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  1. No more taxpayers money to be paid to the EU as part of any Brexit deal

    3,292 signatures

  2. Resolve the inequity/inconsistency refunding for NHS trainees under WAT schemes

    3,254 signatures

  3. To condemn the repression of democracy and freedom of speech in Catalonia

    3,099 signatures

  4. Change business rates for child care providers and make them zero VAT rated.

    3,083 signatures

  5. Allow Martial Arts to be on the GCSE/A Level syllabus.

    2,874 signatures

  6. Debate in Parliament the lack of an effective policy for the treatment of M.E.

    2,789 signatures

  7. If no agreement to leave the European Union is reached, Article 50 be withdrawn

    2,729 signatures

  8. Adopt the EU's Anti Tax Avoidance Directive whether we leave or remain in the EU

    2,668 signatures

  9. Proscribe Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation in its entirety in the UK

    2,426 signatures

  10. Exempt kinship care households from the 2 child restriction on child tax credit

    2,381 signatures

  11. Rule out UK government joining the US in future involvement against North Korea.

    2,381 signatures

  12. Video record all PIP, ESA and DLA medical assessments with patient consent

    2,343 signatures

  13. Stop killing badgers

    2,204 signatures

  14. All halal and kosher meat to be labelled with method of production and slaughter

    2,146 signatures

  15. Abolish the 0.7% GDP target for Foreign Aid

    2,080 signatures

  16. Ban attendance awards in schools

    2,069 signatures

  17. Review the share of Government money spent on Northamptonshire services

    1,917 signatures

  18. Stop oversized and hazardous goods vehicles using the Dartford Tunnel

    1,831 signatures

  19. School staff are worth 5%, children deserve properly funded schools

    1,821 signatures

  20. To allow Christopher Maurice Brown (singer) to be allowed into the UK

    1,777 signatures

  21. Put General Practitioners on the Home Office's 'Shortage Occupation List'

    1,673 signatures

  22. Give the blood bike community section 19 exemptions for blue light runs

    1,572 signatures

  23. Improve Availability of NHS Services for FND Sufferers

    1,571 signatures

  24. Stop plans to exempt vehicles more than 40 years old from roadworthiness tests

    1,560 signatures

  25. Require HMRC to separate out the cost of Brexit on personal tax statements.

    1,497 signatures

  26. Introduce the British Empire as a mandatory part of the Key Stage 3 curriculum

    1,484 signatures

  27. Recognise nonbinary people in law

    1,452 signatures

  28. The undersigned demand the following terms are included in any UK Brexit deal.

    1,428 signatures

  29. Return Scottish devolved powers to UK Government and Parliament

    1,401 signatures

  30. Stop The Genocide In Myanmar - UK Government Please Help!

    1,248 signatures

  31. Mandate that patients are told if their NHS referral is to a private provider.

    1,221 signatures

  32. Make Bullying a Criminal Offence

    1,192 signatures

  33. Make desecration of war memorials and symbols of remembrance a criminal offence.

    1,106 signatures

  34. Stop the proposed Warrington Western Link

    1,106 signatures

  35. Make it mandatory all processed meat products carry a Government health warning

    1,104 signatures

  36. Introduce a 5p charge on single-use plastic straws.

    1,098 signatures

  37. Reduce student loan interest to an affordable 1% over base rate.

    1,072 signatures

  38. Stop The Closure Of Darlington A&E

    1,036 signatures

  39. UK Government to pass a law requiring Vets to scan all newly registered animals.

    1,021 signatures

  40. The MCA must send launch request to RNLI when fishing boats are reported overdue

    1,016 signatures

  41. Change law and tax rules to ensure equal pay for equal work for agency workers

    1,003 signatures

  42. End the Help to Buy scheme and instead direct this funding into social housing

    986 signatures

  43. Amend PIP rules so that mentally disabled adults can get a Blue Parking Badge.

    912 signatures

  44. End the United Kingdom's trading of weapons to Saudi Arabia

    891 signatures

  45. Change CICA policy that states children age 12+ can “consent in fact” to sex

    877 signatures

  46. Lift the ban on hand guns and allow everyone to own any firearm.

    824 signatures

  47. To have a second referendum on Brexit once a final agreement with the EU agreed.

    821 signatures

  48. Introduce an unconditional, Universal Basic Income

    815 signatures

  49. Having knocked over a cat, the driver must legally stop to help/trace the owner

    802 signatures

  50. Stop electoral fraud by creating a national database of voters

    777 signatures

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