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  1. Political Education to be put on the National Curriculum.

    867 signatures

  2. Make performing a cosmetic surgical procedure without relevant insurance illegal

    866 signatures

  3. Sex crimes against children to receive harsher penalties and mandatory jail time

    861 signatures

  4. Formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel

    843 signatures

  5. Stop development on Green Belt land and prevent de-designation of Green Belt.

    838 signatures

  6. License driven grouse shooting

    832 signatures

  7. Insurance should be on the car itself instead of the individuals who drive it

    819 signatures

  8. Please grant Michael Holmes a UK Residency Card to remain with his wife Iwona.

    815 signatures

  9. Stop electoral fraud by creating a national database of voters

    813 signatures

  10. Request the UK government in the Brexit negotiations to agree 4 specific points

    805 signatures

  11. Take back control of MP salaries, reduce MP pay to UK average salary (£27k pa)

    805 signatures

  12. Grant the Welsh Assembly the same powers as Scotland currently has.

    801 signatures

  13. Provide free glasses on the NHS, for children with Irlens Syndrome.

    792 signatures

  14. In 2019 hold a referendum to reinstate capital punishment

    776 signatures

  15. Ban or reduce the excessive brightness of LED or HID high intensity car lights

    772 signatures

  16. Continue to recognise and allow the Inbound European Au Pair program post Brexit

    764 signatures

  17. To legalise handguns for fac holders

    729 signatures

  18. adrenaline pens to be available in public and food places. social awareness

    727 signatures

  19. Change the rules to allow gay men to donate blood more freely.

    724 signatures

  20. Change the NHS 24 week revival rule

    722 signatures

  21. Halt the cuts to military music.

    720 signatures

  22. We urge the government to reclassify medical negligence as a criminal matter

    702 signatures

  23. A review for tougher sentences for all of One Punch assaults and fatalities

    702 signatures

  24. Introduce a national awareness day specifically against plastic in our seas.

    693 signatures

  25. Ban the use of Electric Shock Collars (Also known as E-collars) on Dogs

    685 signatures

  26. Brexit: Stop using ‘will of the people’ and ‘will of the British people.’

    683 signatures

  27. The Government MUST NOT let the ECJ override British justice after Brexit

    655 signatures

  28. A Bomber Command Campaign Medal honouring those who served

    653 signatures

  29. End the new flight restrictions on passengers travelling from Northern Cyprus

    653 signatures

  30. Establish an independent body to fact-check the things said during campaigning

    630 signatures

  31. End entirely the BBC's self-regulating complaints procedure.

    624 signatures

  32. Reform the UK Voting System - Adopt Proportional Representation

    623 signatures

  33. Make independent inventory reporting of privately rented properties compulsory

    618 signatures

  34. Schools to have mental health and disabilities a part of the curriculum

    617 signatures

  35. Exclude drone 'freestyle/racer' pilots from future drone usage restrictions.

    616 signatures

  36. Ask the Government to order Sunderland to create a new Local Plan

    611 signatures

  37. All British goods and produce to be clearly marked with the union flag

    602 signatures

  38. Immediately boost NHS funding by around £5bn a year from adding 1p to Income Tax

    593 signatures

  39. Return Tax raising powers in Scotland to the UK Government

    589 signatures

  40. Fund Slow Down For Horses and Horse Awareness Adverts on Television

    582 signatures

  41. Stop the bedroom tax and help the vulnerable stay in their home.

    578 signatures

  42. Bring home the last dambusters Lancaster bomber.

    576 signatures

  43. Change immigration Rules and accept full time study in UK as proof of English

    573 signatures

  44. Make Changing Places mandatory in the large public places listed in BS 8300:2009

    573 signatures

  45. Reverse government decision that will increase State Pension Age for millions

    560 signatures

  46. Require the late dialysis service at Manchester Royal Infirmary to continue

    560 signatures

  47. Halt the cuts to the Metropolitan Police budget

    553 signatures

  48. Introduce proper effective regulation of implantable medical devices

    547 signatures

  49. Make Postural Awareness with Pilates and Yoga part of the Secondary Curriculum.

    547 signatures

  50. Amend the law to deal with repeated dog on dog attacks.

    537 signatures

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