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  1. Mandatory printing of car registration numbers on all Drive Thru packaging.

    59,647 signatures

  2. Nala’s Law - New legislation to safeguard the breeding and sale of domestic pets

    6,872 signatures

  3. Introduce 3 point penalty on driving licence for litter thrown from any vehicle

    6,803 signatures

  4. Introduce a national fishing line recycling scheme

    2,749 signatures

  5. Ban the sale of plastic wet wipes; affordable alternatives are widely available

    2,708 signatures

  6. Make it illegal to sell dogs without a licence

    2,593 signatures

  7. Ban battery rabbit farming

    2,572 signatures

  8. Protect the UK’s countryside and coast from post-lockdown damage

    1,933 signatures

  9. Two penalty points to be issued to drivers of vehicles when littering from it.

    441 signatures

  10. Introduce a 'litter tax' on all single-use packaging

    436 signatures

  11. ALL people importing dogs have to apply upfront for a licence to import a dog

    390 signatures

  12. Ban dogs from all Biological Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs)

    195 signatures

  13. Increase funding for more Environmental Wardens and litter/waste initiatives

    178 signatures

  14. Increase fixed penalty fines for littering

    150 signatures

  15. Require refundable deposits on drinks cans and bottles.

    114 signatures

  16. Create new requirements for breeding and selling dogs

    112 signatures

  17. Drivers who drop litter should be made to clear litter from the roadsides.

    108 signatures

  18. Deposit scheme on glass, plastic, steel, aluminium bottles and cans.

    102 signatures

  19. Require all owners/occupiers of premises to keep their premises free of litter

    89 signatures

  20. Ban fast food companies from using disposable packaging for advertising

    75 signatures

  21. Ban plastic cellulose acetate cigarette filters.

    67 signatures

  22. Mandatory community service for litter droppers.

    24 signatures

  23. Ban the sale and use of single use cups

    22 signatures

  24. Ban the sale of disposable face masks for domestic use

    22 signatures

  25. Put up signs on the motorway to tell drivers to stop hogging the middle lane

    18 signatures

  26. Replace the Landfill Tax with a waste premium

    14 signatures

  27. Ban dogs from cemeteries (excluding guide dogs)

    10 signatures

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