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  1. Vote of no confidence in Theresa May in her handling of Brexit & foreign policy

    21,545 signatures

  2. Raise the Speed limit on Motorways in the UK from 70mph to 90mph.

    21,087 signatures

  3. Harvey's Army - Compulsory Microchip Scanning of Deceased Pets Found on railways

    20,865 signatures

  4. Give communities back the right to decide where houses are built.

    20,813 signatures

  5. UK Govt to strongly condemn Pakistan for providing safe haven for terrorists

    20,696 signatures

  6. Support Live Music Venues by preventing inappropriate complaints being actioned

    19,342 signatures

  7. For Parliament to ban the non-stun slaughter of animals in the UK.

    18,918 signatures

  8. Do not abandon the Dubs Scheme for refugee children

    18,877 signatures

  9. Make cannabis oil legal for medicinal purposes

    18,515 signatures

  10. Put a VEGAN meal on every school, college, university, hospital and prison menu.

    18,171 signatures

  11. Keep the Personal Injury Small Claims Limit at £1,000/ Keep Damages for whiplash

    18,147 signatures

  12. Call on DEFRA to withdraw UK approval of A24 trap, sold in NZ to kill hedgehogs.

    18,142 signatures

  13. To stop disabled children and adults being changed on dirty toilet floors.

    17,467 signatures

  14. Ban the use of previous sexual history as evidence in sexual abuse or rape cases

    17,131 signatures

  15. To reconsider the proposed significant and unreasonable increase in probate fees

    16,892 signatures

  16. Honour pension protections for nuclear workers.

    16,821 signatures

  17. Save the 'Children's nurse' degree course. Our Children & Young People need us

    16,706 signatures

  18. Do not discriminate against drivers of diesel cars

    16,600 signatures

  19. I would like non-halal meat in all chain restaurants & for halal to be labelled.

    16,461 signatures

  20. Theresa May: Seek an urgent cross-party solution to the health and care crisis

    16,441 signatures

  21. Force the government to act on the eleven recommendations of the UNCRPD report

    16,429 signatures

  22. All West Sussex Schools to receive pupil funding at the national average.

    15,995 signatures

  23. Make a legal requirement for papers to print corrections at same size as errors.

    15,781 signatures

  24. This petition calls for a total ban on the use of packs of hounds for hunting

    15,673 signatures

  25. Introduce Animal Health and Welfare to the school curriculum

    15,182 signatures

  26. Implement optional early drawing of a reduced State Pension for the 1950s women

    15,147 signatures

  27. No sex education for under 10 years old

    14,838 signatures

  28. Abolish the House of Lords if it delays Brexit.

    14,480 signatures

  29. Give immunity against prosecution to armed forces personel who served in NI.

    14,169 signatures

  30. Delay triggering Article 50 until after voters vote on the UK EU Exit Package.

    13,905 signatures

  31. CCTV in ALL dementia care facilities by LAW.

    13,381 signatures

  32. Make dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia testing free on the NHS.

    13,262 signatures

  33. Pass law to force employers to pay on time for freelance/contractual work.

    13,145 signatures

  34. Free Commando Sergeant Alexander Blackman from jail

    12,952 signatures

  35. Don't allow prescriptions to stop for dairy free milk in the UK.

    12,908 signatures

  36. £15 National minimum wage for hgv drivers

    12,696 signatures

  37. For the Home Office to hold an inquiry into the battle of Orgreave

    12,545 signatures

  38. Approve funding for stem cell transplantation in sickle cell patients

    12,295 signatures

  39. Inquiry into Israel influencing British political democracy.

    12,078 signatures

  40. Fund Research into Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

    12,028 signatures

  41. Give Head Teachers the authority to agree up to 10 days of term-time holiday

    11,919 signatures

  42. Save our Bass: do not water down the proposal to ban nets.

    11,903 signatures

  43. Babies should be checked for tongue tie by a professional in first week of birth

    11,639 signatures

  44. MPs' salary rises to be restricted to the same as public sector workers by law

    11,634 signatures

  45. Stop Taxi's being allowed to work in areas they aren't licensed in.

    11,607 signatures

  46. Stop medical appointments affecting school attendance

    11,547 signatures

  47. Stop Northern Rail from introducing Driver-Only operation.

    11,429 signatures

  48. Abolish the House of Lords

    11,421 signatures

  49. Make LGBTQ+ sex education compulsory within the national curriculum.

    11,378 signatures

  50. The Legalization of all forms of cannabis for recreational and medicinal use.

    11,207 signatures

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