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  1. Mandatory printing of car registration numbers on all Drive Thru packaging.

    45,160 signatures

  2. Fund a national anti-littering campaign.

    12,104 signatures

  3. Introduce a national fishing line recycling scheme

    1,853 signatures

  4. Protect the UK’s countryside and coast from post-lockdown damage

    1,803 signatures

  5. Introduce a 'litter tax' on all single-use packaging

    269 signatures

  6. Make it illegal to sell dogs without a licence

    197 signatures

  7. Provide additional funding for collection of roadside rubbish in England

    125 signatures

  8. Drivers who drop litter should be made to clear litter from the roadsides.

    99 signatures

  9. Two penalty points to be issued to drivers of vehicles when littering from it.

    45 signatures

  10. Introduce a deposit payment scheme for cigarette butts

    43 signatures

  11. Deposit scheme on glass, plastic, steel, aluminium bottles and cans.

    33 signatures

  12. Mandatory community service for litter droppers.

    16 signatures

  13. Ban the sale of disposable face masks for domestic use

    14 signatures

  14. Put up signs on the motorway to tell drivers to stop hogging the middle lane

    10 signatures

  15. Ban dogs from cemeteries (excluding guide dogs)

    8 signatures

  16. Ban battery rabbit farming

    6 signatures

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