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  1. Change animal protection laws to cover all endangered species

    33 signatures

  2. Ban electric shock collars

    126 signatures

  3. Ban non-stun slaughter

    7,296 signatures

  4. Introduce a Regulator for Veterinary Services

    61 signatures

  5. Require owners of dogs who cause road accidents to provide contact details

    30 signatures

  6. Implement mandatory labeling for all products tested on animals.

    28 signatures

  7. Ban all animal fur imports, including for the King's Guard's caps

    23 signatures

  8. Legally recognise Emotional Support Animals (ESAs)

    16 signatures

  9. Require cosmetic companies to state if their products are ever tested on animals

    44 signatures

  10. Impose prison sentences, lifetime bans and random checks on animal abusers

    279 signatures

  11. Review the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976, to remove and add animals

    10 signatures

  12. Outlaw the trade of 'live food' in pet stores in the UK

    17 signatures

  13. Ban all online sales of cats and dogs

    1,093 signatures

  14. Introduce a right to pet care and bereavement leave

    20 signatures

  15. Allow an extension for neutering XL Bully dogs with certain medical conditions

    2,061 signatures

  16. Ban the sale and use of single-use plastic bottles of water by 2028.

    43 signatures

  17. Enable disqualification checks for persons charged under Animal Welfare Act 2006

    201 signatures

  18. Make factory farms illegal

    2,225 signatures

  19. Ban the use of fireworks

    42 signatures

  20. Ban the sale of fireworks to the public

    56 signatures

  21. Ban the importation and selling of Foie Gras in the UK

    87 signatures

  22. Remove pack of hounds exemption from s1 of Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act

    2,468 signatures

  23. Review and reform arrangements for ban on XL Bully type dogs

    250 signatures

  24. Ban fireworks in residential areas and only allow in remote areas by licence

    101 signatures

  25. Introduce new restrictions on the sale of fireworks

    40 signatures

  26. Make it an offence to release fireworks within 300 yards of livestock/horses

    646 signatures

  27. Increase the taxes on fireworks

    35 signatures

  28. Make it a specific offence for motorists to hit a cat

    49 signatures

  29. Only allow fireworks on the dates of traditional celebratory events

    104 signatures

  30. To ban the use of fireworks after 10pm

    41 signatures

  31. Only allow sale and use of fireworks on 5 November and New Year's Eve

    43 signatures

  32. Ban the use of herbicides that contain glyphosate

    46 signatures

  33. Let airlines allow pets in the airplane’s cabin to and from the UK

    1,916 signatures

  34. Ban imports of hunting trophies of endangered animals

    23,099 signatures

  35. Ban the sale and use of hamster cages under 100x50x50cm

    1,227 signatures

  36. Ban the sale of all non-silent fireworks

    8,223 signatures

  37. Make responsible pet ownership teaching mandatory in schools

    34 signatures

  38. Ban classroom pets in schools

    138 signatures

  39. Ban the use of dogs for testing and research purposes in the UK

    31,861 signatures

  40. Introduce national system to provide animal health certificates at a fixed cost

    70 signatures

  41. Support small and large animal rescues with grants for veterinary bills

    46 signatures

  42. Implement a complete ban on the sale of rodenticide poison

    274 signatures

  43. Ban the captivity of animals in zoos

    37 signatures

  44. Make training your dog with an approved scheme a legal requirement

    36 signatures

  45. Introduce licences, mandatory training and annual vet visits to own a dog

    301 signatures

  46. Require veterinary practices to offer customers payment plans

    29 signatures

  47. Stop the live export of animals from the UK

    100 signatures

  48. Create independent inspection scheme for dogs held under the Dangerous Dogs Act

    946 signatures

  49. Seek to rejoin the EU pet passport scheme

    226 signatures

  50. Require people to complete an online course on animal care to buy a pet

    41 signatures

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