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  1. Ban peat compost.

    12,021 signatures

  2. Stop charging commonwealth soldiers to stay in Britain!

    11,646 signatures

  3. Consult with focus groups of young people when creating climate change policy

    11,583 signatures

  4. Revoke planning permission to build on the site of the Battle of Bosworth.

    11,381 signatures

  5. Start preparations for a Peoples Vote now, to enable answer by 31-10-19.

    11,308 signatures

  6. Repeal the archaic Weeds Act 1959 to benefit pollinators and wider biodiversity.

    11,246 signatures

  7. Raise awareness and make Pathological Demand Avoidance a recognisable diagnosis

    10,937 signatures

  8. Official observers from OSCE ODIHR to monitor the next Scottish referendum.

    10,722 signatures

  9. Ensure any Brexit deal protects the Touring Industry for Musicians and Crew.

    10,669 signatures

  10. Outlaw planning applications that include removal of mature trees or hedgerows.

    10,629 signatures

  11. Allergy provision in school: Introduce Statutory Allergy Care legislation

    10,337 signatures

  12. Parliament should stop a 'no-deal' Brexit

    10,209 signatures

  13. Provide Sirius minerals with full Loan Guarantee from HM treasury.

    10,203 signatures

  14. Give British Citizenship to all EU citizens currently living in UK if no deal

    10,047 signatures

  15. Ensure UK cancer patients retain access to the latest treatments after Brexit

    9,731 signatures

  16. Retain Bus passes and tv licenses for older people.

    9,603 signatures

  17. Convert fossil fuel subsidies into subsidies for renewable energy

    9,428 signatures

  18. Legislate for the creation of an independent regulator for football

    9,050 signatures

  19. Table Kashmir issue before the UN Security Council as an urgent threat to peace.

    9,015 signatures

  20. There is a Climate Emergency, abolish planned Heathrow Expansion.

    8,926 signatures

  21. Scrap the right to vote in two separate constituencies at local elections

    8,821 signatures

  22. Increase the penalty for developers and landowners who remove trees illegally.

    8,225 signatures

  23. Ban fireworks for general sale to the public.

    8,069 signatures

  24. Do not ban grouse shooting

    7,906 signatures

  25. End harmful policies towards refugees and migrants in Libya

    7,900 signatures

  26. Make the cancer treatment drug, Avastin, available on the NHS

    7,899 signatures

  27. Stop privatisation of NHS services

    7,719 signatures

  28. Stop the unfair cap on fuel allowance for community nurses doing their job!

    7,620 signatures

  29. Revoke the BBC's royal charter.

    7,600 signatures

  30. Launch a Public Inquiry into transphobia in the national media.

    7,463 signatures

  31. Tougher sentences for hit and run drivers who cause death

    7,206 signatures

  32. Return the retirement age of Prison Officers to 60. 68 is too late.

    7,037 signatures

  33. Make it an offence to take hand luggage in an aircraft emergency evacuation

    6,920 signatures

  34. Make the sale and use of glue traps illegal

    6,912 signatures

  35. All halal and kosher certified products to be prominently labelled

    6,906 signatures

  36. Ban wearing face coverings in public places.

    6,840 signatures

  37. End the IVF postcode lottery and demand equality of provision on the NHS

    6,818 signatures

  38. Remain should not be on a second referendum ballot paper

    6,754 signatures

  39. Increase Early Years Funding for Pre-School's.

    6,743 signatures

  40. Introduce national pay scales and terms of employment for Teaching Assistants.

    6,549 signatures

  41. Do not allow a second referendum on Scottish Independence

    6,082 signatures

  42. Automatic removal of parental responsibility if convicted of a serious crime.

    6,026 signatures

  43. Revoke the use of 'Acoustic/Noise' Camera's on British Roads.

    5,940 signatures

  44. Reinstate Widowed Parents Allowance until children are age 18

    5,829 signatures

  45. Waive the registration fee for children to become British citizens

    5,779 signatures

  46. Stop private contracting out of health-related assessments for DWP benefits

    5,753 signatures

  47. Force a National General Election

    5,659 signatures

  48. No to a "People's Vote" !

    5,591 signatures

  49. Lower the cost of British Citizenship applications to £372.

    5,530 signatures

  50. Make it a specific criminal offence to busk with a dog in a public place

    5,456 signatures

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