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  1. Backpay the £20 covid uplift to people on Legacy Benefits

    25,857 signatures

  2. Remove all COVID requirements for international travel to the UK

    22,523 signatures

  3. Increase the HMRC Mileage Rate from 45p/mile to 60p/mile

    20,638 signatures

  4. Make provisions for telemedicine for early abortions permanent in England

    15,232 signatures

  5. Fund Evusheld the preventative COVID19 antibody for immunocompromised

    14,780 signatures

  6. Do not end legal obligations to self-isolate if people test positive for covid

    13,978 signatures

  7. Fund research into any relationship between microclots and long Covid and ME

    11,837 signatures

  8. Ensure global and equitable access to vaccines, tests, treatments, and PPE.

    11,601 signatures

  9. Set up an independent regulator to monitor and regulate vehicle fuel pricing

    11,333 signatures

  10. Reinstate the IPC grant Funding which paid social care staff who need to isolate

    3,897 signatures

  11. Do not reduce funding for Covid research

    3,726 signatures

  12. Loosen requirements for British citizens to return their pets home from China.

    1,753 signatures

  13. Keep Covid Tests Free for Everyone

    1,669 signatures

  14. Continue to fund the ONS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey

    1,628 signatures

  15. Introduce a windfall tax on pharmaceutical companies’ Covid-19 related profits

    1,076 signatures

  16. Make ‘Mental Health Studies’ a separate subject in the National Curriculum

    880 signatures

  17. Fund air filters and reintroduce measures to protect children and school staff

    869 signatures

  18. Increase funding to research treatment and medication for Long Covid sufferers

    862 signatures

  19. Make relaxed rules for outdoor hospitality and making traffic orders permanent

    783 signatures

  20. Commission a comprehensive cost benefit analysis of the response to COVID

    711 signatures

  21. Hold a public inquiry into "partygate" and how it has been investigated

    520 signatures

  22. Offer second boosters to every person over 50 or clinically vulnerable

    508 signatures

  23. Give elderly and vulnerable adults legal rights to have hospital visitors

    467 signatures

  24. Increase funding to early years settings which support children with SEN

    431 signatures

  25. Increase efforts to reclaim covid-19 payments lost to fraud

    395 signatures

  26. Allow Registrations of Death to continue remotely rather than in person

    363 signatures

  27. Publish data on covid-19 vaccination reactions for children

    254 signatures

  28. Make LFTs free for people who need to see clinically vulnerable friends & family

    241 signatures

  29. Give residents rights to council tax refunds where they do not receive a service

    185 signatures

  30. Require schools allow students to wear PE kit for whole day on PE days

    165 signatures

  31. Increase funding for treatment of chronic back pain and sciatica.

    141 signatures

  32. Provide N95/FFP2 or better face masks to the clinically extremely vulnerable

    135 signatures

  33. Scrap University Tuition Fees & Introduce Annual Admin Fee of up to £500

    133 signatures

  34. Continue free Covid tests for families with extremely vulnerable members

    117 signatures

  35. Abolish the Coronavirus Act 2020 with immediate effect.

    93 signatures

  36. Reduce VAT For Hair And Beauty Salons to 5%

    92 signatures

  37. Make Graduate Visa Count Towards Settlement

    86 signatures

  38. Require universities to refund students due to COVID disruptions and strikes

    76 signatures

  39. Create an Operation Rescript medal for Armed Forces supporting Covid-19 response

    76 signatures

  40. Reinstate 5% rate of VAT for the hospitality sector

    74 signatures

  41. Allow Driving theory test to expire three years instead of two

    59 signatures

  42. Increase funding to house and support the homeless

    56 signatures

  43. Bring back the Education Maintenance Allowance for eligible students in England

    56 signatures

  44. Exempt people who recover from COVID19 (with antibodies) from the vaccine

    56 signatures

  45. Increase funding for existing and new youth clubs

    49 signatures

  46. VAT Complete Removal.

    45 signatures

  47. Confirm a timeline for rollout of Veterans ID card to all veterans

    45 signatures

  48. Fund free same-day PCR testing for people with vulnerable relatives

    43 signatures

  49. Require online review sites to prevent fraudulent reviews.

    41 signatures

  50. Allow everyone access to the Spring COVID booster

    40 signatures

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