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  1. Hold a referendum on re-joining the European Union

    12,910 signatures

  2. Give one-person households 50% council tax discount rather than 25%

    12,447 signatures

  3. Fund free dental care for all

    12,126 signatures

  4. Make financial education compulsory in all schools from primary age

    11,993 signatures

  5. Give more funding for thyroid research and patients after price hike

    11,574 signatures

  6. For the United Kingdom to recognise the state of Palestine immediately

    11,478 signatures

  7. Scrap VAT on life-saving motorcycle air vests

    11,192 signatures

  8. Allow ARRS funding to be used for practice nurses and GPs

    10,981 signatures

  9. Review Timetable For Phasing Out Copper Wire Landlines

    10,950 signatures

  10. Provide for resentencing for everyone serving an indeterminate prison sentence

    10,829 signatures

  11. Fund breast cancer screening from the age of 40

    10,138 signatures

  12. Call for an immediate ceasefire in Israel and Gaza

    9,583 signatures

  13. Review the brightness of car headlights for safety

    9,526 signatures

  14. Revoke citizenship/benefits from anyone who supports or has supported terrorism

    9,197 signatures

  15. Revoke support for the Israeli Government and recognise the State of Palestine

    8,794 signatures

  16. Review how to turn MHRA into a fully transparent, patient first regulator

    8,301 signatures

  17. Ban the sale of all non-silent fireworks

    8,212 signatures

  18. Introduce economic sanctions on Israel

    7,946 signatures

  19. Make the sale of catapults/ammunition and carrying catapults in public illegal

    7,935 signatures

  20. Allow Ofsted registered childminders to receive funding for related children

    7,659 signatures

  21. Hold a statutory public inquiry into Gender Identity Ideology and Queer Theory

    7,552 signatures

  22. Remove UK spouse visa financial requirement and fees for long term marriages

    7,471 signatures

  23. Remove police and crime commissioner powers from mayors

    7,061 signatures

  24. Public Inquiry into the Child Maintenance Service

    7,005 signatures

  25. Ban non-stun slaughter

    6,838 signatures

  26. Require broadcasters to call proscribed terrorist organisations terrorists

    6,704 signatures

  27. Fast track benefits as soon as someone is diagnosed as terminally ill

    6,633 signatures

  28. Take action to support the Democratic Republic of the Congo

    6,298 signatures

  29. Ban domestic flights on routes that can be travelled by train in under 4.5 hours

    6,218 signatures

  30. Require all dogs to be on a lead when on public pavements

    5,979 signatures

  31. Increase funding for treatment and research into endometriosis

    5,833 signatures

  32. Add a mobility element to Attendance Allowance

    5,804 signatures

  33. Ensure tenants can't be evicted for owning an exempted XL Bully dog

    5,770 signatures

  34. Increase aid and support for Palestinians

    5,682 signatures

  35. Exclude telegraph poles from permitted development legislation

    5,660 signatures

  36. Provide all pensioners born before April 1951 with the new State Pension

    5,468 signatures

  37. Legislate against any form of Digital ID

    5,383 signatures

  38. Ban Trail Hunting

    5,334 signatures

  39. Introduce mandatory minimum sentences for possession of a knife

    5,088 signatures

  40. Reduce Vehicle Tax for cars aged between 20 and 40 years old

    4,936 signatures

  41. Appoint a Minister for Men and Boys

    4,662 signatures

  42. Require energy companies to maintain a supply of analogue meters

    4,511 signatures

  43. Make people with Parkinson's Disease automatically eligible for Blue Badges

    4,509 signatures

  44. Require that trainee teachers are taught about preventing antisemitism

    4,468 signatures

  45. Increase Carer’s Allowance to equal 35 hours at 50% of the living wage.

    4,441 signatures

  46. Provide dedicated funding to support deaf athletes

    4,345 signatures

  47. Negotiate UK-wide recognition of older person's bus passes

    4,171 signatures

  48. Extend health and safety legislation to cover armed forces personnel overseas

    3,988 signatures

  49. Increase sentences and create a public database for dog cruelty offenders

    3,942 signatures

  50. Create a new medal to recognise Cold War Veterans

    3,801 signatures

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