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  1. Give non-British citizens who are NHS workers automatic citizenship

    71,583 signatures

  2. No Extensions to the Brexit Transition Period

    20,360 signatures

  3. Hold a referendum on the post-2020 UK-EU relationship with option to rejoin EU

    5,880 signatures

  4. Provide emergency funding to The Arts Council so that they can extend support

    3,257 signatures

  5. Extend the transitional phase of Brexit by one year, to 31.12.21

    551 signatures

  6. Decrease the Foreign Aid budget once we have left the EU.

    346 signatures

  7. End the transition period NOW in bid to save UK from EU economy fall out.

    292 signatures

  8. Introduce a 'one off' bank holiday after covid-19 pandemic to boost morale.

    128 signatures

  9. Increase the success criteria for all future referendums to 60% of the vote

    94 signatures

  10. Seek to join Comprehensive & Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership

    79 signatures

  11. Move the capital of the UK.

    73 signatures

  12. Remove citizenship fees for people born in the UK and from long term residents.

    43 signatures

  13. Fixed-rate low-interest government backed loan up to £20,000 for every UK adult

    36 signatures

  14. Update the electoral system to include elections online

    10 signatures

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