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  1. Emergency National Unity Government

    681 signatures

  2. Negotiate for Associate EU Citizenship for those who wish to keep EU rights

    195 signatures

  3. MPs resigning or leaving their political party should trigger a by election.

    75 signatures

  4. Change the voting system from First Past The Post to Instant Runoff Voting

    43 signatures

  5. A trade alignment with the EU or with the US? The people should decide.


  6. Freeze all rent and mortgage payments until the Covid-19 crisis is over


  7. Maintain elections during the Coronavirus crisis vía postal voting

    9 signatures

  8. Postpone local government & Mayoral Elections on May 7 to help combat Covid-19.


  9. Abandon Brexit because of COVID 19


  10. Close school in wales/uk because of coronavirus.


  11. We need a new act of Parliament - Recall of Local Government Councillors.


  12. Reform the Electoral System to Proportional Representation.


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