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  1. Cease plans to make changes to the Work Capability Assessment (WCA)

    9 signatures

  2. Ban local authorities imposing 20mph speed limits on major roads

    26 signatures

  3. Increase support for homeless veterans

    13 signatures

  4. Replace the Armed Forces Complaints process with an independent civilian body

    8 signatures

  5. Allow registered Clinical Scientists to prescribe medication

    29 signatures

  6. Provide funding to reduce NHS waiting times for surgery for children

    49 signatures

  7. Prevent employers enforcing office attendance when the role can be done at home

    18 signatures

  8. Make 29 February a bank holiday

    17 signatures

  9. Fund improved support for adults with a learning disability

    15 signatures

  10. Require employers report and investigate near misses

    15 signatures

  11. Pause Ofsted inspections and reform how school performance is evaluated

    18,746 signatures

  12. Make it a Criminal Offence to not call 999 or seek help when someone needs help

    17 signatures

  13. Make school period products scheme permanent and increase products available

    31 signatures

  14. Express support for the incoming government of Guatemala

    15 signatures

  15. Ban recording using smart glasses without the knowledge of people being recorded

    14 signatures

  16. Hold a referendum on the UK's stance on a ceasefire in Gaza

    34 signatures

  17. Introduce an England-only representative assembly

    13 signatures

  18. Revoke powers to charge CAZ, LEZ, and ULEZ, and require refund of past charges

    308 signatures

  19. Fund breast cancer screening from the age of 40

    997 signatures

  20. No Pride in Deportation: Stop the Deportation of LGBTIQ+ People Seeking Asylum

    236 signatures

  21. Make climbing on, damaging or defacing war memorials a specific offence

    26 signatures

  22. Make it illegal to taper redundancy payments for people approaching pension age

    14 signatures

  23. Fast track benefits as soon as someone is diagnosed as terminally ill

    650 signatures

  24. Provide councils power to prevent intrusive domestic CCTV

    9 signatures

  25. Abolish the High Income Child Benefit Charge

    100 signatures

  26. Allow all transgender people to get married in their affirmed gender

    19 signatures

  27. Require local councils to recycle medical blister packs

    29 signatures

  28. Abolish vehicle tax and replace it with a additional 3% tax on the fuel

    11 signatures

  29. Change VAT Threshold to Profit Earned

    58 signatures

  30. Invest £16 million into improving dementia diagnostics

    190 signatures

  31. Increase income tax allowance for necessary living costs for basic rate payers

    19 signatures

  32. Provide for resentencing for everyone serving an indeterminate prison sentence

    1,705 signatures

  33. Extend the HRT Prescription Prepayment Certificate to male HRT therapy

    12 signatures

  34. Urgent reforms for fair practical driving test allocations

    23 signatures

  35. Require a public vote before the UK can become involved in a foreign conflict

    30 signatures

  36. Require local authorities in England to permit delivery drivers to use bus lanes

    44 signatures

  37. Exempt overtime earnings from tax

    27 signatures

  38. Create a national climate change holiday to encourage the planting of trees

    113 signatures

  39. Review healthcare provision for people moved into temporary accommodation

    59 signatures

  40. Inquiry into the pet food industry and its relationship with the vet profession

    286 signatures

  41. Ensure GCSE students have support materials for maths and science exams in 2025

    15 signatures

  42. Require increased and more secure provision of HGV parking at motorway services

    84 signatures

  43. Hold a General Election if 5% of the voting population ask for it

    38 signatures

  44. Make it compulsory for all dogs to be on leads on public land.

    24 signatures

  45. Require "New Recipe" labels on food products when new ingredients are added

    16 signatures

  46. Put an engine size cap for all new drivers for 3 years

    15 signatures

  47. Review foreign policy in respect of Israel

    24 signatures

  48. Create a Sikh regiment in the British army

    48 signatures

  49. Ensure tenants can't be evicted for owning an exempted XL Bully dog

    3,867 signatures

  50. Ban fireworks in residential areas and only allow in remote areas by licence

    22 signatures

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