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  1. Stop Forestry England granting licenses for Fox & Hare hunts

    5,102 signatures

  2. Reduce student debt for student nurses and midwives

    4,706 signatures

  3. Close construction sites because of Covid19.

    4,325 signatures

  4. Provide financial support to performers and creators during the COVID-19 crisis

    3,878 signatures

  5. Reduce or scrap the immigration health surcharge for overseas NHS Staff.

    3,646 signatures

  6. Give holiday caravan/lodge owners the same statutory protection as mobile homes.

    3,600 signatures

  7. Ensure all royal visits around the UK are fully funded by the Royal Household.

    3,404 signatures

  8. Introduce Voter ID in every UK constituency for all Local & General Elections

    3,399 signatures

  9. Pay self-employed for self-isolating due to corona virus

    3,343 signatures

  10. Hold a referendum on the post-2020 UK-EU relationship with option to rejoin EU

    3,156 signatures

  11. Reimburse nurses for student loans and fund all fees for future student nurses

    3,034 signatures

  12. Refund university rent and tuition fees due to coronavirus

    3,000 signatures

  13. Change approach to COV-19 - if schools have "confirmed" cases they should close.

    2,907 signatures

  14. Remove the minimum earnings threshold for Statutory Sick Pay

    2,852 signatures

  15. Decline any requests for bailouts from the airline industry

    2,813 signatures

  16. Ban pelagic trawlers, attach pingers to all boats, stop slaughter of dolphins.

    2,763 signatures

  17. Haydn's Law – All children 16 and under to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle

    2,686 signatures

  18. Ban the use of peat in gardening and horticulture

    2,684 signatures

  19. Make LGBT conversion therapy illegal in the UK

    2,584 signatures

  20. Ban wearing face coverings in public places.

    2,383 signatures

  21. Businesses to work from home for an appropriate amount of time amidst COVID19

    2,101 signatures

  22. Make it Law to Label Non-Religiously Slaughtered Meat Products.

    2,014 signatures

  23. To block Huawei equipment to be used in 5G network

    1,968 signatures

  24. To ban the sale, use, ownership and manufacture of glue traps.

    1,959 signatures

  25. Extend the Gambling Act to cover Loot Boxes

    1,899 signatures

  26. Publish new carbon budgets linked to the Paris Agreement and Climate Change Act

    1,872 signatures

  27. Provide publicly accessible testing for the covid-19 virus around the UK now.

    1,838 signatures

  28. Double Child Benefit Payments and increase annually in line with Inflation Rise.

    1,814 signatures

  29. Ban adverts for and sale of Asian elephant tours that do not meet set standards

    1,749 signatures

  30. Revise the NPPF to include the protection of all but particularly old hedgerows.

    1,668 signatures

  31. Revoke IR35 Legislation that is causing significant damage to UK businesses

    1,454 signatures

  32. Sol’s Law – Create a new offence and tougher penalties for attacking animals.

    1,435 signatures

  33. Ban overseas funding for religious places of worship in the UK

    1,404 signatures

  34. Scrap 'On-Demand' Postal Voting, & Create Strict Eligibility Criteria

    1,403 signatures

  35. Explore options for making NurOwn available to treat Motor Neurone Disease (MND)

    1,384 signatures

  36. Regulate wildlife food so it’s safer for our UK hedgehogs, mammals & birds

    1,351 signatures

  37. Encourage banks to delay 40% bank overdraft charges during the corona pandemic

    1,291 signatures

  38. Introduce Mandatory Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting

    1,266 signatures

  39. The British government should set a net migration cap at 10,000 a year.

    1,254 signatures

  40. Make it compulsory for all leisure centres to carry out checks under Sarah's law

    1,222 signatures

  41. Create a national database of people banned from keeping animals

    1,165 signatures

  42. A motion for the introduction of a Digital Data Dividend (The DDD)

    1,152 signatures

  43. Equal (50/50) rights for both parents in the event of a separation.

    1,131 signatures

  44. All halal and kosher certified products are to be prominently labelled as such.

    1,098 signatures

  45. Ensure, where possible, government contracts are awarded to UK companies

    1,097 signatures

  46. Review how Social Services operate and bring in procedures to protect parents

    1,042 signatures

  47. Call for the UK government to formally recognise the State of Palestine

    988 signatures

  48. Make cannabis legal for recreational use for ages 21+

    951 signatures

  49. Publish guidance for schools and workplaces on how to deal with ADHD

    945 signatures

  50. Stop the Building of the Nuclear Power Plan at Bradwell on Sea

    920 signatures

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