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  1. Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.

    6,083,163 signatures

  2. Hold a second referendum on EU membership.

    193,250 signatures

  3. Grant a People's Vote if Parliament rejects the EU Withdrawal Agreement

    144,499 signatures

  4. Stop possible second referendum on E.U. membership

    135,936 signatures, now closed

  5. Brexit re article 50 it must not be suspended/stopped under any circumstances

    116,485 signatures, now closed


    112,578 signatures, now closed

  7. The Prime Minister should advise Her Majesty the Queen to prorogue Parliament.

    100,048 signatures

  8. Ensure that the U.K. leaves the EU Single Market & Customs Union.

    81,192 signatures, now closed

  9. Change the general election voting system to one of proportional representation

    53,620 signatures

  10. Walk away now! We voted for a No Deal Brexit

    46,109 signatures

  11. Give voting rights to EU citizens in the UK and Brits abroad in a People's Vote

    37,050 signatures

  12. We must leave the EU completely in March 2019 - No transition period, No delay

    36,305 signatures, now closed

  13. Break all ties with EU institutions and policies completely

    28,546 signatures, now closed

  14. Let all UK citizens vote on who is mayor of London not just Londoners.

    20,768 signatures, now closed

  15. Allow the British people to vote on cannabis legalisation

    18,381 signatures, now closed

  16. Request a Royal Commission to review Parliamentary and electoral systems of U.K.

    16,185 signatures

  17. No referendum on the final deal for the UK to remain in the European Union.

    14,438 signatures, now closed

  18. Allow all British citizens to vote should there be a new referendum on Brexit.

    13,347 signatures

  19. Leave with No Deal if Parliament rejects the EU Withdrawal Agreement.

    13,074 signatures

  20. Don't leave the EU

    10,990 signatures, now closed

  21. Have a second referendum on leaving the EU

    8,687 signatures, now closed

  22. Withdraw the UK from the EU even if Parliament rejects the final Brexit deal.

    8,344 signatures, now closed

  23. To have a second referendum on Britain leaving the EU

    7,937 signatures, now closed

  24. Say no to another EU Referendum aka "Peoples Vote"

    4,958 signatures

  25. Invoke the Parliament Act if the Lords reject the EU (Withdrawal) Bill

    3,707 signatures, now closed

  26. Brexit article 50 must not be withdrawn

    2,694 signatures

  27. We Demand A Vote On Cannabis

    2,640 signatures

  28. Give the option for ‘None of the Above’ on the ballot paper at the next Gen Elec

    2,472 signatures

  29. Enshrine in law that on 29 March 2019 at 23:00 the NHS gets an extra 350million.

    2,351 signatures, now closed

  30. A final say on the deal negotiated with the EU, with the option to Remain

    2,213 signatures, now closed

  31. Support the secession of Catalonia from The Kingdom of Spain

    2,105 signatures, now closed

  32. Commons to vote on the question "Brexit is in the UK's best interest"

    1,909 signatures, now closed

  33. Brexit: Stop using ‘will of the people’ and ‘will of the British people.’

    1,812 signatures, now closed

  34. Abolish the House of Lords and replace it with an elected upper chamber

    1,573 signatures, now closed

  35. Lower the voting age to 16!

    1,315 signatures

  36. If Remainers win a majority of the vote in the European election, cancel Brexit

    1,244 signatures

  37. Stop Postal Votes except for the elderly and disabled

    1,075 signatures, now closed

  38. 16 and 17 year olds should be allowed to vote in any future Brexit referendum

    1,050 signatures, now closed

  39. Hold a second EU referendum

    1,022 signatures, now closed

  40. Introduce an Electronic Voting System to stop Voting Fraud

    975 signatures, now closed

  41. Allow EU nationals with permanent residence to participate in a People's Vote

    783 signatures, now closed

  42. Question Cameron's decision to impose fundamental constitutional change

    762 signatures, now closed

  43. Lower the voting age to 16

    605 signatures, now closed

  44. The Government to take the UK out of the ECJ & end free movement in March 2019

    397 signatures, now closed

  45. Leave the EU with no deal, free trade with the commonwealth

    374 signatures

  46. Have a second EU referendum and allow 15 to 17 year olds to vote as well

    358 signatures

  47. All Ballot papers for all elections should have a box saying “none of the above”

    294 signatures

  48. New EU membership referendum asking leave or remain until 55% majority reached

    280 signatures, now closed

  49. Include a referendum on Brexit options, when UK hold European Elections in 2019

    274 signatures

  50. Call a Border Poll on Irish unity

    255 signatures

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