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  1. For the introduction of non-lethal means of control of the Otter (Lutra- lutra)

    12,293 signatures

  2. Consult with women on proposals to enshrine 'gender identity' in law

    12,235 signatures

  3. Theresa May: Cancel the invitation for Saudi Crown Prince to visit the UK

    12,039 signatures

  4. New law that cats injured/killed by a vehicle are checked for a chip: Round 2

    11,929 signatures

  5. Drop any proposals to licence airguns in England & Wales

    11,892 signatures

  6. Require hospitals to reinstate life support if a patient survives for 15 mins.

    11,888 signatures

  7. Mandate re-homing of suitable beagles and other species used for animal research

    11,378 signatures

  8. UK Government to raise the murder of Carl Davies with the Government of France

    11,234 signatures

  9. Introduce super visa category for parents of British citizens similar to Canada

    11,215 signatures

  10. Provide additional funding to councils to protect Children's Centres

    10,666 signatures

  11. Make BRCA testing a choice for females over 30 on the NHS and more info given

    10,518 signatures

  12. Increase the sentence for failure to stop after a fatal road traffic collision

    10,355 signatures

  13. Ban the sale of high caffeine energy drinks to under 16s

    9,889 signatures

  14. UK Government to ban the sale of electronic training aids for dogs.

    9,519 signatures

  15. To launch a public inquiry into the failings in the Poppi Worthington case

    9,162 signatures

  16. UK Government to implement the Bercow: Ten Years On recommendations

    8,795 signatures

  17. Bring in laws to protect horses being ridden on roads

    8,778 signatures

  18. Replace small plastic bags for loose food products with brown paper ones

    8,656 signatures

  19. Fund a clinical audit of ovarian cancer to urgently improve survival rates

    8,238 signatures

  20. Ban British citizens from serving in the Israeli military

    7,955 signatures

  21. Reintroduce Oxford weighting tax.

    7,749 signatures

  22. Make Makaton a compulsory part of Early Years and Primary Education in the UK.

    7,737 signatures

  23. Legalise cannabis oil for medicinal usage.

    7,606 signatures

  24. Protect UK Citizens' existing Freedom of Movement rights in Brexit negotiations

    7,575 signatures

  25. To impose an immediate two-way arms embargo between the UK and Israel

    7,338 signatures

  26. Save Otmoor from the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway

    7,310 signatures

  27. Provide a website allowing schools to advertise staff vacancies for free.

    7,299 signatures

  28. Reverse the changes to allow for Textiles & Technology to be stand alone GCSEs.

    7,266 signatures

  29. Introduce photo ID cards in order to vote in all Elections.

    7,053 signatures

  30. Ban George Soros from the United Kingdom.

    6,735 signatures

  31. Award a medal to British personnel involved in any nuclear testing program

    6,553 signatures

  32. Ban the sale of products containing unsustainably sourced palm oil in the UK

    6,461 signatures

  33. Halt the UK badger culls and provide key data on previous culls.

    6,398 signatures

  34. Introduce rules requiring coroners to respect Jewish and Muslim religious laws

    6,062 signatures

  35. Change the law on Cross Border Hire of taxis and private hire vehicles.

    5,925 signatures

  36. Stop unfair ILR cancellation for ECAA Agreement.

    5,584 signatures

  37. Exempt Commonwealth soldiers and veterans from paying fees for naturalization

    5,535 signatures

  38. Consultants or GPs to do PIP, DLA and ESA assessments for people with IBD

    5,296 signatures

  39. Fairer Funding for Surrey's Roads

    5,258 signatures

  40. Make entering and occupying land without consent a criminal offence

    5,202 signatures

  41. NHS England must follow the guidelines for Ibrutinib as laid down by NICE.

    5,137 signatures

  42. End all local and national public sector service outsourcing

    5,075 signatures

  43. Reduction is Television Licence for Deaf people due to accessibility issues.

    5,041 signatures

  44. Increase funding & testing of pulmonary fibrosis & idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

    4,941 signatures

  45. NHS doctors and dentists should receive a payrise of at least 3% in 2018.

    4,940 signatures

  46. Break all ties with EU institutions and policies completely

    4,748 signatures

  47. Provide women's health physio to all post natal woman for pelvic health advice.

    4,579 signatures

  48. Review the effectiveness of the outdated Child Destruction legislation

    4,537 signatures

  49. To allow psv Licence holders to upgrade free to a class 2 lorry licence.

    4,478 signatures

  50. Ban the terrier men's terriers from trail hunts.

    4,440 signatures

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