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  1. Ban the sale of manual plastic toothbrushes in the UK by 2025.

    1,462 signatures

  2. Ban plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables

    1,251 signatures

  3. Ban balloon releases which are harmful to wildlife

    515 signatures

  4. Ban the use of plastic food packaging

    100 signatures

  5. Ban plastic for being used to attach tags/labels to clothes.

    49 signatures

  6. Require local authorities to collect all plastic waste that can be recycled

    40 signatures

  7. Impose a corporation tax surcharge on companies that produce single-use plastics

    36 signatures

  8. Introduce a dog licence

    33 signatures

  9. Ban single use plastic sealant/caulk cartridges

    19 signatures

  10. Ban the selling of computer games codes in physical boxes

    16 signatures

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