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  1. Limit the Sale and Use of Fireworks to Organisers of Licensed Displays Only

    301,611 signatures, now closed

  2. Make fireworks illegal to buy, with the exception of public displays.

    46,069 signatures, now closed

  3. Ban the manufacture, import, sale and use of fireworks in the UK

    14,355 signatures, now closed

  4. Make fireworks quieter: Review and reduce the decibel limit on fireworks

    13,212 signatures, now closed

  5. Review and reduce the decibel limit on fireworks sold to the public

    6,952 signatures, now closed

  6. Stop the sale of fireworks to the general public.

    4,073 signatures, now closed

  7. Ban sale of fireworks to the public and limit sales to licensed displays only

    3,645 signatures

  8. Ban use and sale of non-silent fireworks

    1,875 signatures, now closed

  9. Restrict the use and sale of fireworks to November the 5th and New year's Eve

    703 signatures, now closed

  10. Ban the use of fireworks during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

    583 signatures, now closed

  11. Ban all firework sales except the days of November 5th And December 31st

    510 signatures, now closed

  12. Ban the use of all fireworks in order to reduce air and noise pollution.

    504 signatures, now closed

  13. Increase tax on fireworks to increase prices and fund related initiatives

    327 signatures, now closed

  14. Make it illegal for fireworks to be set off on days other than Nov 5 and Dec 31

    194 signatures, now closed

  15. Raise the age of consent in the UK to 18 years old.

    174 signatures, now closed

  16. Restrict Cat 3 fireworks to professionals & require licences for Cat 2 fireworks

    168 signatures, now closed

  17. Ban the use of fireworks in residential areas

    161 signatures, now closed

  18. A minute of silence for the Black Lives Matter movement

    161 signatures, now closed

  19. Require 1 week's notice be given of any use of fireworks in a residential area

    115 signatures, now closed

  20. Ban the sale of fireworks to protect animals

    102 signatures, now closed

  21. Ban the release of fireworks after 10pm, including on bonfire night

    83 signatures, now closed

  22. Ban noisy fireworks for anything other than public display

    79 signatures, now closed

  23. Allocated time for fireworks to be set off on 5th November.

    57 signatures, now closed

  24. Amend the law so that fireworks can not be used after 9pm from October to March

    53 signatures, now closed

  25. Make Chinese New Year, Diwali, EID public holidays

    52 signatures, now closed

  26. Only allow the use of Fireworks in residential areas by the public on 5 November

    39 signatures, now closed

  27. Introduce age restrictions for the sale of barbecues and matches

    37 signatures, now closed

  28. Introduce a Fireworks Permission Scheme

    31 signatures, now closed

  29. Reduce the decibel limit on fireworks to 85 decibels, to reduce impact

    21 signatures

  30. Ban all firework sales and the use of them for members of the public


  31. Stop the sale of fireworks in supermarkets to the general public


  32. Ban fireworks for public use


  33. Ban the sale of fireworks by retailers in the UK, protect our Pets & Veterans.


  34. Restrict dates when fireworks may be set off and limit time of day.


  35. Ban loud fireworks


  36. Ban loud banger fireworks


  37. Make the sale of fireworks for licensed displays only. And make them silent.


  38. Stop the sale of fireworks to the general public


  39. Ban the use of fireworks except for organised public displays on November 5th.


  40. Change the law so loud fireworks are only acceptable from the hours of 6.30-9pm


  41. Zero Tolerance for Anti-Social behaviour.


  42. Stop firework being sold and let off, other than at planned events


  43. Ban the sale of fireworks to the general public.


  44. Make fireworks only legal on the days of bonfire night and new years


  45. Ban the sale of fireworks from all shops and online.


  46. Ban private firework displays, unless silent, and to only allow public displays.


  47. Abolish the position of Mayor of London!


  48. Firework Usage


  49. The government to ban the sale of fireworks to the general public,


  50. Reduce Firework Noise, Hours per Day & Number of Days per Year they are set off


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