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  1. Ban the EU flag from UK Armed Forces uniforms.

    12,127 signatures

  2. Mandatory EHCPs for children with Autism.

    11,859 signatures

  3. PublicHoliday on Hindus special two religious occasions in a year:Diwali&Dussera

    11,851 signatures

  4. Reduce VAT to 5% on repairs and approved alterations to listed buildings.

    11,818 signatures

  5. Stop Brexit if supplies of vital medication can't be guaranteed.

    11,517 signatures

  6. Ban all ISIS members from returning to UK

    11,353 signatures

  7. British National (Overseas) Citizens should be given full British Citizenship.

    11,258 signatures

  8. Reverse changes to state pension age back to 65 for men and 60 for women

    11,099 signatures

  9. Fund life saving Immunotherapy for lung cancer patients to more than 2 years

    10,125 signatures

  10. Ban face coverings in public

    10,008 signatures

  11. UK to refer Sri Lanka to ICC in March 2019

    9,914 signatures

  12. Hold a public inquiry into the decision to incentivise diesel cars & its effects

    9,839 signatures

  13. Provide prescription payment exemption for people with Sickle Cell Anaemia.

    9,507 signatures

  14. We want a world class radiotherapy service accessible for all cancer patients.

    8,972 signatures

  15. Raise the Rate: increase the national funding rate for sixth form students

    8,830 signatures

  16. Honour the original Dartford Crossing agreement, abolish all tolls permanently

    8,333 signatures

  17. Amend the 1967 Forestry Act to protect endangered wildlife habitat across the UK

    8,103 signatures

  18. Allow motorbikes to use all bus lanes

    7,969 signatures

  19. Urgent law to extend voting rights to British abroad by repealing 15-year rule.

    7,865 signatures

  20. Reverse the decision to close RAF Scampton

    7,807 signatures

  21. Review rules that allow male prisoners who identify as female in women's prisons

    7,557 signatures

  22. Ban the importation of animal fur into the UK

    7,302 signatures

  23. Secure Asia Bibi (and family) safe exit from Pakistan, political asylum in UK.

    7,289 signatures

  24. Let the UK vote for the next London Mayor. It is our capital after all!

    7,032 signatures

  25. Increase funding to Children's Mental Health services

    6,974 signatures

  26. Protect our Freedom of Movement Rights

    6,943 signatures

  27. Ban absconder Pakistan’s Ex-Finance Minister Ishaq Dar from the UK

    6,740 signatures

  28. All teaching staff across schools in England to have SEND mandatory training

    6,681 signatures

  29. Prevent the prohibition of Air Weapons on Private Land for those Under 18

    6,558 signatures

  30. Reject Remote Pharmacist Proposals. Keep Pharmacists Present for Patients.

    6,469 signatures

  31. Ban Anti-LGBTQ+ material from schools.

    6,433 signatures

  32. Allow people to grow the Cannabis plant without a license!

    6,410 signatures

  33. To create a law for road side safety when recovering vehicles.

    6,308 signatures

  34. Repeal the EU Withdrawal Act to Prevent Accidental No-deal Brexit

    6,183 signatures

  35. Automatic by-election if MPs resigns from their current party

    6,179 signatures

  36. Introduce Alternative Student Finance product by September 2019

    6,128 signatures

  37. Introduce on the Spot Fines for Leaving Animals in an Unattended Private Vehicle

    6,114 signatures

  38. To fund free bus travel for all ESA, JSA and Universal Credit claimants

    6,091 signatures

  39. UK Government to Fund Advice Services for British Citizens living in Spain

    5,848 signatures

  40. Ban the provision and advertising of 'essay mill' cheating services.

    5,800 signatures

  41. Stop intrusive access to counselling notes, in rape and sexual assault cases.

    5,720 signatures

  42. Add the entire teaching profession to the 'shortage occupation list'

    5,661 signatures

  43. End the animal cruelty laws exemptions given to UK halal and shechita abattoirs

    5,563 signatures

  44. Call on the government to stop banks discriminating against welfare recipients

    5,099 signatures

  45. All halal and kosher certified products are to be prominently labelled as such.

    4,821 signatures

  46. Allow the British people to vote on cannabis legalisation

    4,721 signatures

  47. Provide free secure parking for haulage vehicles

    4,708 signatures

  48. Allow American author Robert Spencer to enter the UK and speak freely

    4,461 signatures

  49. Remove Capita from recruiting for the Army and use Soldiers to recruit Soldiers

    4,355 signatures

  50. Change the laws and regulations on our waterways - In memory of Charli Brown

    4,334 signatures

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