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  1. Hold a referendum for the legalisation of cannabis

    29,775 signatures, now closed

  2. Legalise cannabis for medical and recreational use.

    25,402 signatures, now closed

  3. Allow the British people to vote on cannabis legalisation

    17,313 signatures

  4. Legalise cannabis oil for medicinal usage.

    14,599 signatures, now closed

  5. Change legislation so G.P.s can prescribe medical marijuana for fibromyalgia.

    12,599 signatures

  6. Launch an inquiry into the possible link between cannabis and violence

    12,236 signatures

  7. Allow people to grow the Cannabis plant without a license!

    8,159 signatures

  8. Allow use of Medicinal Cannabis for Fibromyalgia and CFS/ME on the NHS

    1,382 signatures, now closed

  9. Legalise medical cannabis for difficult to treat epilepsies in children.

    1,362 signatures, now closed

  10. Make medicinal cannabis legal for long term mental/physical health conditions

    1,230 signatures, now closed

  11. Decriminalise, legalise and regulate cannabis for medicinal and recreational use

    1,043 signatures, now closed

  12. Criminalise the export of cannabis

    1,032 signatures, now closed

  13. Introduce state registry system for medical cannabis cards in the UK

    632 signatures, now closed

  14. Legalise cannabis for medical and recreational use.

    546 signatures

  15. Allow Cannabis Patches to be prescribed on the NHS for Chronic Pain conditions

    320 signatures, now closed

  16. We call for a total ban of all alcohol and tobacco based products in the UK

    197 signatures, now closed

  17. For doctors in the UK to be legally allowed to prescribe cannabis patches.

    184 signatures, now closed

  18. Legalise cannabis for medicinal purposes

    181 signatures, now closed

  19. To grant 6yr old epilepsy sufferer Alfie Dingley a licence for medical cannabis.

    123 signatures, now closed

  20. Legalise sale of raw hemp flowers and match THC limit of Switzerland.

    93 signatures

  21. Allow cannabis oil to be prescribed for terminally ill cancer patients

    65 signatures

  22. Re-think the current legislation criminalising cannabis.

    61 signatures, now closed

  23. Permit all public universities to test cannabis for medical use

    59 signatures, now closed

  24. Prohibit the sale and use of alcohol

    41 signatures, now closed

  25. Introduce hypothecated tax to support NHS by regulated distribution of cannabis.

    36 signatures

  26. Open an independent review into the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971

    28 signatures

  27. Allow Industrial Hemp to be grown without a Home Office License (4 plants)

    28 signatures

  28. all CBD oil legalised in hospitals specially children who are in desperate need


  29. Make Cannabis Medication available on Prescription for every Sick Person


  30. Remove Cannabis And Hemp From The 1971 Misuse Of Drugs Act


  31. Make Cannabis Legal for Recreational use-UK


  32. Consider the rescheduling of Cannabis from Class B to Class C


  33. PM to disclose interests her husband and self have regarding medicinal cannabis.


  34. Government to address hypocrisy over existing Cannabis legislation


  35. Pass a bill to fully legalise Cannabis.


  36. Halt ALL medical cannabis exports unless the govt stop it's hypocrisy


  37. Revoke all cannabis growing licences including all cannabis derivatives


  38. Consider reform of the Law for Medicinal uses of Cannabis in the U.K..


  39. Hold a referendum for the legalisation of cannabis and medical cannabis


  40. Legalise cannabis for medical use


  41. Decriminalize the use and cultivation of cannabis in it's raw form.


  42. Legalise Cannabis for medicinal use


  43. We grow more legal cannabis than Canada. Laws must adapt with WHO's findings.


  44. Remove Cannabis And Hemp From The 1971 Misuse Of Drugs Act


  45. Legalise weed


  46. Cannabis oil treatment made legal in the UK


  47. Make medical cannabis legal for GP prescription


  48. Make possession of cannabis for medical use legal.


  49. Legalise cannabis for medical and social use.


  50. Decriminalise marijuana, and legalise for medical and recreational use.


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