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  1. Don't put our NHS up for negotiation

    168,067 signatures

  2. Halt Brexit For A Public Inquiry

    109,748 signatures

  3. Recognise animal sentience & require that animal welfare has full regard in law

    103,887 signatures

  4. Without a Deal make "Revoke Article 50" the default action.

    61,806 signatures

  5. Change the general election voting system to one of proportional representation

    55,252 signatures

  6. Recall Parliament immediately to urgently debate no-deal Brexit.

    51,598 signatures

  7. Leave EU by April 12th 2019 with deal or no deal.

    30,996 signatures

  8. Revoke all government gagging orders relating to Brexit

    26,296 signatures

  9. Request a Royal Commission to review Parliamentary and electoral systems of U.K.

    19,485 signatures

  10. Start preparations for a Peoples Vote now, to enable answer by 31-10-19.

    11,059 signatures

  11. Give Parliament a vote on whether Article 50 should be revoked

    10,781 signatures

  12. Leave the EU with No Deal in October 2019

    9,610 signatures

  13. Parliament should stop a 'no-deal' Brexit

    8,238 signatures

  14. Hold a public inquiry into the UK Govt's handling of Brexit since 24th June 2016

    5,606 signatures

  15. The Commons should have the chance on or before 12 March to revoke Article 50

    3,981 signatures

  16. If there is no agreement to avoid a hard border in Ireland then stop brexit

    3,136 signatures

  17. Brexit article 50 must not be withdrawn

    2,837 signatures

  18. Ensure that any Brexit deal cannot permanently tie us to the EU.

    2,363 signatures

  19. Hold European Parliamentary elections in UK if Brexit is delayed

    1,939 signatures

  20. Remove M20 jnc 9-8 Operation Brock barrier

    1,814 signatures

  21. If Remainers win a majority of the vote in the European election, cancel Brexit

    1,287 signatures

  22. Do not adopt the new road safety rules proposed by the EU in 2022.

    1,163 signatures

  23. Make medical insurance for all NHS services compulsory for foreign nationals

    1,059 signatures

  24. Cancel or limit parliamentary recesses until Brexit is fully resolved with EU

    948 signatures

  25. Reciprocate the Spanish Decree protecting citizen´s rights post Brexit.

    908 signatures

  26. Seek a meaningful delay to Brexit and allow the public a final say.

    685 signatures

  27. Reject any UK hard border in Ireland or down the Irish Sea.

    319 signatures

  28. Negotiate open trade and free movement with Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

    298 signatures

  29. Include a referendum on Brexit options, when UK hold European Elections in 2019

    283 signatures

  30. Protect the right of UK/EU families to move home to the UK after Brexit

    280 signatures

  31. Allow citizens of British Overseas Territories to vote in any Brexit referendum

    252 signatures

  32. Call a Border Poll in Northern Ireland if there is a No Deal Brexit

    240 signatures

  33. Halt Brexit pending public inquiry into disinformation tactics

    227 signatures

  34. Revoke TIER 2 visa 12 month cooling off period

    194 signatures

  35. Form a Government of National Unity

    174 signatures

  36. Hold a Compulsory Indicative Public Vote on Brexit

    168 signatures

  37. Delegate Brexit to a Royal Commission.

    153 signatures

  38. PM should advise the Queen to prorogue Parliament to allow a No Deal Brexit.

    147 signatures

  39. We demand a Public Inquiry into the process and structures that gave us Brexit.

    138 signatures

  40. Tell the public what drugs are at risk in the event of a no deal Brexit

    137 signatures

  41. UK Gov to negotiate with EU possible retainment of EU Citizenship

    135 signatures

  42. 10-20 years for driver and passengers for failing to stop for police

    133 signatures

  43. Suspend Brexit to deal with the Climate Emergency

    126 signatures

  44. Continue freedom of movement in the future Brexit deal.

    110 signatures

  45. We must have a second Referendum on Brexit, allowing for the option to remain.

    100 signatures

  46. Ensure all EEA protected species are still protected post - BREXIT

    96 signatures

  47. Strengthen our ties with the Commonwealth after Brexit

    94 signatures

  48. Reform Britain’s colonial-era voting system.

    90 signatures

  49. Set up a Committee of Academics to decide if Britain should leave the EU.

    87 signatures

  50. Support The Overseas Electors Bill.

    87 signatures

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