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  1. Investigate Anti-Hindu propaganda & hatred attacks on Hindu Community

    8,951 signatures

  2. Overturn the decision to allow use of neonicotinoid pesticides on sugar crops

    8,897 signatures

  3. Do not extend the period before a vehicle’s first MOT to 4 years

    8,671 signatures

  4. Extend temporary admission for UA refugees to use cars with UA registration

    7,807 signatures

  5. Free prescriptions for all cystic fibrosis (CF) patients

    7,774 signatures

  6. Create a Cost of Living Animal Welfare Crisis Fund to protect dogs & cats

    7,681 signatures

  7. Introduce reporting requirements for euthanasia of healthy/treatable animals

    7,532 signatures

  8. Reform the Vaccine Damage Payment with payments based on the scale of disability

    7,411 signatures

  9. Introduce an unmetered monthly tariff for energy for the elderly and disabled

    7,197 signatures

  10. Cut diplomatic ties with Iran in support of current nationwide uprisings

    6,822 signatures

  11. Ban the sale of all non-organic pesticides to the general public

    6,374 signatures

  12. Fast track benefits for all people diagnosed with a terminal illness

    6,280 signatures

  13. Introduce statutory regulation of physician associates (PAs) by 2023

    5,919 signatures

  14. Ban the sale of small animal enclosures that do not meet specified standards

    5,833 signatures

  15. Include Sickle Cell Anemia in the List of Illnesses Eligible for a MedEx Card

    5,700 signatures

  16. Introduce paid miscarriage leave for parents who experience pregnancy loss.

    5,401 signatures

  17. Transfer responsibility for Southeastern metro services to Transport for London

    5,228 signatures

  18. Increase annual pension allowance tax allowance

    5,188 signatures

  19. Urgent funding for research into Long Covid and ME/CFS treatments and cures

    5,055 signatures

  20. Fund a national screening programme for Prostate Cancer

    4,962 signatures

  21. Give students who miss exams due to illness a right to Centre Assessed Grades

    4,836 signatures

  22. End the use of animals for toxicity tests & prioritise non-animal methods (NAMs)

    4,783 signatures

  23. Create a new regulator of doctors to replace the General Medical Council (GMC)

    4,720 signatures

  24. Do not introduce laws to restrict strike action

    4,624 signatures

  25. Deny Sex Offenders the right to apply for removal from the Sex Offender Register

    4,504 signatures

  26. Withdraw the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill

    4,392 signatures

  27. Increase student Maintenance Loans in England to close £1,500 inflation gap

    4,227 signatures

  28. Introduce a fourth emergency service 'mental health rescue'

    4,106 signatures

  29. Amend the British Museum Act to allow the acceptance of repatriation requests

    4,091 signatures

  30. Allow disabled people to keep all their benefits if they move in with a partner

    3,978 signatures

  31. Make reporting false allegations of sexual offences a specific criminal offence

    3,883 signatures

  32. Referendum on ending government's economically costly Ukraine/Russia policies

    3,793 signatures

  33. More funding for CAMHS inpatient facilities

    3,684 signatures

  34. After massive population growth, it's time to stop all immigration into the UK.

    3,668 signatures

  35. Require councils remove LTNs and underused bike lanes that lack public support

    3,305 signatures

  36. Make dog attacks on cats a specific criminal offence

    3,270 signatures

  37. Extend Bereavement Support Payments (BSP) for widowed parents

    3,209 signatures

  38. Require a 'trauma informed' adult in all educational settings for children.

    3,193 signatures

  39. Increase staffing to reduce waiting times for Asylum seeker claims

    3,170 signatures

  40. Condemn burning of the Holy Qur’an in Sweden

    3,137 signatures

  41. Mandatory three-month prison sentence for damage to war memorials or statues

    3,117 signatures

  42. Allow Jamaican Nationals To Visit, Study & Work In The UK without a Visa.

    3,111 signatures

  43. Include PCOS & Endometriosis education in the national secondary curriculum

    3,097 signatures

  44. Athena’s Law: Introduce new requirements for drivers who hit a cat

    3,070 signatures

  45. An immediate review of Childcare Funding

    3,056 signatures

  46. Allow people with medicinal cannabis prescriptions to grow their own cannabis

    2,972 signatures

  47. Remove the 28-day time limit from the lenient sentence scheme in cases of murder

    2,938 signatures

  48. Stop the sale of live animals in pet stores & require them to link with rescues.

    2,848 signatures

  49. Exempt ALL early years settings in England from business rates

    2,583 signatures

  50. Legally recognise non binary gender identity.

    2,573 signatures

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