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  1. Review travel advice and travel corridor list for African countries

    6,348 signatures, now closed

  2. Complete the changeover to the metric system

    303 signatures, now closed

  3. Keep metric measurements and do not reintroduce imperial measurements

    240 signatures

  4. Publish all SAGE and Government data and models used to develop Covid-19 policy

    54 signatures, now closed

  5. Change the official units of measurement from Metric back to Imperial

    41 signatures, now closed

  6. Make Imperial weights and measures legal again.


  7. Retain the UK's use of the metric system for measurements


  8. Make "box-office" data from on-demand entertainment public in the UK


  9. Government measured on delivery of manifesto and commitments to Parliament

    8 signatures

  10. Decimalise the inch, foot, and yard.


  11. Lockdown by consent for those who support it.


  12. End use of the metric system and restore imperial units for weights and measures


  13. End Coronavirus Lockdowns for those who wish to resume normal life


  14. Ban the use of police horses at protests


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