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  1. Ban developments on Green belt and Greenfield sites across the country

    12,367 signatures

  2. Do not make Covid-19 vaccination a requirement to physically attend university

    12,045 signatures

  3. Urge Hong Kong to release all political prisoners and safeguard human rights

    11,638 signatures

  4. Do not restrict our right to freedom of expression online.

    11,050 signatures

  5. Make self-employed people eligible for statutory adoption pay

    10,998 signatures

  6. Create a publicly owned manufacturer for off-patent, generic drugs in the UK

    10,912 signatures

  7. Remove Colombia from the red travel list immediately

    10,734 signatures

  8. Seek travel corridor to Australia for vaccinated parents of Australian residents

    10,701 signatures

  9. Amnesty for undocumented migrants after 10 years and reduce 20 year ILR rule

    10,646 signatures

  10. Do not require Covid vaccination passports for crowded events

    10,623 signatures

  11. Reduce Indefinite leave to remain fees from £2389 to £243 for Health workers

    10,590 signatures

  12. Require Sikhism to be taught in UK schools from Reception upwards

    10,538 signatures

  13. Review NHS treatment of pregnant women experiencing reduced fetal movements

    10,339 signatures

  14. Funding for ventilation in all school/college/uni classrooms

    10,332 signatures

  15. Increase the basic state pensions by £500 a year as an emergency measure

    10,012 signatures

  16. Create a religious exemption to any vaccine passport requirements

    9,632 signatures

  17. Do not make COVID vaccination a requirement for health and social care workers

    9,624 signatures

  18. Make people who enter the UK illegally ineligible for legal aid

    9,286 signatures

  19. Remove Nepal from the Red List Countries.

    9,250 signatures

  20. Reduce fuel duty on E5 petrol when E10 becomes standard at fuel pumps.

    8,947 signatures

  21. Fund and require the insulation of all social housing by 2025

    8,654 signatures

  22. Require parental consent for all medical treatment for children aged under 16

    8,573 signatures

  23. Seek to rejoin the EU Single Market and Customs Union

    8,036 signatures

  24. Extend rules for UK travel for vaccinated travellers to unvaccinated travellers

    7,955 signatures

  25. Seek to rejoin the EU pet passport scheme

    7,953 signatures

  26. Make St David's day a bank holiday in Wales

    7,840 signatures

  27. Make it a specific criminal offence to supply drugs to children under 16

    7,716 signatures

  28. Include older women in the UK International Development Strategy

    7,198 signatures

  29. Fund research into any relationship between microclots and long Covid and ME

    7,014 signatures

  30. Do not require a Covid passport for access to any services, jobs or events

    6,953 signatures

  31. Change the law so charities can exist for the political purpose of changing law

    6,680 signatures

  32. Finally give existing military Veterans a Veterans ID card

    6,640 signatures

  33. Take action to make entering the UK illegally extremely unattractive for adults

    6,581 signatures

  34. Don't offer covid-19 vaccine to 5-11 year olds until phase 3 trials complete

    6,452 signatures

  35. Continue to run through trains from Bristol to Waterloo via Trowbridge

    6,371 signatures

  36. Reform policy on Channel Crossings and create safe routes for refugees

    6,197 signatures

  37. Commission NICE to Review Guidelines on Chronic Pain (Published April 2021)

    6,189 signatures

  38. Ban non-stun slaughter. Animal welfare must always take priority

    6,015 signatures

  39. Extend the new dog abduction theft offence to cover cats and all kept animals

    5,992 signatures

  40. Recognise all vaccinations using WHO approved vaccines for international travel

    5,672 signatures

  41. Make the Ministerial Code and Nolan Principles legally enforceable for MPs

    5,672 signatures

  42. Recognise Somaliland as an independent state

    5,571 signatures

  43. Repeal regulations on Covid-19 jabs for care workers pending impact statement

    5,274 signatures

  44. Removal of parental responsibility if convicted of murdering their spouse.

    5,259 signatures

  45. Remove all COVID requirements for international travel to the UK

    5,249 signatures

  46. Repeal all "Plan B" Covid measures

    5,160 signatures

  47. Exempt NHS workers who have recovered from COVID from vaccination requirements

    5,052 signatures

  48. Make employers that require Covid-19 vaccination liable for vaccine damages

    4,884 signatures

  49. End ‘ghost' flights: reform historic rights to landing slots.

    4,810 signatures

  50. Review and increase expense rates for travelling outside the UK for work

    4,629 signatures

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