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  1. Include self-employed in statutory sick pay during Coronavirus

    699,590 signatures, now closed

  2. Government to offer economic assistance to the events industry during COVID-19

    154,814 signatures, now closed

  3. Review the decision to use previous data to calculate exam grades

    148,866 signatures

  4. Implement Universal Basic Income to give home & food security through Covid-19

    114,572 signatures, now closed

  5. Omit the NHS from any future trade deal with the US

    109,083 signatures

  6. Require councils to suspend council tax payments during the coronavirus outbreak

    107,567 signatures

  7. Extend the transition; delay negotiations until after the coronavirus outbreak

    107,436 signatures, now closed

  8. Coronavirus Support Package for Directors / Shareholders of small Limited Co's.

    100,778 signatures

  9. No prosecution for parents that remove child from school during a pandemic.

    100,649 signatures, now closed

  10. Protect Retail Workers from Abuse, Threats and Violence.

    63,482 signatures

  11. Release HMP Prisoners due to COVID-19 - temporary release, licence, tag, curfew

    49,546 signatures

  12. Pay self employed workers a wage due to lack of earnings caused by COVID-19.

    46,574 signatures, now closed

  13. Delay the reopening of schools to September

    44,525 signatures

  14. Repeal the Coronavirus Act 2020

    41,835 signatures

  15. Rebuild the economy out of lockdown with a Green New Deal

    26,973 signatures

  16. Include animal charities in emergency funding due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    25,625 signatures

  17. Hold a Public Inquiry into the handling of the Covid-19 crisis

    22,551 signatures

  18. Extend the furlough scheme for high-risk people who can't safely return to work.

    22,324 signatures

  19. Make it mandatory to wear a face mask in public during Covid-19 Pandemic

    16,610 signatures

  20. Refund university rent and tuition fees due to coronavirus

    15,831 signatures

  21. Suspend sanctions against Iran for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic

    14,400 signatures, now closed

  22. Do not enforce a compulsory quarantine on people arriving in the UK

    13,008 signatures

  23. Extend theory expiry dates due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

    12,645 signatures

  24. Abolish Stamp Duty on all transactions during Corona Virus pandemic

    11,224 signatures

  25. Pay bonus to all key workers

    10,912 signatures

  26. Start a 'Workout to Help Out' initiative

    7,568 signatures

  27. Allow quarantine free travel from the Canary and Balearic Islands to the UK

    7,343 signatures

  28. Increase uniform tax reliefs, especially for healthcare staff

    6,899 signatures

  29. Provide adequate PPE equipment for medical professionals working with COVID-19

    6,647 signatures

  30. Make children exempt from coronavirus "rule of six"

    5,917 signatures

  31. Halt Trident renewal and spend the funds on fighting the coronavirus.

    5,429 signatures

  32. Call a Covid-19 General Election

    3,521 signatures

  33. Use money from the foreign aid budget to Support UK in the Covid 19 crisis

    3,147 signatures

  34. Don't make the wearing of face masks compulsory in public places in England

    3,048 signatures

  35. Close the Borders of the United Kingdom to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus.

    2,376 signatures

  36. No public sector pay freezes for the next 5 years

    2,197 signatures

  37. Extend visas for 3 more years for business applications under the Turkish ECAA.

    1,895 signatures

  38. Cancel 'Festival Of Britain' and give the money to our NHS

    1,259 signatures, now closed

  39. Extend the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme for the travel industry

    1,144 signatures

  40. Repatriate all UK residents stranded abroad

    1,109 signatures

  41. Support Taiwan's membership of the WHO to help fight Coronavirus.

    1,003 signatures, now closed

  42. Stop schools being closed unnecessarily over fears of coronavirus (Covid-19)

    944 signatures, now closed

  43. Enforce Moderate Social Distancing to Contain & Delay Sars-Cov-2/Coronavirus

    919 signatures, now closed

  44. Halt work on HS2 and Stonehenge Tunnel until Coronavirus over

    824 signatures, now closed

  45. Start screening every person who enters UK for Coronavirus

    736 signatures, now closed

  46. Ensure employees are paid their full wage if they can't work due to coronavirus

    700 signatures, now closed

  47. Ensure that the national minimum wage is a living wage.

    611 signatures

  48. Move all bank holidays to a time after Coronavirus Lockdown

    603 signatures

  49. Introduce limits on per customer purchases in all supermarkets

    566 signatures, now closed

  50. Offer financial support for out of work Seafarers during the COVID-19 pandemic

    537 signatures

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