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  1. Add Romanian to the Modern Languages GCSE

    10,613 signatures

  2. Make ‘Mental Health Studies’ a separate subject in the National Curriculum

    1,281 signatures

  3. Add the British National Anthem to the National Curriculum

    394 signatures

  4. Add hidden disabilities to the national curriculum

    391 signatures

  5. Make female hormone health a compulsory part of the curriculum starting age 10

    90 signatures

  6. Make Health Education a compulsory separate subject in all schools.

    84 signatures

  7. Make self-defence part of the secondary Physical Education curriculum

    42 signatures

  8. Make learning about child abuse part of the national curriculum

    36 signatures

  9. Add human trafficking to the secondary school curriculum to spread awareness.

    29 signatures

  10. Add sociology to the national curriculum from year 7 to year 9

    20 signatures

  11. Add fire awareness to the national curriculum

    17 signatures

  12. Make learning the countries of the world in school part of the curriculum

    16 signatures

  13. Make the national curriculum more inclusive of LGBTQIA+ topics

    14 signatures

  14. Include parenting skills in the national curriculum

    14 signatures

  15. Add the 9/11 attacks to the national curriculum

    14 signatures

  16. Make the DSL role in schools a stand-alone role with no other responsibility

    8 signatures

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