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  1. Create new requirements for dogs held under dangerous dogs legislation

    10,871 signatures

  2. Allow BN(O) holders to use e-gates at passport control

    10,829 signatures

  3. A central register of Asbestos and phased removal of Asbestos from all buildings

    10,468 signatures

  4. Introduce statutory licensing and regulation of builders

    10,179 signatures

  5. Negotiate with junior doctors on pay and start with offer of inflation-proof pay

    9,443 signatures

  6. Pause the Energy Bill and hold a public referendum before proceeding

    9,225 signatures

  7. Make the State Pension equal to Minimum Wage (40hr/wk 23+) to all from age 60

    8,739 signatures

  8. Introduce Mandatory Licensing of Low Power Weapons/Air Guns in England & Wales.

    8,386 signatures

  9. Require police carry tranquilizer guns and ban use of police firearms on animals

    8,106 signatures

  10. Find time to take the Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill through the House of Commons

    7,930 signatures

  11. Fund Better Pay for Support Staff in Education

    7,756 signatures

  12. Do not house asylum seekers on ships with free access to the mainland

    7,552 signatures

  13. Record and publish numbers of companion animals euthanised in England

    7,509 signatures

  14. Hold a referendum on the 2050 Net Zero target

    7,376 signatures

  15. Allow for a public referendum on the monarchy

    7,184 signatures

  16. Protect the NHS and All Healthcare: Require #MasksInHealthcare

    6,681 signatures

  17. Give more funding for thyroid research and patients after price hike

    6,358 signatures

  18. Review aftercare provided by the NHS for everyone affected by a Cardiac Arrest

    6,347 signatures

  19. Repeal Relationships and Sexuality Education (Northern Ireland) Regulations 2023

    6,170 signatures

  20. Give fathers/second parents a right to 6 weeks' paid leave in baby's first year

    5,890 signatures

  21. Introduce national restrictions on pavement parking.

    5,804 signatures

  22. Require taxis and private hire vehicles be licensed in the areas they operate

    5,764 signatures

  23. Fund the drug Baricitinib on the NHS to treat severe alopecia areata

    5,619 signatures

  24. Amend guidance for PIP claimants on advising the DWP of travel abroad

    5,407 signatures

  25. Include Kurds from Iraq and Iran in the streamlined asylum process

    5,299 signatures

  26. Remove breed specific legislation. Consider alternative methods for dog control.

    5,276 signatures

  27. Increase minimum and maximum sentences for causing death by careless driving

    5,203 signatures

  28. Deport all foreign and dual nationals imprisoned for a year or more

    5,156 signatures

  29. Repeal Part 3 of the Transport Act 2000 on road user charging

    5,004 signatures

  30. Reverse the requirement for parents on UC to be available to work for 30 hours

    4,902 signatures

  31. Introduce new mandatory sentences for murder if a victim's remains aren't found

    4,864 signatures

  32. Devolve broadcasting to the Scottish Parliament

    4,822 signatures

  33. Fund routine breast cancer screening from the age of 25

    4,792 signatures

  34. Travel ban on Ugandan MPs and clergy who supported Anti-Homosexuality Bill

    4,753 signatures

  35. Bring back the Kept Animals Bill and add provisions to regulate online sales

    4,704 signatures

  36. Exclude telecommunication installations from permitted development legislation

    4,646 signatures

  37. Review use of BMI in diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders

    4,588 signatures

  38. Create a pet task force to seek to reduce number of pets being put to sleep

    4,582 signatures

  39. Introduce a Suicide Prevention Act to seek to minimise suicides

    4,516 signatures

  40. Require MPs to vote on any emergency authorisations of bee-killing pesticides

    4,295 signatures

  41. Give all shareholders a voice by bringing Company Law into the 21st Century

    4,287 signatures

  42. Do not allow people to have acquired gender listed as sex on Government ID

    4,286 signatures

  43. Require Local Housing Allowance rates be increased in line with inflation

    4,120 signatures

  44. Hold a Public Inquiry into the handling and implementation of the EU referendum

    4,111 signatures

  45. Create new rights to paid breastfeeding breaks for mothers

    4,048 signatures

  46. Require rear facing car seats for children under 18kg, 105cm tall or 4 years

    4,024 signatures

  47. Create a dedicated Minister for Knife Crime Prevention

    3,823 signatures

  48. Don’t allow affordability checks for sports betting

    3,821 signatures

  49. Increase Carer's Allowance to 35 hours a week at the minimum wage

    3,802 signatures

  50. Reintroduce the Energy Bills Support Scheme for winter 2023/24

    3,742 signatures

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