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  1. Ban the sale of all non-silent fireworks

    8,190 signatures

  2. Make it an offence to release fireworks within 300 yards of livestock/horses

    643 signatures

  3. Ban from public sale certain fireworks for garden use

    142 signatures

  4. Only allow fireworks on the dates of traditional celebratory events

    104 signatures

  5. Ban fireworks in residential areas and only allow in remote areas by licence

    99 signatures

  6. Ban the sale of fireworks to the public

    56 signatures

  7. Ban the use of fireworks

    42 signatures

  8. Only allow sale and use of fireworks on 5 November and New Year's Eve

    42 signatures

  9. To ban the use of fireworks after 10pm

    40 signatures

  10. Introduce new restrictions on the sale of fireworks

    39 signatures

  11. Increase the taxes on fireworks

    35 signatures

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