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  1. Scrap the Voter ID requirement introduced in the Election Integrity Bill

    102,399 signatures

  2. Allow the British public to vote on the legalisation of cannabis

    18,246 signatures, now closed

  3. Recall Parliament now to scrutinise new Christmas coronavirus restrictions

    12,275 signatures, now closed

  4. Change our electoral system to Proportional Representation for true democracy

    7,540 signatures, now closed

  5. No ID no vote. No to postal votes.

    4,313 signatures, now closed

  6. Do not allow under 18 year olds to vote in constitutional referendums

    2,092 signatures

  7. Negotiate for Associate EU Citizenship for those who wish to keep EU rights

    1,851 signatures, now closed

  8. Emergency National Unity Government

    1,326 signatures, now closed

  9. Fair and Equal voting rights for young people across the UK

    1,242 signatures, now closed

  10. Form Cross Party Emergency Government to deal with Covid 19 then GE with PR

    1,150 signatures, now closed

  11. Seek to join the European Single Market and the European Free Trade Association

    1,114 signatures, now closed

  12. Seek to agree freedom of movement in the UK and EU for British and EU citizens

    863 signatures, now closed

  13. Make Government and Politics compulsory at Secondary School including for GCSE

    441 signatures, now closed

  14. Allow EU citizens with “settled status” to vote in general elections

    332 signatures, now closed

  15. Lower the voting age to 16 for all elections and referendums in England.

    280 signatures, now closed

  16. Independence Referendum for Liverpool City Region.

    262 signatures, now closed

  17. Allow online voting in statutory union votes, including strike ballots

    197 signatures, now closed

  18. A referendum to replace the UK voting system with Single Transferable Vote (STV)

    189 signatures, now closed

  19. MPs resigning or leaving their political party should trigger a by election.

    154 signatures, now closed

  20. Suspend the requirement to attend citizenship ceremonies by Home Office.

    144 signatures, now closed

  21. Make knighthoods subject to public votes

    125 signatures, now closed

  22. Change the process that when a Prime Minister resigns,a general election is held

    122 signatures, now closed

  23. We need a new act of Parliament - Recall of Local Government Councillors.

    122 signatures, now closed

  24. Abolish tuition fees & replace them with public funding for further education.

    103 signatures

  25. Bring in automatic voter registration with an 'opt-out' system

    88 signatures

  26. Let people apply for a postal vote online

    88 signatures, now closed

  27. Remove citizenship fees for people born in the UK and from long term residents.

    86 signatures, now closed

  28. Withdraw from the UN Global compact for migration

    85 signatures

  29. Hold a referendum on introducing the Mixed Member Proportional voting system

    80 signatures, now closed

  30. Enable UK expats to have votes for life

    78 signatures, now closed

  31. No to any National Insurance increase to ‘fund’ social care

    69 signatures

  32. Change the voting system from First Past The Post to Instant Runoff Voting

    67 signatures, now closed

  33. Give people with ILR the right to vote in Elections

    59 signatures, now closed

  34. Give a referendum for the public to vote if National Insurance can be increased

    55 signatures

  35. Have a UK national vote on the use of vaccine passports

    55 signatures

  36. Make politics lessons mandatory in schools

    49 signatures, now closed

  37. Require the BBC Board to be elected by public vote rather than by appointment

    45 signatures

  38. Make voter registration for general elections automatic

    44 signatures

  39. If an MP resigns, or loses the Whip, then this should trigger a by-election

    41 signatures, now closed

  40. Require a “none of the above” option for all elections/referendums

    40 signatures

  41. Make June 23 a Bank Holiday!

    38 signatures

  42. Provide weekly Covid 19 tests for NHS staff and care workers

    38 signatures, now closed

  43. Invest in new night trains & regional Eurostar services for the North of the UK

    38 signatures, now closed

  44. Hold a second referendum on using Alternative Vote (AV) for general elections

    32 signatures

  45. Add on option on Ballot Slips to vote for “none of the above"

    32 signatures, now closed

  46. Tackle the democratic deficit in local councils that leads to one-party states

    29 signatures

  47. Allow people to vote against petitions they disagree with.

    27 signatures, now closed

  48. Update the electoral system to include elections online

    27 signatures, now closed

  49. Replace the role of PM with directly elected PM and change how Parliament works.

    22 signatures, now closed

  50. Referendum on net migration


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