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  1. Cancel A-level and GCSE exams 2022

    42,484 signatures

  2. Extend furlough scheme for theatre and live music industry.

    42,298 signatures

  3. Referendum on re-joining the EU

    40,778 signatures

  4. Create a one off Bank Holiday on Monday June 21st 2021.

    40,301 signatures

  5. Revoke rules for refusing or cancelling permission to stay for rough sleepers

    40,075 signatures

  6. Reimburse student rents for all accommodation not used during this academic year

    39,748 signatures

  7. Ensure access to treatment and screening for all cancer patients during Covid-19

    37,489 signatures

  8. Repeal Coronavirus Act and end all Covid-19 restrictions

    36,446 signatures

  9. Ensure student nurses and midwives are paid for working during Covid-19

    35,880 signatures

  10. Do not implement a second national lockdown or other restrictions this winter

    34,468 signatures

  11. Amend GCSE exam content for children that are now in year 9 and year 10

    33,575 signatures

  12. Allow corporate worship and congregational singing at places of worship

    32,839 signatures

  13. Allow open-air swimming pools, lidos & lakes to open in a new Covid-19 lockdown

    31,676 signatures

  14. Prioritise special school staff in Covid 19 vaccinations.

    29,356 signatures

  15. Fully fund schools for Covid-19 costs and provide relief for loss of income

    29,271 signatures

  16. Do not require salons to close due to Covid-19

    28,841 signatures

  17. Reduce VAT to 5% for the Hair & Beauty Industry inline with Hospitality.

    28,517 signatures

  18. Remove guidance and funding for temporary traffic measures that cause congestion

    27,749 signatures

  19. Exempt outdoor tennis from closure due to COVID-19

    27,677 signatures

  20. Support Boarding Kennels and Catteries

    26,763 signatures

  21. Prioritise vaccinations for people with a learning disability

    25,955 signatures

  22. Create an Emergency Carers Support Fund to increase care worker wages

    24,079 signatures

  23. Allow fitness classes to resume in areas with tier 3 restrictions

    23,734 signatures

  24. Exempt driving tests and lessons from COVID-19 restrictions

    22,886 signatures

  25. Place the UAE on the UK Travel Corridor list

    22,297 signatures

  26. Do not implement proposed changes to Human Medicine Regulations

    22,074 signatures

  27. Delay implementation of IR35 legislation reform until COVID-19 is resolved

    21,611 signatures

  28. Grant an urgent Amnesty to Undocumented Migrants living in the UK

    21,393 signatures

  29. Ban Trail Hunting

    20,845 signatures

  30. Introduce closed season in grey squirrel cull, so that babies aren't left to die

    20,784 signatures

  31. Make children exempt from coronavirus "rule of six"

    20,608 signatures

  32. Do not implement Covid-19 Freedom Passes

    20,457 signatures

  33. HM Government to outline a plan to Save Future Travel

    20,186 signatures

  34. Do not start mass testing in schools or require asymptomatic students to isolate

    19,908 signatures

  35. Introduce super visa category for parents of British citizens.

    18,759 signatures

  36. Grant full exemptions from quarantine for seafarers and oil & gas workers

    18,502 signatures

  37. Require local authorities to have free helplines for the homeless and vulnerable

    17,842 signatures

  38. Permanently reduce the Lifetime ISA (LISA) withdrawal penalty from 25% to 20%.

    17,747 signatures

  39. Increase the child benefit to £200 pounds monthly per child.

    17,744 signatures

  40. Prevent/deter the buying and reselling of goods/services at inflated prices.

    17,621 signatures

  41. Lower the cost of British Citizenship applications to £372.

    17,388 signatures

  42. Extend the VAT at 5% for hospitality until at least March 2022

    17,331 signatures

  43. Create a single database of microchipped cats and dogs & make scanning mandatory

    16,889 signatures

  44. Legislate to BAN leasehold houses & set ground rents of new-build flats to ZERO

    16,694 signatures

  45. Lobby to negotiate equal visa rights for U.K. citizens with property in EU area

    16,222 signatures

  46. Establish free movement & trade agreements with Canada, Australia & New Zealand

    15,737 signatures

  47. Create a public register of people banned from keeping animals in the UK

    15,204 signatures

  48. Change A-level grades awarded from CAGs to UCAS predicted grades where higher

    15,088 signatures

  49. Ryan's Law: Widen definition of 'death by dangerous driving'

    14,934 signatures

  50. Review state pension entitlements for all women who may have been underpaid

    14,821 signatures

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