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  1. Bad owners are to blame not the breed - don't ban the XL bully

    585,226 signatures

  2. Hold a parliamentary vote on whether to reject amendments to the IHR 2005

    114,901 signatures

  3. Require train operators keep ticket offices and platform staff at train stations

    105,216 signatures

  4. Change the legal driving age to 15

    86,714 signatures

  5. Require employers to offer career breaks for parents with a seriously ill child

    82,415 signatures

  6. Make Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha public holidays

    74,995 signatures

  7. Require education staff to be trained on learning disabilities and autism

    60,289 signatures

  8. Reform the Grocery Supply Code of Practice to better protect farmers

    50,238 signatures

  9. Introduce new laws to force offenders to be present in court for sentencing

    39,688 signatures

  10. Do not require schools to tell parents their child is transgender/non-binary

    37,967 signatures

  11. Increase the state pension to equal 35 hours a week at the National Living Wage

    37,717 signatures

  12. Recognize period underwear as a menstrual product and remove the 20%VAT on them

    35,899 signatures

  13. Make pet abduction a specific criminal offence

    35,675 signatures

  14. Hold a referendum on ending devolution in Wales

    35,411 signatures

  15. Stop deep-sea mining

    34,754 signatures

  16. Change the school week to a four day week

    32,563 signatures

  17. Create income replacement scheme for crew affected by writers and actors strikes

    30,203 signatures

  18. Ensure all NHS bank staff in England receive non-consolidated payments

    29,312 signatures

  19. Create a Sudanese Family Scheme visa for Sudanese people affected by war

    28,892 signatures

  20. Make XL Bully a banned dog breed in the Dangerous Dogs Act

    27,052 signatures

  21. Create a new regulatory body to hold NHS managers accountable

    25,053 signatures

  22. Provide dedicated funding for diagnosis/treatment of hypermobile EDS and HSD

    23,337 signatures

  23. Provide Ukrainian refugees with settled status to enable a stable life in the UK

    21,733 signatures

  24. Sanction individuals responsible for Sino-British Joint Declaration breaches

    21,219 signatures

  25. Make a UK law requiring all establishments to accept cash

    20,226 signatures

  26. Condemn Israel for their actions against Palestinians and impose trade ban

    20,209 signatures

  27. Do Not Leave the European Convention on Human Rights

    19,925 signatures

  28. Do not increase visa fees and the Immigration Health Surcharge

    18,847 signatures

  29. Introduce mandatory neutering of pet cats

    18,836 signatures

  30. Fund non-consolidated payments for organisations providing NHS funded services

    18,430 signatures

  31. Reverse the decision not to proceed with the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill

    18,086 signatures

  32. Make chanting about tragedies and death at a football match a criminal offence

    17,914 signatures

  33. Ensure all GCSE students are issued equation sheets

    16,463 signatures

  34. Extend date for existing students to switch to Skilled Worker visa

    15,299 signatures

  35. Make dogs attacking other pets a specific criminal offence

    15,257 signatures

  36. Stop all new oil and gas developments

    14,682 signatures

  37. Launch a Public Inquiry into excess mortality in England and Wales

    13,519 signatures

  38. Create a Government exam board to make new language GCSEs based on census data

    13,410 signatures

  39. Allow Serbian citizens to visit the UK for up to 90 days without a visa

    13,085 signatures

  40. Make MPs who are absent from their constituency and Parliament subject to recall

    12,972 signatures

  41. Introduce 'Grow Your Own' Laws for Legal Medical Cannabis Patients (CBPM)

    12,593 signatures

  42. Pause the Energy Bill and hold a public referendum before proceeding

    12,358 signatures

  43. Provide dairy-free alternatives as part of the national milk scheme for under 5s

    11,981 signatures

  44. Allow Healthcare Workers on skilled worker visas to work for any employer

    11,723 signatures

  45. Record the number of bereaved children to ensure they are supported

    11,280 signatures

  46. Set up a Public Inquiry into age discrimination and ageism in the UK

    11,216 signatures

  47. Allow BN(O) holders to use e-gates at passport control

    11,139 signatures

  48. Introduce statutory licensing and regulation of builders

    10,752 signatures

  49. Fund routine breast cancer screening from the age of 25

    10,733 signatures

  50. Make the State Pension equal to Minimum Wage (40hr/wk 23+) to all from age 60

    10,392 signatures

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