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  1. Refuse any new permission to extract oil and gas from the Wessex Basin, Dorset.

    2,068 signatures

  2. Ensure ALL records relating to the Chinook crash in 1994 are archived at Kew

    2,062 signatures

  3. Make 'Environmental Awareness' a compulsory subject in the National Curriculum.

    2,041 signatures

  4. Stop Theresa May from bringing back her deal to Parliament for a 4th time.

    2,012 signatures

  5. Fund an A&E facility in Wellingborough

    2,003 signatures

  6. British National (Overseas) Citizens should be given full British Citizenship.

    1,999 signatures

  7. Ensure all 6 Nations games continue to be broadcast live on free to air TV

    1,977 signatures

  8. Introduce a law to ensure proper labelling of permissible Halal products

    1,970 signatures

  9. Allow schools that have become academies to return to Local Authority governance

    1,955 signatures

  10. Hold European Parliamentary elections in UK if Brexit is delayed

    1,939 signatures

  11. Ban plastic bottled water

    1,890 signatures

  12. Bring renewable fuels like E85 (Bio ethanol) to UK petrol stations

    1,888 signatures

  13. Honour the BEF's role in France in 1939/1940 with a clasp to the 1939-45 Star.

    1,871 signatures

  14. Make it a criminal offence to allow a dog to kill/injure another dog

    1,870 signatures

  15. Use the most recent household growth projections when planning housing need.

    1,863 signatures

  16. Take immediate action to save independent retail from dying

    1,846 signatures

  17. Allow employees the necessary time off work to donate stem cells or bone marrow

    1,837 signatures

  18. Remove M20 jnc 9-8 Operation Brock barrier

    1,777 signatures

  19. Mandatory training on narcissism in law enforcement and social services

    1,736 signatures

  20. Revoke A50 then hold a new referendum with a 55% supermajority requirement

    1,725 signatures

  21. Do not put a UK hard border on the island of Ireland.

    1,708 signatures

  22. Fund incentives to use cloth nappies and recruit volunteers to support them.

    1,704 signatures

  23. Introduce ovarian screening with tests every 3 years

    1,687 signatures

  24. A minimum sentence of 25 years for any form of sexual exploitation of a minor.

    1,682 signatures

  25. Amend 'Coercive Control' legislation to include abuse post-separation

    1,681 signatures

  26. The eligibility criteria for voting in UK/EU referenda must remain unchanged.

    1,647 signatures

  27. Make it a specific offence to deliberately kick or harm a hedgehog

    1,639 signatures

  28. Include creative arts subjects in the EBacc

    1,625 signatures

  29. Update the child benefit rate annually at least in line with inflation.

    1,570 signatures

  30. Keep motorcycle users safe by allowing use of bus lanes

    1,560 signatures

  31. Exempt fish and chip shops from VAT and save our National dish

    1,518 signatures

  32. Option for farm sanctuary animals to be microchipped instead of wearing ear tags

    1,514 signatures

  33. Abolish the Luxury Car Tax for EVs (Electric Vehicles)

    1,511 signatures

  34. Stop the use of mixed-sex psychiatric wards

    1,484 signatures

  35. Review fathers’ rights in the UK.

    1,414 signatures

  36. Put Synchronised swimming on the GCSE PE Syllabus as a sport option.

    1,411 signatures

  37. Maintain current seismic thresholds for fracking activities.

    1,407 signatures

  38. Ring fence pupil premium plus for post lac pupils to the individual child

    1,398 signatures

  39. Decriminalise possession of Psliocybin containing mushrooms.

    1,395 signatures

  40. Make it compulsory for cat owners to spay/Neuter their cats.

    1,367 signatures

  41. Review the PIP assessment process to make it fairer for people with epilepsy

    1,340 signatures

  42. PSA Blood Test for all men over 50

    1,332 signatures

  43. Stop squandering taxpayers' money on a 'No Deal Brexit': rule it out

    1,321 signatures

  44. Make the wearing of a helmet compulsory for cyclists in public areas.

    1,315 signatures

  45. Force lobby groups to reveal who funds them.

    1,306 signatures

  46. If Remainers win a majority of the vote in the European election, cancel Brexit

    1,278 signatures

  47. Do not lower UK food standards just to ease trade deals post Brexit

    1,270 signatures


    1,257 signatures

  49. Screen expectant mothers for chicken pox immunity

    1,239 signatures

  50. Stop the rebuilding of the Edmonton incinerator

    1,237 signatures

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