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  1. VALERIE'S LAW Compulsory Training for Agencies Supporting Black DV Victims

    30,508 signatures

  2. An public inquiry into the causes surrounding missing Black people

    20,912 signatures

  3. Increase funding for Black, Asian and minority skin tone NHS prosthetics

    1,418 signatures

  4. Provide funding for suitcases for children entering Local Authority foster care

    436 signatures

  5. Decolonise the UK curriculum and make it more diverse

    169 signatures

  6. Make the teaching of Black history compulsory in primary and secondary schools.

    64 signatures

  7. Require schools teach about contributions of South Asian and Black people in WW1

    62 signatures

  8. Change the Prison Staff Uniform

    35 signatures

  9. Do not let UK become involved in conflict between Ukraine and Russia

    20 signatures

  10. Prohibit the publication of names of defendants prior to conviction

    17 signatures

  11. Allow vehicles over 40 years of age to display a black and silver number plate.

    14 signatures

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