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  1. Abolish the mandatory 0.7% GDP Foreign Aid target and spend our money at home

    9,650 signatures

  2. Exempt Commonwealth Service Personnel having to pay fees to remain in the UK

    9,142 signatures

  3. Scrap 'On-Demand' Postal Voting, & Create Strict Eligibility Criteria

    8,280 signatures

  4. Coroners must be lawfully obligated to statistically record veteran suicides

    7,843 signatures

  5. Reward our healthcare heroes now for risking their lives to fight Covid-19.

    5,901 signatures

  6. Award Covid-19 medals to all emergency services and involved armed forces

    4,563 signatures

  7. Give Commonwealth members of British Armed Services right to remain indefinitely

    962 signatures

  8. Allow those who suffer from Coeliac Disease to join the Armed Forces

    316 signatures

  9. Bank holiday to thank those who helped during the COVID-19 crisis

    174 signatures

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