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  1. Free Commando Sergeant Alexander Blackman from jail

    11,679 signatures

  2. British servicemen and women to have legal immunity from prosecution

    11,660 signatures

  3. Save our Bass: do not water down the proposal to ban nets.

    11,656 signatures

  4. Switch to the Renewable Plan B for Hinkley C – fit for the 21st Century

    11,624 signatures

  5. Pass law to force employers to pay on time for freelance/contractual work.

    11,449 signatures

  6. Save HMS President 1918

    11,312 signatures

  7. Scrap IR35 legislation reform proposals for public sector off-payroll workers.

    11,205 signatures

  8. To introduce a law that recognizes Parental Alienation as a criminal offence.

    11,200 signatures

  9. Death caused by racing should bring charge of manslaughter not dangerous driving

    11,147 signatures

  10. £15 National minimum wage for hgv drivers

    11,067 signatures

  11. Stop Taxi's being allowed to work in areas they aren't licensed in.

    11,011 signatures

  12. CCTV in ALL dementia care facilities by LAW.

    10,808 signatures

  13. No closures for legal routes for motorcycle trail riding without new provision.

    10,569 signatures

  14. Increase Carers Allowance in line with the Living Wage

    10,401 signatures

  15. Revoke the BBC's charter

    10,176 signatures

  16. Stop the down grading of Macclesfield hospital, keeping full service provision.

    10,164 signatures

  17. Babies should be checked for tongue tie by a professional in first week of birth

    9,879 signatures

  18. Give communities back the right to decide where houses are built.

    9,723 signatures

  19. Force the government to act on the eleven recommendations of the UNCRPD report

    9,418 signatures

  20. Replace the unelected House of Lords with a publicly elected body

    9,319 signatures

  21. Improve understanding & treatment of people with hidden illnesses in PIP process

    9,258 signatures

  22. Stop medical appointments affecting school attendance

    9,211 signatures

  23. CONDEMN Art 25(b) of Indian Constitution Which Violates Sikhs' Religious Freedom

    8,809 signatures

  24. Call on the Government to urge Whirlpool UK to recall all faulty tumble dryers

    8,771 signatures

  25. Create a fourth emergency service for people with mental health problems.

    8,721 signatures

  26. We want an urgent improvement in Mental Health Care in this country!

    8,595 signatures

  27. Improve safety legislation for coaches so no more children get injured

    8,495 signatures

  28. STOP all immigration & implement an Aussie style border control system.

    8,408 signatures

  29. Cold calling by phone or email for investment or pensions should be made illegal

    8,263 signatures

  30. Make CCTV mandatory in the UK’s equine slaughterhouses

    7,896 signatures

  31. Give Head Teachers the authority to agree up to 10 days of term-time holiday

    7,839 signatures

  32. MPs' salary rises to be restricted to the same as public sector workers by law

    7,725 signatures

  33. Stop Tony Blair using taxpayers funding his legal costs for Iraq war defence!

    7,667 signatures

  34. This petition calls for a total ban on the use of packs of hounds for hunting

    7,590 signatures

  35. Make it illegal to harass those engaged in legal fieldsports.

    7,559 signatures

  36. I would like to see the introduction of safe standing at football matches.

    7,128 signatures

  37. Search all Islamic buildings for weapons and extremist literature and items

    6,995 signatures

  38. Remove the Ban on agency fees and set a cap for fees instead.

    6,922 signatures

  39. Everyone in the UK must have a vote on who is elected Mayor of London.

    6,893 signatures

  40. Debate the possibility that the "Will of the People" has changed since Brexit

    6,822 signatures

  41. For every new teacher to learn about Speech, Language and Communication Needs

    6,727 signatures

  42. To Make it an Offence in Law to Desecrate a Memorial or Grave to War Dead

    6,675 signatures

  43. Give more funding to brain tumour research.

    6,558 signatures

  44. Properly fund the NHS and scrap the proposed STP programme.

    6,498 signatures

  45. Delay triggering Article 50 until after voters vote on the UK EU Exit Package.

    6,456 signatures

  46. Reassess general aviation airfields as green belt not brown field sites.

    6,273 signatures

  47. STOP the cruel treatment Foxhounds constantly receive

    6,198 signatures

  48. Block or change the EASA Commission Regulation on Unmanned Aircraft Operations

    6,074 signatures

  49. Inquiry into Israel influencing British political democracy.

    5,772 signatures

  50. Make 'Nutritionist' a legally protected title

    5,536 signatures

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