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  1. Create a public register of people banned from keeping animals in the UK

    31,482 signatures

  2. Remove Pakistan from red list for travel

    30,311 signatures

  3. Prioritise special school staff in Covid 19 vaccinations.

    29,420 signatures

  4. Lower the price of the £210 COVID Home Test Kits for travellers entering the UK

    29,005 signatures

  5. Support Boarding Kennels and Catteries

    27,887 signatures

  6. Cancel plans to commission a new Royal Yacht

    27,468 signatures

  7. Introduce charges on carbon emissions to tackle climate crisis and air pollution

    26,724 signatures

  8. Prioritise vaccinations for people with a learning disability

    26,112 signatures

  9. To take Portugal off the travel Red List

    25,227 signatures

  10. Create an Emergency Carers Support Fund to increase care worker wages

    24,604 signatures

  11. Allow fitness classes to resume in areas with tier 3 restrictions

    23,764 signatures

  12. Regulate and licence all retired greyhound kennel premises

    23,351 signatures

  13. Outlaw discrimination against those who do not get a Covid-19 vaccination

    22,809 signatures

  14. Independent body to adjudicate on compliance with the Ministerial Code

    22,180 signatures

  15. Introduce closed season in grey squirrel cull, so that babies aren't left to die

    22,078 signatures

  16. Fund additional support for victims of COVID19 racism and anti-racism programmes

    21,605 signatures

  17. Increase minimum and maximum sentences for all sexual offences

    21,269 signatures

  18. Do not implement Covid-19 Freedom Passes

    21,220 signatures

  19. Lower the cost of British Citizenship applications to £372.

    20,822 signatures

  20. Permanently reduce the Lifetime ISA (LISA) withdrawal penalty from 25% to 20%.

    20,187 signatures

  21. Recognise all members of NHS nursing profession by giving them a 12.5% pay rise

    20,116 signatures

  22. Do not start mass testing in schools or require asymptomatic students to isolate

    20,087 signatures

  23. Extend statutory bereavement leave to pregnancy loss before 24 weeks

    19,812 signatures

  24. Increase Carers Allowance to equal 35hrs at National Minimum Wage

    19,625 signatures

  25. Increase the child benefit to £200 pounds monthly per child.

    19,362 signatures

  26. Lobby to negotiate equal visa rights for U.K. citizens with property in EU area

    19,096 signatures

  27. Grant full exemptions from quarantine for seafarers and oil & gas workers

    18,925 signatures

  28. Require local authorities to have free helplines for the homeless and vulnerable

    18,288 signatures

  29. Prevent/deter the buying and reselling of goods/services at inflated prices.

    18,193 signatures

  30. To remove the UAE off the ‘Red List’ by the Summer

    17,970 signatures

  31. Extend the VAT at 5% for hospitality until at least March 2022

    17,579 signatures

  32. No hotel quarantine for UK citizens, permanent residents and their families

    17,479 signatures

  33. Shift to a Wellbeing Economy: put the health of people and planet first

    16,265 signatures

  34. Stop the importation of honey bees into GB from the EU via Northern Ireland

    16,027 signatures

  35. To pay every NHS and Social Care Worker in England a £500 "Thank You" Bonus

    15,891 signatures

  36. Offer Indefinite Leave to Remain to all NHS and social care workers

    15,816 signatures

  37. Apply to join the European Union Single Market

    15,773 signatures

  38. Prohibit employers from requiring employees to have a Covid-19 vaccine

    15,747 signatures

  39. Agree to hold a public inquiry to examine the true, full, effects of Lockdowns.

    15,575 signatures

  40. Increase funding to provide support and research into Tourettes Syndrome

    15,562 signatures

  41. Seek to conclude UK/France reciprocal agreement on exchange of driving licences

    15,334 signatures

  42. Ghost's Law - Kittens must be vaccinated and checked by vet before they’re sold

    15,268 signatures

  43. Repeal Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 and expunge all convictions

    15,214 signatures

  44. All Rescue Back Up Contact Details On Microchips Must Remain Registered For Life

    14,728 signatures

  45. Mini’s law - Protect the public and animals from hunting activities

    14,380 signatures

  46. Allow wild camping in England

    14,330 signatures

  47. Exchange of driving licences issued in Republic of Moldova.

    13,944 signatures

  48. Ban fire and rehire employment tactics

    13,800 signatures

  49. Suspend No Recourse to Public Funds visa conditions

    13,716 signatures

  50. Change COVID-19 critical workers list to include all veterinary staff

    13,478 signatures

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