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  1. Fund research into any relationship between microclots and long Covid and ME

    11,835 signatures

  2. Ensure global and equitable access to vaccines, tests, treatments, and PPE.

    11,601 signatures

  3. Set up an independent regulator to monitor and regulate vehicle fuel pricing

    11,254 signatures

  4. Publish daily updates on the number of Channel crossings

    10,956 signatures

  5. Offer fast track asylum to any Ukrainians displaced due to the invasion

    10,905 signatures

  6. Add Romanian to the Modern Languages GCSE

    10,484 signatures

  7. Hold a referendum in Greater Manchester on removing the position of Mayor

    10,324 signatures

  8. Prohibit 5G technology in the UK

    10,265 signatures

  9. Ensure student nurses are paid for placement hours

    9,643 signatures

  10. Commission NICE to Review Guidelines on Chronic Pain (Published April 2021)

    9,443 signatures

  11. Increase minimum wage for licensed security workers to £15 an hour

    9,126 signatures

  12. Do not pass legislation to allow the gene editing of animals and crops

    9,106 signatures

  13. Fast-track access to benefits for terminally ill as soon as diagnosed

    8,808 signatures

  14. Overturn the decision to allow the use of neonicotinoid pesticides

    8,739 signatures

  15. Ban school uniforms in sex shops and pornography

    8,351 signatures

  16. Extend 30 hours free childcare to student midwives/nurses/paramedics

    8,019 signatures

  17. Protect and restore Britain’s lost rainforests

    7,963 signatures

  18. Grant Home Fee status for all who are in the UK under the BNO visa.

    7,857 signatures

  19. Do not require parents to register home educated children with local authorities

    7,739 signatures

  20. Fund routine testing for Group B Streptococcus during late pregnancy

    7,662 signatures

  21. Produce a Farmland Protection Policy to regulate the loss of farmland to solar

    7,601 signatures

  22. Increase staffing to reduce waiting times for visas

    7,532 signatures

  23. Revoke the TV licence at the end of 2027

    7,007 signatures

  24. Allow those with 5 years ICT visa to apply for ILR

    6,903 signatures

  25. Ban the importation and sale of foie gras

    6,791 signatures

  26. Conduct an independent public inquiry into the Birmingham ‘Trojan Horse’ affair.

    6,690 signatures

  27. Review honey authenticity and current regulation of the honey market

    6,676 signatures

  28. Make disregard for learners' safety an aggravating factor in driving offences

    6,458 signatures

  29. Ban the religious slaughter of animals without first stunning them

    6,419 signatures

  30. Allow Camping on Farmland for 56 days a year under permitted development

    6,033 signatures

  31. Residential Park Home residents should be eligible for £400 electricity grant

    5,812 signatures

  32. Extend the Leasehold Reform Act to ground rent on existing residential leases

    5,621 signatures

  33. Automatically upgrade A2 motorcycle licence to A licence after 2 years

    5,619 signatures

  34. Stop the privatisation of Channel 4

    5,525 signatures

  35. Fund the drug bevacizumab (Avastin) on the NHS to treat colorectal cancer

    5,419 signatures

  36. Remove barriers to UK residents adopting rescue dogs from Ukraine

    5,266 signatures

  37. Review how babies with tongue tie are treated & diagnosed

    5,216 signatures

  38. Make it illegal for parents to smack children

    5,194 signatures

  39. Require cyclists have lights, license plate and insurance to use the roads

    5,173 signatures

  40. Fund improved treatment and awareness of Functional Neurological Disorders

    4,600 signatures

  41. Raise the standard Personal TAX Allowance from £12,570 to £20,000

    4,463 signatures

  42. Seek to negotiate mutual recognition of UK and Spanish driving licences

    4,337 signatures

  43. Support our Forces - Establish the Wider Service Medal

    4,259 signatures

  44. Make school uniform VAT exempt

    4,258 signatures

  45. Require local authorities replace roadside grass with wild flowers

    4,213 signatures

  46. Stop VAT On Vet Bills

    4,199 signatures

  47. Hold an urgent inquiry into the energy crisis, and remove VAT on fuel

    4,078 signatures

  48. Fund Ayurveda treatment on the NHS as a complementary and alternative medicine

    4,063 signatures

  49. Seek to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine

    4,059 signatures

  50. Review and reform Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

    4,050 signatures

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