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  1. End reviews of PIP and ESA awards for people with lifelong illnesses

    18,884 signatures

  2. Appoint an Allergy Tsar as a champion for people living with allergies

    18,873 signatures

  3. Process all asylum seekers off-shore using foreign aid budget

    18,803 signatures

  4. Shakeel's Law - Reform laws on hit and run drivers

    18,792 signatures

  5. Remove Brazil from the Red to the Amber list

    18,763 signatures

  6. Create a legal right for patients to receive timely face-to-face GP appointments

    18,244 signatures

  7. Do not impose any new requirements on parents who are home educating

    18,032 signatures

  8. Require vaccine history be recorded on death certificates

    18,005 signatures

  9. Reform the VDPA 1979 to improve support for those harmed by covid-19 vaccines

    17,902 signatures

  10. Make driving safely around horses a mandatory part of the driving test

    17,574 signatures

  11. Extend furlough for aviation sector

    17,147 signatures

  12. Allow dancing at weddings before the 21st June and if lockdown gets extended

    16,523 signatures

  13. Sanction Hong Kong officials responsible for human rights violations

    15,514 signatures

  14. Increase dedicated funding for childhood cancer research

    15,257 signatures

  15. Hold a binding referendum on the future of the TV licence.

    15,127 signatures

  16. Support the pension triple lock

    14,820 signatures

  17. Stop Grooming Gang members accessing public funds to fight their convictions

    14,817 signatures

  18. Add Poland to the green list for international travel

    14,725 signatures

  19. Fund a second General Hospital including an A&E department in Cornwall

    14,658 signatures

  20. Grant PSV holders automatic Class 2 entitlement for free

    14,391 signatures

  21. Prioritise funding for a new hospital for King's Lynn & West Norfolk

    13,990 signatures

  22. Fund improved support for people with communication and swallowing needs

    13,871 signatures

  23. Amend the Health and Care Bill to protect the NHS.

    13,610 signatures

  24. Make it a legal requirement for nightclubs to thoroughly search guests on entry

    13,492 signatures

  25. Authorise direct flights to North Cyprus

    13,160 signatures

  26. Keep requirement to wear a face covering in shops & supermarkets after July 19th

    13,075 signatures

  27. Make it an offence to hit a cat and drive off

    13,068 signatures

  28. Leave the 1951 Refugee Convention and 1967 Protocol & revoke the Immigration Act

    13,043 signatures

  29. Require School SENCOs to be fully qualified for the role.

    13,022 signatures

  30. 'Owen's Law' - Change the law around allergy labelling in UK restaurants

    12,830 signatures

  31. Revoke the UK's extradition treaty with India with immediate effect

    12,611 signatures

  32. Reduce the state pension age to 63 for all

    12,542 signatures

  33. Remove Egypt from travel red list immediately

    12,381 signatures

  34. Contact Details On Microchips Must Remain Registered For Life #TuksLaw

    12,207 signatures

  35. Require sex of VATP & sexual offenders be recorded throughout justice system.

    11,913 signatures

  36. Inquiry into the DVLA’s performance during the Covid-19 pandemic

    11,701 signatures

  37. Condemn Israel for their treatment of Palestine and Palestinians

    11,654 signatures

  38. Scrap Drivers Certificate Professional Competence (DCPC) to ease driver shortage

    11,618 signatures

  39. Fund newborn screening for spinal muscular atrophy immediately

    11,472 signatures

  40. Do not make Covid-19 vaccination a requirement to physically attend university

    11,414 signatures

  41. Create a Veterinary Services Ombudsman

    11,412 signatures

  42. Provide funding to local authorities to protect health visiting provision

    11,407 signatures

  43. Recognise Pagan handfasting as a legal form of marriage in England and Wales

    11,235 signatures

  44. Increase the National Living Wage for classroom assistants & teaching assistants

    10,891 signatures

  45. Seek travel corridor to Australia for vaccinated parents of Australian residents

    10,677 signatures

  46. Make it a legal requirement for restaurants to add carbohydrate content to menus

    10,665 signatures

  47. Keep face covering mandatory in indoor public settings beyond 19th July 2021

    10,509 signatures

  48. Let airlines allow pets in the airplane’s cabin to and from the UK

    10,286 signatures

  49. Review NHS treatment of pregnant women experiencing reduced fetal movements

    10,217 signatures

  50. Remove Colombia from the red travel list immediately

    9,566 signatures

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