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  1. Debate and recommend that the Queen reduces Tony Blair's new year honour.

  2. To ask Her Majesty to withdraw her award of a Knighthood to Tony Blair.

  3. Revoke Tony Blair’s Knighthood

  4. Prevent Tony Blair from getting a knightood

  5. Revoke Tony Blairs KnightHood

  6. Review UKG Petitions (UKGP) Committee Rules

  7. Rescind Tony Blair’s Knighthood

  8. Tony Blair to have Knight Companion of Most Noble Order of the Garter remove

  9. Remove the Knighthood Bestowed upon Tony Blair

  10. Repeal Tony Blair’s knighthood

  11. Rescind Tony Blairs Knighthood

  12. get tony Blair's knight hood revoked

  13. Revoke Tony Blair's Knighthood.

  14. Reject Tony Blair's proposed knighthood

  15. Rescind the knighthood awarded to Tony Blair

  16. To petition parliament in reference to Tony Blair receiving his Knighthood

  17. Strip Tony Blaire of his Knighthood

  18. Strip Tony Blair of his appointment as a knight Commander

  19. Highlight terrible injustice of Sir Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, being, Sir!

  20. Rescind Tony Blairs Knighthood.

  21. Revoke the Knighthood granted to ex Prime Minister Tony Blair.

  22. To take knighthood and ,any other honours off Tony Blair.

  23. Rescind Tony Blair's Knighthood

  24. Does Tony Blair merit a knighthood

  25. Request for the rescinding of the knighthood awarded to Tony Blair

  26. Disallow Tony Blair's knighthood.

  27. Revoke the decision to award Tony Blair a knighthood.

  28. Remove Tony Blair's Knighthood

  29. Refuse Tony Blair any honours.

  30. Rescind Tony Blair's Knighthood

  31. Tony Blair should’t receive any further honours and be stripped of those he has

  32. Strip Tony Blair of his knighthood for his part In the iraq war

  33. Reverse the decision to award Tony Blair, ex Prime Minister, a Knighthood

  34. Remove Tony Blairs Knighthood.

  35. Strip Tony Blair of his Knighthood immediately.

  36. Remove the knighthood from Tony Blair

  37. Hold a referendum on the continuation of mass migration into the Uk

  38. Abolish tuition fees for university students and restore grants to 1979 levels

  39. Open up and investigate what was signed in the Good Friday Agreement in 1998

  40. That impeachment is reinstated as a means of lawful remedy.

  41. Tony Blair to run vaccine rollout for the good of the UK.

  42. Petition to stop Tony Blair receiving a knighthood

  43. Stop Tony Blair receiving a Knighthood

  44. Tony Blair should not get a Knighthood. He took the Country into an illegal war.

  45. Do not give Tony Blair a knighthood or any other honour

  46. Stop Tony Blair receiving a knighthood

  47. Block the Knighthood of Tony Blair

  48. Tony Blair should not receive a knighthood.

  49. U.K. Armed Forces Veterans objection to Tony Blair receiving a Knighthood

  50. Stop Tony Blair from becoming a Lord

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