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  1. Make PE a core subject from KS1-KS5 with a minimum of 2hrs allocated weekly

    16,319 signatures

  2. Make qualified Dental Nurse wage a minimum of £12 per hour.

    16,168 signatures

  3. Change Settlement Status from Application to Registration.

    16,100 signatures

  4. Make ECOCIDE a UK criminal offence

    15,898 signatures

  5. Investigate Atos PIP assessments.

    15,218 signatures

  6. We Demand A Vote On Cannabis

    14,872 signatures

  7. Automatic DLA renewal for Children under 16 with lifelong medical conditions

    14,396 signatures

  8. Hold an Inquiry into the state of the Police Complaints System and role of IOPC

    13,805 signatures

  9. To introduce a law that recognises Parental Alienation as a criminal offence.

    13,650 signatures

  10. To grant a section 30 order to allow a 2nd referendum on Scottish Independence.

    13,087 signatures

  11. Extend the HM Forces Railcard scheme to include all UK Veterans

    13,050 signatures

  12. £15ph National minimum wage for hgv drivers to be made compulsory

    12,918 signatures

  13. Public inquiry into disenfranchisement of EU27 citizens and UK citizens abroad

    12,296 signatures

  14. Decriminalise prostitution to promote safety

    11,592 signatures

  15. Stop charging commonwealth soldiers to stay in Britain!

    11,569 signatures

  16. Independent inquiry into exclusions of Black children from school

    11,540 signatures

  17. Stop the passing of the Abortion Law in Northern Ireland

    11,179 signatures

  18. The Government to make representations on behalf of Andrew Neal in UAE

    11,126 signatures

  19. Revoke planning permission to build on the site of the Battle of Bosworth.

    11,103 signatures

  20. Start preparations for a Peoples Vote now, to enable answer by 31-10-19.

    11,040 signatures

  21. Ban non-stun slaughter. Animal welfare must take priority over faith tradition.

    10,893 signatures

  22. Give Parliament a vote on whether Article 50 should be revoked

    10,728 signatures

  23. Stop the increase to 20% VAT for the installation of renewable energy sources

    10,720 signatures

  24. Start a public enquiry into NHS Continuing Healthcare

    10,626 signatures

  25. A final vote on scrapping HS2 for MPs, with a free vote for all Ministers

    10,539 signatures

  26. Leave the EU with No Deal in October 2019

    9,559 signatures

  27. Outlaw planning applications that include removal of mature trees or hedgerows.

    9,169 signatures

  28. Retain Bus passes and tv licenses for older people.

    9,126 signatures

  29. Stop increases in road tax for motorhomes.

    8,747 signatures

  30. Fund an NHS Lyme Disease Centre of Excellence

    8,687 signatures

  31. Allergy provision in school: Introduce Statutory Allergy Care legislation

    8,549 signatures

  32. Raise awareness and make Pathological Demand Avoidance a recognisable diagnosis

    8,538 signatures

  33. Parliament should stop a 'no-deal' Brexit

    7,675 signatures

  34. Encourage greater awareness of the impact of facial palsy in the UK

    7,476 signatures

  35. Stop the unfair cap on fuel allowance for community nurses doing their job!

    7,467 signatures

  36. Don't merge the assessments for PIP and ESA

    7,262 signatures

  37. Police Officers to have mandatory training in autism and learning disability

    6,808 signatures

  38. Make it an offence to take hand luggage in an aircraft emergency evacuation

    6,773 signatures

  39. Return the retirement age of Prison Officers to 60. 68 is too late.

    6,724 signatures

  40. Launch a Public Inquiry into transphobia in the national media.

    6,514 signatures

  41. Outlaw the choosing of the Prime Minister by party members who are not MPs

    6,491 signatures

  42. Abolish imprisonment as a penalty for non-payment of Council Tax.

    6,399 signatures

  43. All halal and kosher certified products to be prominently labelled

    6,339 signatures

  44. Keep May 4th 2020 as a bank holiday

    6,252 signatures

  45. Revoke the BBC's royal charter.

    6,222 signatures

  46. Compensation for women born in 1950s, due to state pension age change

    6,177 signatures

  47. Make the sale and use of glue traps illegal

    6,010 signatures

  48. End harmful policies towards refugees and migrants in Libya

    5,998 signatures

  49. Give us the option to get our driving licence with out the Union Jack flag.

    5,958 signatures

  50. Do not allow a second referendum on Scottish Independence

    5,774 signatures

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