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  1. #SaveSue, Save Small Home Dog Breeders-Remove the Business Test from AWR 2018

    1,493 signatures

  2. Ban the sale of manual plastic toothbrushes in the UK by 2025.

    1,417 signatures

  3. Increase regulation of animal sales

    265 signatures

  4. Ban balloon releases which are harmful to wildlife

    95 signatures

  5. Ban greyhound racing and improve protections for current and former racing dogs

    78 signatures

  6. Toughen animal welfare laws & introduce an animal abuser's database

    50 signatures

  7. Make Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning compulsory education in KS3 or KS4

    48 signatures

  8. Ban the sale of plastic wet wipes; affordable alternatives are widely available

    36 signatures

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