to CITIZENSHIP for all EU Citizens with PERMANENT RESIDENCY status

    1,511 signatures

  13. Prime Minister to establish Windrush Day as a national day celebrating migration

    1,496 signatures

  14. Bring forward the implementation of 2% BIK for electric vehicles to April 2019

    1,471 signatures

  15. Legislation ensuring airlines must seat vulnerable people with their guardians

    1,469 signatures

  16. Once the Brexit process is finished give the public the final say on the deal

    1,466 signatures

  17. Implement a statutory body to address animal abuse and prosecutions

    1,454 signatures

  18. Leave the EU now

    1,394 signatures

  19. Routinely test pregnant women for infections such as Group B Strep and more.

    1,387 signatures

  20. Statutory periodic vision screening for all drivers during their driving life

    1,383 signatures

  21. Urge the FCA to cap repayments on rent-to-own and doorstep lending

    1,368 signatures

  22. Amend the Wildlife Act so companies have to protect wildlife

    1,367 signatures

  23. Stop HS2 Developers Demolishing the *Wet Woodland* area at Denham Country Park

    1,346 signatures

  24. Legalise medical cannabis for difficult to treat epilepsies in children.

    1,345 signatures

  25. U.K. government to introduce National ID Cards to all legal citizens

    1,318 signatures

  26. Pass a law guaranteeing free speech except for incitement to violence

    1,304 signatures

  27. Launch an independent inquiry into the 5g Health & Safety risks

    1,304 signatures

  28. Ban Aspartame and its associated sweeteners from all food and drinks in the UK

    1,294 signatures

  29. Declare the 2016 referendum on membership of the EU null and void.

    1,243 signatures

  30. Scrap NHS surcharge for non EU living in UK who already pay N.I contributions

    1,238 signatures

  31. Change the Law, to stop authorities euthanising animals before an assessment.

    1,238 signatures

  32. Fund seizure alarms for everyone with Epilepsy

    1,236 signatures

  33. A call from the UK for UN Peace Keeping Force in Southern Cameroon at the UN

    1,227 signatures

  34. Extend gender pay gap reporting rules to cover ethnicity pay gap

    1,203 signatures

  35. Reject plans to build a massive solar farm on Graveney Marshes in Kent.

    1,199 signatures

  36. Regulate open air prayer meetings of all denominations

    1,179 signatures

  37. Reject calls to add American Bulldogs to the dangerous dog act.

    1,177 signatures

  38. Increase maintenance loans to students living in Oxford to London weighting

    1,176 signatures

  39. Annul the 2016 EU referendum result due to the overspend by Leave.EU.

    1,163 signatures

  40. Stop incineration of any waste which could be recycled. No new incinerators!

    1,137 signatures

  41. Legislate against anyone with EU pension serving in Commons or Lords.

    1,136 signatures

  42. Outdoor nature-based learning to be compulsory and weekly in all English schools

    1,120 signatures

  43. Universal Credit: split payments between adults in each household

    1,119 signatures

  44. Debate a ‘National Strategy to Promote the Switch to Cloth Nappies.’

    1,106 signatures

  45. Reinstate ICT at GCSE

    1,102 signatures

  46. Reduce the age of the meningitis Acwy vaccine to 3months

    1,090 signatures

  47. Halt immediately UK arms sales to Turkey until they withdraw from Afrin Syria.

    1,090 signatures

  48. Provide free sanitary products to young women receiving free school meals

    1,088 signatures

  49. Commission a statue of Enoch Powell to be placed outside Parliament

    1,068 signatures

  50. Overturn a Home Office decision regarding a Kidney Donor who was refused a visa

    1,067 signatures

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