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  1. Protect all monuments and statues from being taken down

    35,064 signatures

  2. Reverse all exam grades back to teacher’s own predictions

    33,663 signatures

  3. Do not implement a second national lockdown or other restrictions this winter

    33,518 signatures

  4. Allow corporate worship and congregational singing at places of worship

    32,556 signatures

  5. Allow open-air swimming pools, lidos & lakes to open in a new Covid-19 lockdown

    31,117 signatures

  6. Review the need for a statutory owners and Directors Test in Football

    31,058 signatures

  7. Free leaseholders trapped in new build properties by post-Grenfell EWS1 form

    30,863 signatures

  8. Grant British citizenship to all people in the UK during the Pandemic.

    29,875 signatures

  9. Include Sickle Cell Anemia in the List of Illnesses Eligible for a MedEx Card

    28,692 signatures

  10. Ensure access to treatment and screening for all cancer patients during Covid-19

    28,010 signatures

  11. Require all police officers to take Anti-Racism education

    27,720 signatures

  12. Rebuild the economy out of lockdown with a Green New Deal

    27,666 signatures

  13. Do not require salons to close due to Covid-19

    27,629 signatures

  14. Improve care, support and treatment for children with rare diseases

    27,485 signatures

  15. Fully fund schools for Covid-19 costs and provide relief for loss of income

    27,158 signatures

  16. Making the UK education curriculum more inclusive of BAME history

    26,695 signatures

  17. Take action to end factory farming and reduce meat and dairy consumption

    26,591 signatures

  18. Remove guidance and funding for temporary traffic measures that cause congestion

    25,412 signatures

  19. Ensure Student Nurses are paid whilst on placement

    24,517 signatures

  20. Permit weddings of 5 people (registrar/couple/2 witnesses) during COVID19

    24,326 signatures

  21. Condemn the US government for the use of force against its citizens

    24,062 signatures

  22. Increase funding for research into Endometriosis and PCOS.

    23,369 signatures

  23. Extend the furlough scheme for high-risk people who can't safely return to work.

    22,809 signatures

  24. Suspend future sales of tear gas and other crowd control equipment to the USA

    22,359 signatures

  25. Place the UAE on the UK Travel Corridor list

    22,211 signatures

  26. Do not implement proposed changes to Human Medicine Regulations

    21,756 signatures

  27. Save the 250 year old Cubbington pear tree from HS2.

    21,713 signatures

  28. Longer sentences for child sex offenders, sex offenders and rapists

    21,300 signatures

  29. Ban the importation of dogs with cropped ears.

    21,259 signatures

  30. Pay Slavery Reparations to all Caribbean & African Descendants

    20,423 signatures

  31. We the British People Request a Public Inquiry into Grooming Gangs

    20,303 signatures

  32. HM Government to outline a plan to Save Future Travel

    20,108 signatures

  33. The Government to fund either a new bridge or repairs for Hammersmith bridge

    19,973 signatures

  34. Reopen salons during lockdown with measures in place to practice safe services.

    19,725 signatures

  35. Support the four pillar plan for recovery in the performing arts & entertainment

    19,348 signatures

  36. Let the whole UK elect the London Mayor; a position of growing national interest

    18,527 signatures

  37. Stop the plan to include calorie counts on menus

    18,093 signatures

  38. A government cash bailout for the coach industry before it's too late.

    17,757 signatures

  39. Change DfE school guidance to allow overnight educational visits.

    17,581 signatures

  40. Revoke the right of registered sex offenders to change their name by deed poll

    17,253 signatures

  41. Create an independent investigatory commission to help protect ethnic minorities

    16,676 signatures

  42. Ban anonymous accounts on social media

    16,637 signatures

  43. Recognise period pants as a menstrual product so that they can be taxed fairly

    16,579 signatures

  44. Protect leaseholders from paying for cladding remedial works

    16,533 signatures

  45. Order an official probe into potential Russian interference in the EU referendum

    16,363 signatures

  46. Reduce VAT to 5% for the Hair & Beauty Industry inline with Hospitality.

    15,223 signatures

  47. Allow the British public to vote on the legalisation of cannabis

    15,164 signatures

  48. Close loophole allowing licensed dog breeders to broker pregnant bitches

    15,089 signatures

  49. Issue urgent guidance and voucher scheme to save baby & toddler activity sector

    14,928 signatures

  50. Legislate to BAN leasehold houses & set ground rents of new-build flats to ZERO

    14,704 signatures

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