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  1. Add Yoga to the School Curriculum

    3,157 signatures, now closed

  2. Include Dry Slope (artificial slope) Skiing & Snowboarding in GCSE PE

    1,377 signatures, now closed

  3. Require schools to allow pupils to wear PE kit for the full day on PE day

    981 signatures, now closed

  4. Reinstate martial arts onto the activity lists for GCSE and A level

    752 signatures, now closed

  5. Require schools allow students to wear PE kit for whole day on PE days

    212 signatures, now closed

  6. Make self-defence lessons compulsory on the school curriculum

    189 signatures

  7. Make the PE and Sport Premium for schools permanent

    107 signatures, now closed

  8. Require all Secondary Schools to have private changing facilities for all pupils

    74 signatures, now closed

  9. Require schools to allow students to wear PE kits on hot days

    46 signatures, now closed

  10. Include CPR in the PE National Curriculum

    45 signatures, now closed

  11. Require schools to provide separate changing facilities for girls and boys

    40 signatures, now closed

  12. Ban schools from separating children by sex for PE and sport

    35 signatures, now closed

  13. Reinstate Taekwondo to the activity lists for GCSE and A Level PE

    33 signatures

  14. Introduce a minimum of 3 hours of mandatory PE in schools per week.

    31 signatures, now closed

  15. Require schools to allow students to wear PE kit all day when over 24 degrees

    25 signatures, now closed

  16. Make schools add an optional gender neutral PE class.


  17. Give Joe Wicks a Knighthood.


  18. Swap out unnecessary lessons in schools to finance lessons


  19. Require schools have at least three physical education lessons a week

    17 signatures, now closed

  20. Award Joe Wicks with a Queen's Honour for online PE classes during COVID crisis


  21. Make it compulsory that Secondary schools do a minimum of 2 hours PE a week

    15 signatures

  22. Allow schools to continue to provide extra curricular sports during lockdown


  23. Make P.E. optional for Secondary Schools on return in September.

    15 signatures, now closed

  24. Independent school fees to be reduced by at lest 50% whilst they are shut.


  25. To rid schools of gender norms.


  26. More Physical education in a school week


  27. Require schools to adopt activewear for school uniforms

    13 signatures, now closed

  28. Make self defence compulsory during PE for secondary school students


  29. Make school uniforms more environmentally friendly by removing logo on them .


  30. Make teaching self defence a compulsory part of the PE curriculum in schools


  31. All UK schools should make PE optional for every student


  32. Make self defence classes part of the PE curriculum for women


  33. Change the way PE is taught to children in primary schools


  34. Consider extra curricular activities as education


  35. Stop weighing children in schools which is damaging to their mental health.


  36. Introduce Mental Health & Wellbeing to the statutory national curriculum.


  37. I want all Olympic sports to be an option in gcse pe


  38. Please give Joe Wicks an MBE


  39. Amend the 2010 equality act to include non-binary as a protected characteristic.


  40. Get self defence for girls and women taught in schools!


  41. Make self defence lessons in with Pe classes


  42. Basic First Aid Training to be Taught in Secondary Schools.


  43. To include self defence as part of the PE curriculum in secondary school.


  44. Make Mental Wellbeing part of the curriculum from day 1 of starting school..


  45. Bring back wearing pe kits to school


  46. Pupils in secondary to arrive in pe kit days they have pe and not get changed


  47. Make expensive branded school uniforms non-compulsory to help w/ cost of living


  48. Make 2023 A-levels and GCSEs be altered like the current year 11s and year 13s


  49. Allow taekwondo as a single sport for gcse pe.


  50. Require schools to make uniforms optional


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